Bai Juyi: Leisurely Travel On the Third Day of the First Lunar Month


Leisurely Travel On the Third Day of the First Lunar Month

正 月 三 日 闲 行
黄 鹂 巷 口 莺 欲 语
乌 鹊 河 头 冰 欲 销。
绿 浪 东 西 南 北 水
红 栏 三 百 九 十 桥。
鸳 鸯 荡 漾 双 双 翅
杨 柳 交 加 万 万 条。
借 问 春 风 来 早 晚
只 从 前 日 到 今 朝。
Zheng Yue San Ri Xian Xing

Huang li xiang kou ying yu yu
Wu que he tou bing yu xiao.
Lu lang dong xi nan bei shui
Hong lan san bai jiu shi qiao.

Yuan yang dang yang shuang shuang chi
Yang liu jiao jia wan wan tiao.
Jie wen chun feng lai zao wan
Zhi cong qian ri dao jin zhao.


Leisurely Travel on the Third Day of the First Lunar Month

At the Huangli Lane intersection orioles have to speak
Ice expected to melt at the headwaters of the Wuque River.
Green waves, currents of water from east and west, north and south
Three hundred and ninety yards of a government-made bridge.

Two-by-two mandarin ducks and drakes wing their way into the ripples
A hundred million poplar and willow tree branches and twigs.
May I ask the spring breezes if they will arrive early or late
Just now realize at today’s dawn, the time for spring has arrived.

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