Write “环”(bracelet ; to surround) in Chinese character


One character a day, easy to master Chinese characters. Let’s take a look at the basic knowledge of “环”.

环 huán  
Explnantion: bracelet ; to surround
Phrases: 手环(shǒu huán) bracelet ;环绕(huán rào) to surround

In the bronze inscriptions, “环” (huan, ring) is a pictographic character which looks like two linked rings. It originally meant round jade articles with holes in the center. Since it was also one type of jade articles, the radical “玉” (yu, jade) was added to the original character and the original right part evolved into the phonetic element “瞏” in the small seal script. Therefore, it became a pictophonetic character. The structure was kept in the regular script. When the writing system evolves into simplified Chinese, it becomes what it looks like now: “环”.

Later on, the semantic meaning of “环” has been extended. Anything in the shape of a ring can be called “环”. Now that “环” or the ring is often round, it also means to encircle or to surround. The ancient Chinese called the big and round moon “玉环” (yuhuan, jade ring).


1.Wǒ xǐhuan zhèzhī báiyù de shǒu huán, kě tā tài guì le.
I like this jade bracelet very much, but it’s too expensive.


2.Zhèlǐ cóngshān huánrào,hěnróngyì mílù.
This group of mountains surround each other so that it is quite easy to get lost here.
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