Write “牢”(prison; firm; durable) in Chinese character


One character a day, it is easy to master Chinese characters day by day. Let’s take a look at the basic knowledge of “牢”.

牢 láo
Explanation: prison; firm; durable
Phrases: 牢固(láo ɡù) firm;secure ; 牢狱(láo yù) prison;jail
你看这个字( ),很像一只牛被困在围栏里。把牛围起来就可防止牛逃跑,就正如囚犯被困在监牢一样,而且监牢必须要稳固,才可防止囚犯逃走。所以牢就有了“稳固”的含义。
Looking at the original form of this character we can see it looks like an “ox” enclosed in a corral (  ). As the character evolved, a mark was added which represented a big log leaning against the corral gate, so that ox would not be able to run out. In this way , the corral has became more sturdy. So the original meaning for牢 was “corral for oxen”. But the meaning came to indicate also “a place for caging a criminal”, like囚牢(qiú láo), 监牢(jiān láo), “prison” or “jail”. Since a “prison” or “jail” must be “firm”, so牢 can be used as an adjective as well as a noun.


1.Tāmen suī shēnchǔ liǎngdì,dàn bǐcǐ de gǎnqíng háishi nàyàng de láogù.
Though they are in two different places, their love for each other is still firm.


2.Jīnɡɡuò èrshí nián de láoyù shēnɡhuó, tā xiànzài zhōnɡyú zìyóu le.
After twenty years in prison, finally he is a free man.
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