Write “喜”(happy;joy) in Chinese character


One character a day, easy to master Chinese characters. Let’s take a look at the basic knowledge of “喜”.

喜 xĭ  
Explnantion: happy; joy
Phrases: 喜爱(xǐ ‘ài) like;be fond of  ;喜酒(xí jiǔ) the wine drunk at a wedding
甲骨文里,“喜”( )的上部是鼓( ),听到音乐使人有开心、快乐的感觉;下部是口( ),人一开心就会开怀大笑,相信不难猜到它跟快乐、喜悦的情绪有关。此外,它还有喜欢、爱好和怀孕的含义。俗话说“有喜”,就是指“怀孕”。
In the oracle bones, this character was comprised of two parts; the upper part means “drum” (  ) and the lower part means mouth ( ). “Drum” indicates “happy” or “joyful” feelings, and the “mouth” is a symbol of happy or joyful voices. So “happy”, “joyful” and “pleased” were the original meanings of this character. Later it was also extended to mean “to like” or “to be fond of”, and also “pregnancy”.


Bàba xǐ’àishīgēcífù.
Father was fond of poetry.
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