Write 好”(good;ok) in Chinese character


One character a day, easy to master Chinese characters. Let’s take a look at the basic knowledge of “好”.

好 hăo
Explanation:good, nice
Phrases:好人(hǎo rén) good people  ; 好看(hǎo kàn ) look nice
看字形便可猜到是一个抱着孩子、弯腰鞠躬的女人( )。这女人是小婴儿的妈妈,妈妈疼爱地抱着孩子,多美好啊!
In the oracle bones, the left side of this character shows a kneeling woman holding a baby to her breasts ( ). This form of the character thus demonstrates that people in ancient times considered a woman with children to be superior to, and better than, a woman without children.


1.Tā shì gè lǎohǎorén,jiù zhīdào shùnqíng shuō hǎohuà.
    Never risking offending others, he only says pleasant words following others’ wishes.


2.Zhèběnshū hěnhǎokàn.
   This book is very good.
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