Write “子”(son) in Chinese character


One character a day, easy to master Chinese characters. Let’s take a look at the basic knowledge of “子”.

子 zi  
Explnantion: son
Phrases: 父子(fù zǐ) father and son  ;子夜(zǐ yè) midnight
这个字最初的时候,本来是描画一个头上有三缕头发的小孩,后来变成了一个手脚摇摆的婴儿( )。仔细看看这个古字的形象,像不像一个初生婴儿的样子?
In the oracle bones the character depicts a child with three hairs growing on its head. Later it developed into another shape, like a new-born baby with legs swaddled in cloth bands and two arms waving( ), evoking a lively image of baby.


Suīrán shì qīnshēng fùzǐ,kě Xiǎo Wáng de xiàng mào gēn fùqīn yìdiǎn yě bùyíyàng.
Xiao Wang doesn’t look like his father at all.
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