Write “山”(mountain;hill) in Chinese character


One character a day, easy to master Chinese characters. Let’s take a look at the basic knowledge of “山”.

山 shān  
Explanation:  mountain
Phrases: 山顶(shān dǐnɡ)the summit of the mountain; 山谷(shān ɡǔ) mountain valley
这个字早期是由三座并排的山组成( ),合起来就成了一座大山。后来为了方便书写,每一座山都用一笔来表示,变成了现在的“山”字了。
The earlier form was clearly a pictographic representation of three peaks standing side by side (  ), creating the form and shape of a large mountain. Later, for the sake of convenience in writing, the peaks developed into single strokes.


1.Zhàn zài shāndǐng shàng kěyǐ kàndào mànshānbiànyě de shānhuā.
Standing on the hilltop, you can see beautiful flowers blanketing hill and dale.


2.Dúmùqiáo héngkuà zài shāngǔ.
The single-plank bridge spans the mountain valley.
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