Bai Juyi: Amid a Small Stream in Early Spring


Amid a Small Stream in Early Spring

溪 中 早 春
南 山 雪 未 尽
阴 岭 留 残 白。
西 涧 冰 已 销
春 流 含 新 碧。
东 风 来 几 日
蛩 动 萌 草 拆。
潜 知 阳 和 功
一 日 不 虚 掷。
爱 此 天 气 暖
来 拂 溪 边 石。
一 坐 欲 忘 归
暮 禽 声 啧 啧。
蓬 蒿 隔 桑 枣
隐 晚 烟 火 夕。
归 来 问 夜 餐
家 人 烹 荠 麦。
Xi Zhong Zao Chun

Nan shan xue wei jin
Yin ling liu can bai.
Xi jian bing yi xiao
Chun liu han xin bi.

Dong feng lai ji ri
Qiong daong meng cao che.
Qian zhi yang he gong
Yi ri bu xu zhi.

Ai ci tian qi nuan
Lai fu xi bian shi.
Yi zuo yu wang gui
Mu qin sheng ze ze.

Peng hao ge sang zao
Yin wan yan huo xi.
Gui lai wen ye can
Jia ren peng ji mai.


Amid a Small Stream in Early Spring

Some of the Southern Mountains still covered with snow
Shaded sections of the mountain range retain snowy patches.
Western valley ice has already melted
Spring runoff contains new bluish-greens.

Several days ago the eastern winds arrived
Creatures begin to stir as new grasses sprout.
Slowly realize sunny days getting warmer
Everyday the old and stale is cast away.

Love the weather warming up
Throw aside the debris around streamside rocks.
On one seat, forget to go back home
At sunset the animals chirp, caw and buzz.

Tangles of riverside wormwood, at a distance mulberry and jujube trees
Concealed evening mists below a fiery sunset.
Go back to ask for our evening meal
Household members stir-fry wild spring wheat.

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