Write 心(heart) in Chinese character


One character a day, easy to master Chinese characters. Let’s take a look at the basic knowledge of “心”.

心 xīn  
Explnantion: heart; feeling; center
Phrases: 心爱(xīn’ài) love; treasure  ;心情(xīn qínɡ) mood
最初的“心”字,画出了心脏的形状( )。有两心房和两心室。后来,这字又指“思想”或“感情”。古人认为,心脏的位置是在胸部中央,于是它便有了“中间”、“核心”的含义。
This character is a primitive anatomical representation of a heart. The original meaning of心 is “the heart”; it was also extended to mean “mind” or “feelings”. As the ancients thought that the heart was in the middle of the chest, it has also been extended to mean “center” or “core”.


1.Tā chóuchǔ de xīnqíng méi rén nénggòu tǐhuì.
No one can understand her distress.


2.Zhè shì wǒ de“bǎibǎoxiāng”, lǐmian zhuāng de dōushì wǒ xīnài de dōngxi.
This is my treasure box. It contains the things that I really cherish.
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