Cao Rong – Romance of the Three Kingdoms

曹蓉 - 《三国演义》


“Three Kingdoms” is a classic Chinese historical novel written by Luo Guanzhong during the Ming dynasty. The story takes place in the late Eastern Han dynasty and the Three Kingdoms period of China, and follows the struggles of various factions vying for control over the empire. One of the characters in the novel is “Cao Rong,” a fictionalized historical figure who played a minor role in the events of the time.

Cao Rong was the daughter of Cao Pi, the first emperor of the state of Wei in the Three Kingdoms period. She was known for her beauty and intelligence, and was rumored to have a gentle and kind personality. Despite her position as the daughter of the emperor, Cao Rong was not content to live a life of luxury and idleness, and instead devoted herself to learning and cultivating her mind.

In the novel, Cao Rong is depicted as being instrumental in helping her father to secure the throne after the death of the last Han emperor. She used her intelligence and political savvy to help her father navigate the treacherous waters of the court, and was widely respected for her wisdom and insight. Despite her many achievements, however, she is not portrayed as a ruthless or cunning figure, but instead is depicted as a kind and compassionate woman who always put the interests of others ahead of her own.

Cao Rong’s role in the novel is relatively minor, but she is remembered as one of the most important female characters in the story. Her depiction as a virtuous and intelligent woman serves to contrast the ruthless and cunning nature of many of the male characters in the novel, and her influence on the events of the story is significant. Although she is a fictional character, her legacy lives on in the popular imagination as a symbol of the intelligence, wisdom, and compassion that were prized in ancient Chinese society.

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