Han Yu Poem: Written for My Grandnephew at the Blue Pass – 韩愈《左迁至蓝关示侄孙湘》













[1] 左迁:指被贬。

[2] 蓝关:蓝田关,在今陕西蓝田县南。

[3] 九重天:借指皇帝。

[4] 潮州路:指潮阳郡,今广东潮阳。

[5] “肯将”旬:肯,岂肯、怎么能够。将,因为。惜残年,顾惜老年的生命。

[6] 秦岭:秦岭山脉,在蓝田县东南。

[7] 汝:你。指代韩湘。

[8] 瘴江:指潮州附近的韩江,是有名的瘴疠之地。

Written for My Grandnephew at the Blue Pass

Han Yu

To the Celestial Court a proposal was made,

And I am banished eight thousand li away.

To undo the misdeeds I would have given aid,

Dare I have spared myself with powers in decay?

The Ridge veiled in barred clouds, where can my home be seen?

The Blue Pass clad in snow, my horse won’t forward go.

You have come from afar and I know what you mean:

Not to leave my bones there where miastic waves flow.

The old poet was banished for his anti-Buddhist proposal.


This poem is written by Han Yu, a writer of the Tang Dynasty. The poem was written on the way to Chaozhou during his deportation, and expresses the author’s depression and anger, as well as his feelings of uncertainty about his future. The first couplet is about being deported because of “a letter”, and it is only “in the evening”. The neck line expresses the emotion of the scene, which is both sad and magnificent; the last line expresses the will of the hero and the love of the flesh and blood, which is overflowing with sorrow and misery. The whole poem is a blend of narrative, scenery and lyricism, with strong poetic flavor, sincere feelings and sharp contrasts, making it a fine poem among the seven lines of Han poetry.

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