Write “骨”(bone) in Chinese character


One character a day, easy to master Chinese characters. Let’s take a look at the basic knowledge of “骨”.

骨 ɡǔ  
Explnantion:  bone
Phrases: 骨头(ɡǔ tou)bone ;骨髓(ɡú suǐ)marrow

“骨” (gu, bone) is a pictographic character in Chinese. In case of oracle bone inscription form , the four small vertical strokes look like the bulges of bones and the three slanting lines the supports of the skeleton. Therefore, the original meaning of “骨” is bones, namely, the hard tissues that support the body of vertebrates. As the Chinese writing evolved into other forms, “肉” (rou, meat) was added to the bottom of the original character, which was meant to display the connection between bones and meat. In case of small seal script, such connection was even more apparent in the structure of the character. “骨” in the regular script, which we often use today, is almost the same as that in the small seal script.

The meaning of “骨” later extended to “racks or supports”, “quality” and “loftiness”. For example, when appreciating a vigorous calligraphy, the Chinese often use the word “骨力” (guli), literally as powerful as bones. “骨” is also an important ingredient in the Chinese cuisine. Bones of pigs and oxen are often used to make soups. Besides, it is typical in China to soak bones of carnivores in the wine.


1. Tā zhǐshì shòu le xiē píròushāng, bìng méiyǒu shāngdào gǔtou.
He received only some bruises, his bones haven’t been damaged.


2. Hángkōng gōngsī wèi zhècì fēidì jiùmìng gǔsuǐ ér tè kāi le lǜsè tōngdào.
The airline company opened an emergency green path for the delivery of the lifesaving bone-marrow.
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