Write “有”(have) in Chinese character


One character a day, easy to master Chinese characters. Let’s take a look at the basic knowledge of “有”.

有 yŏu  
Explnantion: possess; have
Phrases: 有害(yǒu hài) harmful  ;有趣(yǒu qù) interesting; amusing

“有”字是在( )之下有一个( ),看上去像手拿着肉的样子,古时人们生活艰苦,有肉吃是很了不起的事,犹如拥有了全世界!所以衍生出“拥有”、“具有”的意思,“有”的反义词是“无”。


The ancient form of this character used the form ( )on top of (  )which itself was a form of the character 肉 (ròu: meat). As a whole, it depicts a right hand holding a piece of meat. To the ancients, possessing meat was felt akin to owning the entire world, therefore a right hand holding onto a piece of meat meant “have” or “possess”. Gradually this character came to be used as an antonym of “无” (nothing; not possessing).


1.Guòduō yǐnjiǔ duì shēntǐ shífēn yǒuhài.
Drinking too much alcohol is detrimental to one’s health.


2.Háizimen tíchū le gèzhǒng yǒuqù de wèntí.
Children raise many different funny questions.
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