Write “安”(safe;peaceful;calm) in Chinese character


One character a day, easy to master Chinese characters. Let’s take a look at the basic knowledge of “安”.

安 ān
Expansion:peaceful; quiet; calm
Phrases:安静(ān jìng) quiet  安全(ān quán) safe
“安”( )字的外面( )是一间屋子,屋里有一个弯着腰的女子( )。以前,人们认为女人留在家中料理一切事物,就会有安定的生活。
This character ( )is comprised of two parts: the outer portion is a house ( ). Inside the house there is a bowing woman ( ) facing toward the left. “A woman stays inside the house” has long been considered the condition of peace, the earliest known meaning of this particular pictograph.


1.Jūmín qū yǒu bǎo’ān xúnluó, bǐjiào ān’quán.
    There are security patrols in this district, so it is fairly safe.


2.Yīng’ér zài xiǎo chuáng shàng shuì dé hěn ān’jìng.
   The baby was sleeping peacefully in its cot.
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