Xin Qiji: Song of a Thousand Years The Green Rock ~ 辛弃疾 《千年调》 with English Translations



辛弃疾 《千年调》


Song of a Thousand Years
The Green Rock

Xin Qiji

In my left hand I hold the rainbow bright
And I bring down the moon with my right.
I order the Thunder God to go before
To open for me the celestial door.
I go up and down, far and nigh,
Become one with the only and lonely sky.
I see the hanging mountain
And the inexhaustible fountain,
And the green rock of a thousand feet high.

Hearing heavenly music played,
I’m feasted by the Pool of jade.
Our Lord invites me to wine
And gives me a mini-cliff divine.
Rugged and steep,
It epitomizes mountain high and valley deep.
My horse won’t leave,
My servant seems to grieve.
Awake, I don’t believe.

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