Bai Juyi: Yanzi Tower: Three Poems: No. 2


Yanzi Tower: Three Poems: No. 2

钿 晕 罗 衫 色 似 烟
几 回 欲 著 即 潸 然。
自 从 不 舞 霓 裳 曲
叠 在 空 箱 十 一 年。
Yan Zi Lou: San Shou


Dian yun luo shan se si yan
Ji hui yu zhu ji shan ran.
Zi cong bu wu ni chang qu
Die zai kong xiang shi yi nian.


Yanzi Tower: Three Poems: No. 2

Unlined upper garments, flower-patterned golden colors radiant like mists
Returned several times to begin to get dressed, then her tears began to flow.
Naturally had not danced to the Rainbow Skirt Song
For eleven years her boxes of clothes were empty, except for one.



Rainbow Skirt Song:  Famous song and dance during the good times of the Tang Dynasty. Choreographed by Yang Guifei, melody by the emperor Xuangzong, it featured elaborate feathered costumes with the music of strings and flutes.



The song, dance and production can be experienced on the Internet with several variations.  This poem is one of many that Bai wrote about the all-too-often fate of women during these ancient times.


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