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Yang Zi Shan, born in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, is a Chinese actress and singer. She graduated from the Nanjing University of the Arts with a major in music performance. In 2005, she formally entered showbiz with the single “Baby Baby”. In 2007, she participated in the Jiangsu Satellite TV reality show “Famous Master and High Apprentice” and won the runner-up in the national finals.

In 2008, she shifted the focus of her acting career to film and television drama performances. In 2013, she received more attention for his role in the youth romance film “To Our Dying Youth”, winning the 29th Chinese Film Golden Rooster Award and the 32nd Popular Film Baihua Award for Best Actress Nomination and 15th China Film Huabiao Awards Outstanding New Actress Award, 5th British Vientiane International Chinese Film Festival Best Actress Award and other awards. In 2014, she starred in the comedy “Returning to 20”, winning the Best Actress Award of the 18th Shanghai International Film Festival Film Channel Media Awards.

First Name: Zi Shan
Family Name: Yang
Native name: 杨子姗
Also Known as: Shan Shan, 姗姗, 杨子珊,
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Female
Born: November 6, 1986

Zishan Yang: A Rising Star in Chinese Entertainment Industry

Zishan Yang, also known as Sandrine Yang, is a talented Chinese actress who has gained popularity in both mainland China and Hong Kong. Born on November 6, 1986, in Chongqing, China, Zishan Yang graduated from the Central Academy of Drama in Beijing in 2007. She began her acting career in 2009 and has since appeared in numerous films and TV series. In this article, we will take a closer look at her career and achievements.

Early Career and Breakthrough

Zishan Yang’s acting career started in 2009 when she played a small role in the TV series “Beyond the Realm of Conscience.” However, it was her role as Cheng Xiaoshi in the 2011 film “Love in the Buff” that brought her to the limelight. The romantic comedy was a huge success in China and Hong Kong, and Zishan’s performance was praised by both audiences and critics.

Major Works

Since her breakthrough role, Zishan Yang has starred in several other successful films and TV series. Some of her notable works include:

  • “The Four” film series – Zishan played the role of Emotionless, a female detective with supernatural powers, in the four films based on the wuxia novel series by Wen Ruian.
  • “Old Boy” – A Chinese adaptation of the Korean film of the same name, in which Zishan played the female lead role of Haemi.
  • “So Young” – A coming-of-age romantic drama that was a commercial and critical success in China. Zishan played the role of Lin Jing, a young woman who falls in love with her college professor.
  • “Oh My God” – A fantasy comedy in which Zishan played the female lead role of Qianli, a woman who can communicate with spirits and becomes embroiled in a supernatural adventure.
  • Awards and Recognition

    Zishan Yang’s talent and hard work have been recognized by various award organizations. In 2012, she won the Best New Performer award at the Hong Kong Film Awards for her role in “Love in the Buff.” In 2014, she won the Best Supporting Actress award at the Huading Awards for her role in “The Four II.” She has also been nominated for several other awards, including the Asian Film Awards and the Golden Horse Awards.

    Personal Life and Philanthropy

    Zishan Yang is known for her philanthropic work and has been involved in various charity events. In 2012, she became a goodwill ambassador for the China Charities Aid Foundation for Children. In 2018, she was appointed as the ambassador of the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda.

    In terms of her personal life, Zishan Yang keeps a low profile and is known to be a private person. She married her longtime boyfriend, director and screenwriter Liu Shuailiang, in 2017.


    Zishan Yang is a rising star in the Chinese entertainment industry and has proven herself to be a talented actress. Her dedication to her craft and her philanthropic work make her an inspiring figure both on and off screen. With her impressive body of work and her promising future, Zishan Yang is definitely an actress to watch.

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