Zhou Bangyan: Dielianhua ~ 周邦彦 《蝶恋花·月破惊乌》 with English Translations



周邦彦 《蝶恋花·月破惊乌》



In the night fast passing now,
The moon proves to be too bright.
The poor crows aren’t used to it.
They have had a restless night.

The drip-drops of the time-piece—
Points to the small hours of morn.
O’er the well, the pulley squeaks,
As water is being drawn.

Her eyes, open, roll about.
Of sleep, she has not got a wink.
Cold and wet is the pillow,
Into which many tears sink.

Her fingers are interlaced—
In agony and despair.
Shadows flit o’er her temples,
As frosty winds blow her hair.

From the pain which torments her,
She can’t find any relief.
His words uttered at parting—
Echo in her heart with grief.

The pole star appears aslant,
At the arrival of day.
Cockcrows grow more widespread,
As her gets farther away.

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