Write “家”(home;family) in Chinese character


One character a day, easy to master Chinese characters. Let’s take a look at the basic knowledge of “家”.

家 jiā
Explanation:family; home
Phrases:家庭(jiā tíng) family ; 家乡(jiā xiāng) one’s native place
“家”的上半部一间屋( ),屋檐下还有一只猪( )。在中国古代社会里,人们在家里养猪来维持生活。所以猪和人生活在一起,就代表了“家”的概念。当然,现在谁也不在家里养猪了,但可不要忘记猪曾经和我们同住一个屋檐下啊!
 This is an associative character comprised of two parts: the upper portion relates to the meaning of “house” ( ) , while below the roof there is a pig (  ). In China, as in many other ancient societies, swine, perhaps the earliest of all domesticated animals, along with dogs, were kept close to home. Therefore, a pig residing in or under a house became, through logical association, a symbol of the family’s dwelling place, its  “home”, and by extension and permutation, the family home became the family itself.


1.Wǒ de jiātíng hěn hémù.
    My household is harmonious.


2. Wǒ de jiāxiāng fùchǎn rǔzhìpǐn.
    My hometown produces many dairy products.
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