Su Dongpo:: With Yang Yuansu, Compose Plum Blossom Poetry: (Southern Hometown Music)


With Yang Yuansu, Compose Plum Blossom Poetry: (Southern Hometown Music)

梅 花 词,和 杨 元 素: 南 乡 子
寒 雀 满 疏 篱
争 抱 寒 柯 看 玉 蕤。
忽 见 客 来 花 下 坐, 惊 飞
踏 散 芳 英 落 酒 卮。
痛 饮 又 能 诗
坐 客 无 毡 醉 不 知。
花 谢 酒 阑 春 到 也
离 离,一 点 微 酸 已 春 枝。
Mei Hua Ci, He Yang Yun Su: (Nan Xiang Zi)

Han que man shu li
Zheng bao han ke kan yu rui.
Hu jian ke lai hua xia zuo, jing fei
Ta san fang ying luo jiu zhi.

Tong yin you neng shi
Zuo ke wu zhan zui bu zhi.
Hua xie jiu lan chan dao ye,
Li li yi dian wei suan yi zhao zhi.


With Yang Yuansu, Compose Chinese Plum Blossom Poetry: (Southern Hometown Music)

Cold weather, sparrows fill the thin branches
Fly up to perch on the only cold branches with leaves.
Visitors arrive and watch as the blossoms suddenly fall down
Startled birds scatter, the fragrant blossoms fall into the wine vessels.

We drink till it hurts, able to write poetry
We are traveling visitors without cushions to sit on, so drunk do not even notice.
Both of us would drink until vessels empty, flowers wither and springtime arrives
Farewell winter, later on slightly sour plums bud from the branches.



[The description at the end of the title within the parentheses identifies the name of the music which these lines are to be sung to.]

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