Write “男”(man;male) in Chinese character


One character a day, easy to master Chinese characters. Let’s take a look at the basic knowledge of “男”.

男 nán  
Explanation:man ; male
Phrases:男女(nán nǚ) man and woman ;  男人(nán rén) man
这字古时由两个部分组成:左面是一块田( ),右面是一个像犁的工具( )。因为在古时候,下田耕种的工作主要由男人负责。
The original character of was combination of two parts: the left side was a field (  ), and the right side was a plough-like tool ( ). As ploughing the field was men’s work in ancient times, the original meaning of is “the strength in the field” or “man”.


1.Niánqīng nánnǚmen zài chàng míngē, dǎ lèitái.
Young men and women are singing folk songs, and entering a competition.


2.Tā yífù chǔchǔdòngrén de yàngzi, dǎdòng guò bùshǎo nánrén de xīn.
Her beauty touched the hearts of many men.
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