Write “牛”(cow) in Chinese character


One character a day, easy to master Chinese characters. Let’s take a look at the basic knowledge of “牛”.

牛 niú  
Explanation: ox; cow; bull
Phrases: 牛奶(niú nǎi) milk  ;牛劲(niú jìn) great strength
这字描绘出牛的正面,相信一看这图形( )你便会猜到它是牛,两边向上的曲线是牛角,牛角下的当然是年耳,后来牛耳被拉直,就是我们现今所看到的“牛”字。
The original form of this character was the front view of an ox’s head . The two sides of it which curved upwards are the horns of the ox, and the two strokes below the horn stretching out are ears. Later the ears were straightened to be horizontal stoke and the form of the character became what we see today.


1. Kāfēi hé niúnǎi yìqǐ chōngqī wèidào gènghǎo.
Mix coffee and milk together, and it will taste better.


2. Zhè xiǎozi hái zhēn yǒu gǔ niújìn.
This child is really strong.
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