Chapter 100 ~~ Juedai Shuangjiao/ Legendary Siblings / Handsome Siblings / The Proud Twins


The Legendary Siblings Chapter 100

Su Ying asked in surprise, “When you reached the woods that side, didn’t anyone come and receive you? Have you gone to the wrong place?”

Tie Xin Lan sighed and replied, “I did not go to the wrong place. When I reached that place, I saw a lot of rats burrowing here and there and I was so frightened that I collapsed immediately onto a tree, but who would have expected that there would actually be a corpse hanging on the tree. Looking in the distance, there were a few more corpses hanging on the other trees. I was just wondering what to do when Hua… Master Hua came.”

Su Ying was totally stunned, her palms starting to sweat.

Tue Xin Lan sighed, “From what I see, some great change must have happened over there, you… you better go and take a look.”

Without waiting for her to finish her words, Su Ying had already turned around and ran, but after a few steps, she stopped. No matter what, Wei Wu Ya is her benefactor. If anything untoward were to happen to Wei Wu Ya, she can never ignore it, but now… now that Xiao Yu’er is looking at her, how can she leave?

She stood there stunned, not knowing what to do at all.

Su Ying finally returned to Xiao Yu’er’s side. No matter what has happened, she cannot abandon Xiao Yu’er here at this moment.

Xiao Yu’er laughed, “Looking at your expression, could it be that the Floral Princess has already killed Wei Wu Ya?”

Before Su Ying could reply, a person suddenly floated in with the wind.

She is equally cold as Princess Yao Yue, equally beautiful, just that her pair of eyes that were as bright as autumn’s water still has a hint of gentleness in it.

Her body seemed to be even lighter than a falling leaf, and landed next to Hua Wu Que. Hua Wu Que immediately kneeled down in respect.

Xiao Yu’er stared hard and said, “I’m afraid that would be Princess Lian Xing. She’s exactly made from the same mold as her sister, it’s just that she is breathing when compared to a dead person.”

Su Ying replied with a bitter smile, “But these sisters can make those in the martial arts realm fear even to mention their names. If they are only breathing when compared to a dead person, then all those in the martial arts realm must be dead.”

Xiao Yu’er laughed loudly, “You’re wrong. When a person is alive, he’ll surely cry, laugh, be happy, be sad, be afraid as well. People like them, there’s no meaning in being alive.”

He deliberately laughed loudly so that the Floral Princesses can hear him. But the Floral Princesses did not even take a glance towards this side.

Xiao Yu’er chortled, “I regarded them as dead people, for all you know they are already regarding me as dead, so no matter what I say, they will not be angry.”

Although he was laughing as he said these words, but when Su Ying heard it, she felt indescribably sad, and almost cried.

She really cannot see how Xiao Yu’er can hope to live on. Even if he can win Hua Wu Que, can kill Hua Wu Que, but he will still die in the hands of the Floral Princesses. Xiao Yu’er said to her, “Can you smile? As long as you smile, I’ll be happy even if I have to die.”

Su Ying really smiled. But if she had not smiled she may still be able to control her tears, and now that she smiled, her tears fell as well.

A gust of wind blew up the fallen leaves and Princess Lian Xing suddenly appeared in front of Xiao Yu’er and said coldly, “It’s almost time, do you know?”

Xiao Yu’er replied, “I am wishing that the time will come faster, or else I’m afraid I’ll be drowned by tears.”

Xiao Yu’er rolled his eyes, and grinned, “I do have a question to ask you.”

Princess Lian Xing asked, “What question?”

Xiao Yu’er said, “A beautiful woman like you, why are you still not married? It can’t be that for all these years, not one man fell in love with you?”

Princess Lian Xing suddenly turned around, and Xiao Yu’er can see that the two veins behind her neck is vibrating, and the fine green veins on her face seem to be suddenly dancing in the wind.

After a while, she said each word slowly, “Stand up!”

This time Xiao Yu’er was really obedient and immediately jumped up, asking, “Is it time to strike now?”

