Write “王”(King) in Chinese character


One character a day, easy to master Chinese characters. Let’s take a look at the basic knowledge of “王”.

王 wáng  
Explnantion: king
Phrases: 王朝 imperial court;dynasty ; 王国 kingdom
在“人”的上下都加一上笔,本来张开的双腿也合起来,变成一条直线,就构成了“王”字。人们常说三条横线分别代表天、地、人,要是能身体力行把人、天、地 贯通起来,就是“王”。在“人”的上下都加一上笔,本来张开的双腿也合起来,变成一条直线,就构成了“王”字。人们常说三条横线分别代表天、地、人,要是 能身体力行把人、天、地贯通起来,就是“王”。
王 is formed by adding a horizontal stroke under the “person” ( )and another horizontal stroke above the “person”( ). As the two “legs” of the “person” close together, they become a vertical stroke. It is said that the three horizontal stokes represent the heaven, the earth, and the person. The person who could join the three together is the king.


1. Chǒngyòng jiānnìng shì lìdài wángcháo wángguó de zhòngyào yuányīn.
Bestowing favor on a dubious sycophant often lead to the downfall of dynasties.


2.Wánquán bùtīngcóng shàngjí de zhǐhuī,zhèlǐ jiǎnzhí chéng le yígè dúlì wángguó.
The place has become like an independent kingdom. None of the people here heed directions from their superiors.
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