Xue Tao Poem: Farewell to a Friend – 薛涛《送友人》









[1] 水国:水乡,在诗里指巴山蜀水一带。

[2] 蒹葭(jiān jiā):蒹,指没有长穗的芦苇。葭,指初生的芦苇。

[3] 苍苍:在这里指一种灰白色。

[4] 杳(yǎo):指远得没有尽头。

Farewell to a Friend

Xue Tao

Waterside reeds are covered with hoarfrost at night;

The green mountains are drowned in the cold blue moonlight.

Who says a thousand miles will separate us today?

My dream will follow you though you are far away.

The poetess shows her love by saying distance cannot separate friends in dreams.


The poem “Farewell to a Friend” is a seven-line poem written by Xue Tao, a poetess of the Tang Dynasty, and is a famous poem among farewell poems. The first two lines are about the evening scene in Beipu, the third line is a consolation to the friend, and the last line expresses the pain of separation. The most important feature of this poem is that it implies the mood of the famous poem “Qin Feng – Reed”, using the rhetorical technique of quotation, opening with a scene, punctuating with emotion, advancing layer by layer, twisting everywhere, which can be said to have both the characteristics of the commission and subtlety.

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