He saw that Hua Wu Que who was under the tree on the other side turning around slowly as well.

Su Ying suddenly grabbed Xiao Yu’er’s hand and said, “You… don’t you have anything you want to tell me?”

Xiao Yu’er replied, “No.” Su Ying’s fingers released their hold one by one, and she took two steps back, tears flowing out of her eyes.

Princess Lian Xing said, “Hua Wu Que, Xiao Yu’er, the two of you listen well. Starting from now, you will both walk fifty steps forward, once you’ve reach the fiftieth step, you can strike. No matter who wins or loses in this battle, no third party is allowed to help. Whoever is a busybody, will be killed immediately, there will be no mercy.”

Su Ying can’t help but cry out, “You will not help as well?”

Before Princess Lian Xing can reply, Princess Yao Yue had answered icily, “If she becomes a busybody, I will want her life as well.”

Su Ying asked, “What if you yourself interfered?”

Princess Yao Yue said, “Then I will take my own life.”

Su Ying wiped away her tears and said loudly, “Xiao Yu’er, did you hear that? The words of the Floral Princess are like the wind, and she won’t retract them, so I beg of you not to lose to him no matter what, all right?”

But she did not know that in the battle today, the loser may face only death, but the fate of the winner would be worse than death. If Xiao Yu’er can die in the hands of Hua Wu Que, then he’ll be a lot luckier than Hua Wu Que.

The sky is getting gray, dark clouds becoming heavier, and a few dried leaves on the branches are still fighting the western wind, but that is just a useless struggle before death.

Xiao Yu’er had started to walk forward. Hua Wu Que is also starting to move his feet slowly.

Yao Yue, Lian Xing, Su Ying and Tie Xin Lan, four pair of eyes, were all staring unwaveringly at Xiao Yu’er and Hua Wu Que’s steps.

The four of them may all be thinking different things, but they are equally nervous.

Tie Xin Lan knows that in a swift moment, one of the two will fall, and she does not know herself who is it that she would wish to fall.

In the depth of her heart, she knows that if one of the two is to fall, then she won’t be in a dilemma anymore, she won’t need to choose, and things would become a lot simpler.

She even tried to deny that she harbored such a thought, because such a thought is too selfish, too mean, too heartless, too venomous…

But in Su Ying’s heart there is only pain, and no dilemma at all, because she has already decided that if Xiao Yu’er were to die, then she will not live alone as well. Although she knows that chances of Xiao Yu’er winning is not large, but she is still wishing for a miracle, wishing that Xiao Yu’er can defeat Hua Wu Que.

And what about Lian Xing and Yao Yue? Now that their plan is beginning to happen, their patience is finally about to be rewarded, and the hatred in their heart will soon be avenged.

They can only fantasize that only when one of the two falls, will this pain lessen, because only when that time comes can they reveal this shocking secret. This secret is like a heavy metal chaining their heart for the last twenty years, and they can only wait for the time when the secret is revealed before they can be free, or else they will forever become slaves of this secret.

But now, they can only wait.

Who would have expected that Xiao Yu’er had only taken three steps when he suddenly turned around and smiled at Su Ying, saying, “Right, I just remembered I have something to tell you.”

Su Ying felt emotions rushing up, hot tears flowing out again. No matter what, Xiao Yu’er will certainly treat her differently from others.

She tried to control her tears and said, “Tell… tell me, I am listening.”

Xiao Yu’er said, “I would advise you to find someone to marry while you’re still young, or else it’ll be more difficult the older you get. When you’re fifty years old, you’ll become old crones like them.”

This is actually the last words of Xiao Yu’er. At a time like this, he can still say such words.

Su Ying only felt that her heart seemed to be bounded tightly by a handkerchief, and after a moment, she gritted her teeth and replied, “Don’t you worry, I will certainly not wait that long.”

A sentence lightly uttered by him shattered Su Ying’s heart, and also made Lian Xing and Yao Yue start shaking, their faces pale.

But he behaved as if he has never said such words.

