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Today let’s take a brief introduction of a famous Chinese movie named “An End to Killing”.For the first time during recent thirty years, Universal Pictures International Entertainment bought film rights of a Chinese movie. The movie An End to Killing was directed by Chinese filmmaker Wang Ping. It will premiere on March 22th, 2013 in China and probable in this summer in Europe. The production costs 8,000 thousand yuan and the shooting scenes cover six provinces including Shandong, Mongolia and some regions of the northwestern China. It recounts the experiences of Qiu Chuiji’s journey to met Genghis Khan and persuaded him to stop killing.


The opening arrow on a map shows the enormous expanse of territory Genghis Khan’s soldiers conquered, stretching from Mongolia all the way to Afghanistan. Based on real historical events, the film tells the story of the legendary figure Qiu Chuji, a Taoist priest of Quanzhen Sect of Jin dynasty, who and his disciple traveled for two years to meet in the Khan’s camp. Qiu’s long journey is intercut with the Khan’s battles, his fierce warriors riding across the plain and laying fiery siege to city walls. Qiu persuaded Genghis Khan of stopping killing innocent people and to return Mongolia where he came from. Eventually Khan was impressed by Qiu Chuji’s Taoist doctrines and withdrew his troops.

Through this movie, the audience will get to learn the reasons why Genghis Khan came back while driving his troops to conquer the Europe. More than that, they can feel the mysterious culture of Taoism in cinemas.


晋朝 JìnCháo: ruling house founded by Sima Yan.
道教 Dàojiào: a philosophical and religious tradition that emphasizes living in harmony with the Tao.

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