Write “炙”(roast ; broil ; toast) in Chinese character


One character a day, easy to master Chinese characters. Let’s take a look at the basic knowledge of “炙”.

炙 zhì  
Explnantion:  roast ; broil ; toast
Phrases: 炙热(zhì rè) baking-hot ;脍炙人口(kuàizhì rénkǒu)good works of arts that wins universal praise

“炙” (zhi, roast) is an associative character in Chinese. In the ancient writings, the upper part of “炙” is the character “肉” (rou, meat) and the lower part the character “火” (huo, fire), suggesting the meat is being roasted on the fire. Therefore, its original meaning is to roast the meat on the fire. Apparently, it demonstrates that human beings had got rid of the barbarian times when they ate raw birds and animals. In the case of small seal script and regular script, no changes are observed in the structure of the character, only the styles differ. “炙” also refers to cooked meat other than the meaning of a cooking method.


1.Zhìrè de tàiyánɡ shàiɡān le lùshɑnɡ suóyǒu de níshuǐ kēnɡ.
The hot sun dried up all the puddles in the road.


2.Tā de wénzhāng kuàizhìrénkǒu.
His article won universal acclaim.
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