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Cheng Xiao, born in Shenzhen, is a Chinese singer, actress, and member of the Chinese-Korean girl group, WJSN. She is signed under Yuehua and Starship Entertainment. Cheng studied Chinese dance for 10 years before becoming an idol and later attended the Shenzhen Arts School, where she was a runner-up together with her Chinese dance crew on the prestigious Tao Li Cup in 2012, before transferring and graduating from the School of Performing Arts in Seoul.

Cheng trained as an idol in Korea for 10 years. In February 2016, she debuted with the thirteen-member girl group WJSN or ‘Cosmic Girls’ in their ‘Wonder’ unit. In 2016, Cheng also became a part of ‘Sunny Girls’, which was for the Inkigayo ‘Music Crush’ project, where the group released the song ‘Taxi’.

In 2018, Cheng Xiao went back to China to promote WJSN there and became the dance mentor on the music survival show, Idol Producer. She slowly transitioned to become an actress with her first drama project “Legend of Awakening” and “Detective Chinatown” which were released in 2020.

Cheng has released OST (Original Soundtrack) songs for dramas and promotional videos. And in January 2021, Cheng officially debuted as a solo artist, with the Single “Focus X”.

Cheng also has a younger sister named Cheng Chen who is also signed under Yuehua Entertainment. She also has a three pet lizards/bearded dragons and two cats. Her lizards are named King Gigi, King Yaoyao, and Princess Niannian and her cats names are Chen Susu and Chen Yaojin.

(Source: dailycpop; MyDramaList)

First Name: Xiao
Family Name: Cheng
Native name: 程潇
Also Known as: Cheng Xiao Xiao, 정성소, Jung Seong So, Sung So, 성소, 潇潇, Jeong Seong So, Jung Sung So, 程瀟, Xiao Xiao
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Female
Born: July 15, 1998

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