Most strangely, at this point in time, everyone was hoping in their hearts that he will defeat Hua Wu Que. Of course Su Ying would want him to win, but Tie Xin Lan can’t bear to see him being defeated.

Without knowing why, she always thought that Hua Wu Que is stronger, so he can withstand more pain, that’s why she’d rather hurt Hua Wu Que than to hurt Xiao Yu’er.

Even more strangely, even Yao Yue and Lian Xing were hoping that Xiao Yu’er would win. Maybe they would not admit it themselves, but it is the truth. Because if Hua Wu Que were to defeat Xiao Yu’er, then they would have to reveal this secret in front of Hua Wu Que. Although they raised Hua Wu Que for the purpose of revenge, but after so many years, they would have some feelings for the child that they watch grow up.

They were secretly counting Xiao Yu’er’s steps! “Eleven, twelve, thirteen…”

The corners of Princess Yao Yue’s mouth unknowingly curved up slightly in a cruel smile.

Now, Xiao Yu’er and Hua Wu Que has already walked the fortieth step.

Xiao Yu’er kept staring at Hua Wu Que. Although there were no expression on Hua Wu Que’s face, his eyes were always avoiding him.

No matter how slowly they walked, they will still have to take the fiftieth step. Lian Xing and Yao Yue unconsciously gripped their fists tightly.

But Tie Xin Lan and Su Ying can’t even hold their hands tightly. Their hands were shaking so badly, like the dried leaves blown by the western wind.

Right at this time, Xiao Yu’er suddenly collapsed!

At such a tense moment, so tense that one can stop breathing, Xiao Yu’er actually fell for no rhyme or reason.

Hua Wu Que was totally stunned, Tie Xin Lan was surprised as well and Su Ying was even more shocked. They were so nervous that blood was coursing through their body and now, all the blood seem to be suddenly drained, their brains is suddenly empty and no one knows how to handle this sudden turn of events.

Even Yao Yue and Lian Xing were stunned, and the expression on their faces changed greatly.

After Xiao Yu’er fell to the ground, he suddenly started shaking, and the shakes were getting more violent, until his body slowly curled up into a ball.

Princess Lian Xing stamped her feet and said, “What is happening to you?”

Princess Yao Yue cried out furiously, “He’s pretending to be dead, kill him quickly.”

Hua Wu Que lowered his head and said, “He is defenseless now, how can disciple strike?”

Princess Yao Yue replied, “Since he dare not fight with you, that means he admit defeat, why can’t you kill him?”

Hua Wu Que lowered his head, not striking, and not speaking as well.

Princess Yao Yue said angrily, “Why are you still not striking, you don’t mean that every time he feigns death, you will let him go. Have you forgotten our sect’s rules, you dare to disobey my words?”

Beads of perspiration rolled down Hua Wu Que’s head, and he looked at Xiao yu’er with lowered head and asked quietly, “Why won’t you stand up and fight with me? Must you force me to kill you under such circumstances?”

Xiao Yu’er suddenly grinned and said, “You better kill me quickly, I will never blame you, because you cannot be considered as the person who killed me, the person who killed me is Jiang Yu Lang.”

Princess Yao Yue’s expression changed and she asked, “What do you mean by these words?”

Xiao Yu’er sighed and said, “Because if I have not been poisoned, then I will not lose the strength to strike, and I may not die. So even if I die now, you need not feel apologetic, because I did not die at your hands.”

He suddenly turned and stared at Princess Yao Yue and said each word slowly, “Jiang Yu Lang will be the person who really killed me.”

Princess Yao Yue and Princess Lian Xing exchanged looks, surprised again.

After a moment, Princess Lian Xing asked fiercely, “What poison has he given you?”

Xiao Yu’er replied, “Nu’er Hong.”

Princess Lian Xing heaved a long sigh and looking at Princess Yao Yue, said solemnly, “Looking at him now, it really looks like the symptoms of Nu’er Hong’s poison reacting.”

