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Breaking the Willow 凤冠情事(2003)~ Chinese Movies&TV


Today, I will introduce a Chinese film which called Breaking the Willow (凤冠情事fèng Guān Qíng Shì ). So let us have a brief introduction.

A documentary on the legacy of China’s traditional kunqu opera (昆曲Kūnqǔ ), BREAKING THE WILLOW tells the story of two Chinese women of different dynasty and society, and their personal link to a bejeweled Phoenix Tierra. Cui (崔Cuī ), a woman of humble background dreams her husband to gain her the Phoenix Tierra but when the dream comes true, it turns out to be too late. Hsiao Yu (霍小玉Huò Xiǎoyù), a beautiful songstress from a royal decent of the past dynasty, meets the First Scholar and falls in love. The day after their wedding, the husband is called for the frontier. The fallen Princess wears the Phoenix Tierra to bid him farewell with poets.

The film is amazing and its director is also very famous in China.

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