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Chloe Zhao is a Chinese actress and model who was born in Jilin, China. She graduated from Shanghai Normal University in 2011. She debuted in the TV drama series “New Life Explosion” in 2010, following up with the movies “Pubescence” and “Paradise Lost” (both 2011). She has also appeared in hit films such as “70 80 90: A Shenzhen Love Story” (2016) and 2018’s “Struggle”.

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First Name: Yi Huan
Family Name: Zhao
Native name: 趙奕歡
Also Known as: 赵奕欢, Chloe Zhao
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Female
Born: October 29, 1987

Yihuan Zhao, also known as Zhao Yihuan, is a Chinese actress born on July 30, 1993, in Anhui Province, China. She is known for her roles in various TV dramas and films, winning critical acclaim for her performances.

Early Life and Education
Yihuan Zhao was born and raised in Anhui Province, China. She attended the Beijing Film Academy, where she studied acting and graduated with a degree in performing arts.

Acting Career
Yihuan Zhao made her acting debut in 2015 in the TV drama “Nirvana in Fire.” She then appeared in several other TV dramas, including “White Deer Plain,” “Legend of Mi Yue,” and “The Imperial Doctress.” She also starred in the films “The Queens” and “Girls 2.”

Yihuan Zhao is known for her versatility as an actress, with the ability to portray a wide range of characters, from strong and independent women to vulnerable and fragile ones. She has won several awards and nominations for her acting, including Best Supporting Actress at the Golden Eagle Awards and the Magnolia Awards.

Personal Life
Yihuan Zhao is a private person and does not share much about her personal life in the media. She is known to be close to her family and has spoken publicly about the importance of family values and relationships.

Philanthropic Work
In addition to her acting career, Yihuan Zhao is also involved in philanthropic work. She has served as an ambassador for the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation and has worked to raise awareness about issues such as poverty and education.

In conclusion, Yihuan Zhao is a talented actress who has made a name for herself in China’s entertainment industry. Her versatility as an actress and ability to bring depth and nuance to her performances have won her critical acclaim. As she continues to take on new roles and challenges, it is clear that she is a rising star to watch in the years to come.

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