Bai Juyi: Mother and Children Departure


Mother and Children Departure

舟 别 子
舟 别 子 子 别 舟
白 日 无 光 哭 声 苦。
关 西 骠 骑 大 将 军
去 年 破 虏 新 策 勋。
敕 赐 金 钱 二 百 万
洛 阳 迎 得 如 花 人。
新 人 迎 来 旧 人 弁
章 上 莲 花 眼 中 刺。
迎 新 弁 旧 未 足 悲
悲 在 君 家 留 两 儿。
一 如 扶 行 一 初 坐
坐 啼 行 哭 牵 人 衣。
以 汝 夫 妇 新 嬿 婉
使 我 舟 子 生 别 离。
不 如 林 中 乌 与 鹊
舟 不 失 雏 雄 伴 雌。
应 似 园 中 桃 李 树
花 落 随 风 子 在 枝。
新 人 新 人 听 我 语
洛 阳 无 限 红 楼 女。


Zhou Bie Zi

Zhou bie zi zi bie zhou
Bai ri wu guang ku sheng ku.
Guan xi piao qi da jiang jun
Qu nian po lu xin ce xun.

Chi ci jin qian er bai wan
Luo yang ying de ru hua ren.
Xin ren ying lai jiu ren bian
Zhang shang lian hua yan zhong ci.

Ying xin bian jiu wei zu bei
Bei zai jun jia liu liang er.
Yi ru fu xing yi chu zuo
Zuo ti xing ku qian ren yi.

Yi ru fu fu xin yan wan
Shi wo zhou zi sheng bie li.
Bu ru lin zhong wu yu que
Zhou bu shi chu xiong ban ci.

Ying si yuan zhong tao li shu
Hua luo sui feng zi zai zhi.
Xin ren xin ren ting wo yu
Luo yang wu xian hong lou nu.


Mother and Children Departure

Mother departs from children, children depart from mother
Daytime like night time, sounds of crying and weeping.
High ranking general bravely rides out of the western gate.
Last year promoted because of his achievements, including the taking of prisoners.

By imperial edict was given titles and piles of gold
Moved to Luoyang and has a new girl friend.
New lady arrived, the old one was thrown away
One like a lotus flower in his palm, the other difficult to look at.

Bring in the new, dump out the old should be more painful for him
Sorrows for the family, including two children who must stay.
One child beginning to walk, the other to sit up
Sitting and crying, they pull at their mother’s clothes.

The new man and woman lovely and elegant
But you make the mother leave without her kids.
Not like middle of forest crows who never leave wife and children
Their mothers feed the young, while the fathers powerful and protective.

Should be like a garden with peach and pear trees
Although the winds blow the flowers down, the young fruit stays on the branches.
New lady, new lady listen to my words
Luoyang ladies like you are a dime a dozen
I know the general will come again with more money
Will have another new lady to replace you.

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