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Shu Chang (born 1 December 1987 in Baishan, Jilin, China) is a Chinese actress, singer, and television host. Some of her more notable roles in television series include: Consort Donggo in Xiaozhuang Mishi (2003); Jin Meili in The Story of a Noble Family (2003); Princess Yun in Huang Taizi Mishi (2004); Jingwei in Jingwei Tianhai (2004); Xiaoyu in Lotus Lantern (2005); Princess Jianning in Royal Tramp (2008); Ruler of Women’s Kingdom in Journey to the West (2011); and Beauties at the Crossfire (2013).

Shu ventured into music after her success in the Chinese television industry. In 1997 she released an album Home Is Only Half Without Mom (少了妈妈只有半个家) with three singles: Birds Fly (雀尕飞), On My Way Back Home From School (放学路上), and Monsoon Will Never Come Back (雨季不再来) (theme song of the television series Monsoon Will Never Come Back). Based on her performance in the television series The Story of a Noble Family (the writer was from Fenghuang County, Hunan), Shu, along with other major cast members, were designated as “Honorary Citizens” of Fenghuang County.

First Name: Chang
Family Name: Shu
Native name: 舒暢
Also Known as: Jennifer Shu, Little Rabbit, Sister Chang, Chang Er, Xiao Xiu, Chang Chang, 舒畅
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Female
Born: December 1, 1987

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