Princess Yao Yue’s face was totally pale and after a moment, she suddenly smiled icily and said, “This person is full of tricks, how can you believe his words.”

Xiao Yu’er replied, “It’s up to you whether to believe my words. Luckily when I was poisoned, there were a lot of witnesses.”

Princess Yao Yue immediately asked, “Who are they?”

Xiao Yu’er replied, “There’s Tie Ping Gu, and someone called Herbalist Hu, and of course there’s Jiang Yu Lang who poisoned me.”

Lian Xing and Yao Yue exchanged looks again and the two of them suddenly flew off simultaneously. A gust of wind blew past and the both of them were already under a tree many feet away.

Princess Yao Yue and Princess Lian Xing reached the tree at the same time.

Princess Lian Xing asked, “What are your wishes?” Princess Yao Yue’s lips have turned pale and she did not speak.

Princess Lian Xing said, “If this Jiang Xiao Yu has really been poisoned by Jiang Yu Lang, then he really cannot be considered to have died in Hua Wu Que’s hands. If that is the case, won’t our plan become totally meaningless?”

Princess Yao Yue stammered, “I… I have suffered the pain for twenty years.”

Princess Lian Xing’s gaze lowered slowly with the fall of her hands and said, “You have suffered the pain for twenty years, and was I happy for the last twenty years?”

After a moment she continued, “But the pain we have suffered for the last twenty years is certainly not deserved, because in the whole world, only the two of us knows this secret, only the two of us knows that they are brothers. If we do not reveal this secret ourselves, they will not know even when they die.”

Princess Yao Yue’s expression slowly warmed, and said, “That’s right, they will never know.”

Princess Lian Xing said, “Therefore sooner or later, they will die in the hands of the other, their fate has already been decided and besides the two of us, no one can change this.”

She added slowly, “And the two of us will certainly not change it, right?”

Princess Yao Yue replied, “That’s right.”

Princess Lian Xing continued, “So we need not be impatient now, our wait may be painful, but aren’t they in no less pain as well? We can watch them as they struggle with their fate, just like a cat watching the struggling mouse under it’s paw. Besides, we’ve already waited twenty years, so why not wait for another two or three months?”

Princess Yao Yue said icily, “I know what you mean. You want to remove Jiang Xiao Yu’s poison before ordering Hua Wu Que to kill him. You want him to thoroughly die at the hands of Hua Wu Que, right?”

There was a flash of gratifying smile in Princess Lian Xing’s eyes and she said gently, “That’s right, because that is the only way to make Hua Wu Que feel pain and regret, feel that living is worse than death. If you order him to kill Jiang Xiao Yu now, he will forgive himself, and even kill Jiang Yu Lang to avenge Xiao Yu’er. Then our plan would have become meaningless.”

Princess Yao Yue was silent for a moment before saying, “But do you know if Xiao Yu’er is really poisoned?”

Princess Lian Xing replied, “We can find this out immediately.”

Xiao Yu’er is still on the ground, shaking. Tie Xin Lan, Su Ying and Hua Wu Que were not looking at him at all. Their eyes were staring unwaveringly at the Floral Princesses.

A pity that not only can they not see anything, but they can’t hear a single word as well. They can only see that Princess Yao Yue’s icy face was filled with venomous hatred and an aura of death. The more they looked, the more anxious they became and cold sweat unconsciously broke out in their palms for Xiao Yu’er.

Without knowing how much time has passed, the Floral Princesses finally walked over slowly. Hua Wu Que wanted to walk towards them, but he stopped his step as soon as he started it.

Princess Yao Yue walked to Xiao Yu’er and asked solemnly, “When you were poisoned, Tie Ping Gu saw it as well, right?”

Xiao Yu’er agreed, “Umm.”

Princess Yao Yue said, “All right, tell her to come out, I’ll ask her.”

Xiao Yu’er grinned, “Did you think that there’s only one way out of the belly of that mountain?”

Princess Yao Yue smiled coldly, “If there was another way out, why didn’t you leave?”

