A Quatrain 绝句


Jué Jù

Dù Fǔ(Táng )

Liǎng gè huáng lí míng cuì liǔ, yì háng bái lù shàng qīng tiān.
两 个 黄 鹂 鸣 翠柳,一行 白 鹭 上 青 天。

Chuāng hán xī lǐng qiān qiū xuě, mén bó dōng Wú wàn lǐ chuán.
窗 含 西 岭 千 秋 雪,门 泊 东 吴 万 里 船。

A Quatrain

Du Fu( Tang )

A pair of golden orioles twitter in the greenish willow,

A line of white herons flutter on their blue-bound way.

The window frames the western mountain’s thousand-year snow,

By the door moor ships from Eastern Wu ten thousand li away.


This poem describes the picturesque surroundings around the thatched hut where the poet lived. The four lines make four separate, lifelike color paintings: the golden orioles are singing merrily in the green willow trees; they are standing gracefully against the bright, blue sky; the window commands the distant view of the snow-capped mountain; near the door moor the ships from afar. The poem well conveys the poet’s light heart and broad mind.

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