Write 天(sky) in Chinese character


One character a day, easy to master Chinese characters. Let’s take a look at the basic knowledge of “天”.

天 tiān  
Explnantion: sky ; heaven
Phrases: 天气(tiān qì) weather ; 天然(tiān rán) natural
这个字最初是一个没有头部的身体,后来加上一头部( )变成了“天”。“天”主宰宇宙万物,地位至高无上;因此以“一”、“大”组成的“天”,就说明了一切事物中最大的便是“天”。
(  ) represented the form of man, but it was only a body without the head. Then a “head” was added above the space of the body and it became . So originally, indicated “the head” of a man’s body. At the beginning this “head” was as round as a ball, but later it gradually became flat, and finally it became a horizontal stroke like in the modern version. As the growing light of the sky brings in the dawn of the day, 天also came to mean “day”.


1. Wǒ měitiān dōuyào shōukàn tiānqì yùbào jiémù.
I watch the weather forecast every day.


2.Mián,má,sī,máo děng,dōushì tiānrán de yōuzhì fǎngzhī xiānwéi yuánliào.
Cotton, hemp, silk, wool, etc., are good natural textile fibers.
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