Xiao Yu’er replied with an icy smile as well, “I did not leave, because I did want to honor my appointment with Hua Wu Que, but Tie Ping Gu has long gone. If you do not believe me, why don’t you go down yourself for a look.”

Before he could finish his words, Princess Yao Yue had already flown up the cliff like a cloud. The rope that Hua Wu Que threw down earlier was still tied there.

Princess Yao Yue slipped into that hole like a swimming fish and after a short while, flew out like a light breeze and the expression on her face seemed a little surprised.

Xiao Yu’er smiled and asked, “Do you believe it now?”

Princess Yao Yue replied, “Humph.”

Xiao Yu’er added, “Then you should know as well that if I do not wish to fight with Hua Wu Que, I could have left with Tie Ping Gu long ago. There’s no need to wait till now and pretend to be dead.”

Princess Yao Yue was silent for a moment before saying, “Then do you know where Jiang Yu Lang is right now?”

Xiao Yu’er replied, “Of course I know. But I’m afraid once I reveal the place, you would not dare to look for him as well.”

Xiao Yu’er deliberately added one more sentence to agitate her, and added icily, “Maybe this is the only place that you dare not go, because I have not seen a woman who does not fear rats.”

Princess Yao Yue’s eyes gleamed and she asked, “Could you be referring to Wei Wu Ya? He’s in these mountains as well?”

Xiao Yu’er said with a cold smile, “Of course he’s in these mountains. Do you really not know, or are you pretending not to know?”

But there was no change in expression on Princess Yao Yue’s face at all. Although Xiao Yu’er was deliberately antagonizing her, she was unaffected at all.

Obviously, Wei Wu Ya holds no importance to her at all, and instead Xiao Yu’er is placed on a much higher scale than him.

At this point in time, Su Ying also felt that things are getting stranger and thought to herself, “No matter what, Wei Wu Ya is still a formidable character in the martial arts realm, and he does not mind hiding himself for the last twenty years to formulate a set of martial arts just to counter Floral Palace’s martial arts. Obviously he has great enmity with Floral Palace, but the Floral Princess has never taken this person to heart. But Xiao Yu’er has never even seen what the Floral Princess looks like and she does not even let go of any minute detail about him, to the extent of controlling her temper, so that Hua Wu Que can kill him personally. Why is that so?”

Slowly, she is beginning to feel that this matter is really mysterious and complicated.

Xiao Yu’er said, “All right, I’ll bring you there, but I really can’t walk now. Who will come and give me a hand?”

Hua Wu Que and Tie Xin Lan looked as if they wanted to extend their hands, but Hua Wu Que realized that the Floral Princesses were looking at him frostily, so he immediately turned his head around and looked at Tie Xin Lan, as if he wanted Tie Xin Lan to help Xiao Yu’er. But Tie Xin Lan realized that Hua Wu Que was looking at her and she immediately lowered her hand.

Su Ying smiled and said gently, “If you do not find me too slow, then let me help you.”

Su Ying helped Xiao Yu’er and they had walked quite a distance but Hua Wu Que was still standing there in a daze while Tie Xin Lan’s head dropped even lower, her tears flowing again.

Princess Lian Xing took a glance at Hua Wu Que, and took another glance at Tie Xin Lan and suddenly took Tie Xin Lan’s hand and said gently, “You will walk with me.”

Never in her dreams would Tie Xin Lan expect that the Floral Princess would take care of her, and does not know whether to feel surprise or joy. She only felt a soothing power flowing in from her palm and unconsciously flew out with Princess Lian Xing.

Hua Wu Que saw Princess Lian Xing actually holding Tie Xin Lan’s hand and felt surprise and joy as well, but suddenly he thought of something and his brows furrowed in sadness again.

Princess Yao Yue asked calmly, “Can you leave now?”

This may be a very common sentence, but to Hua Wu Que’s ears, there’s another feeling, because he realized that the Floral Princess has seen through what he is feeling.

And he does not speak to others what he feels.

End of Chapter 100

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