Chapter 102 ~~ Juedai Shuangjiao/ Legendary Siblings / Handsome Siblings / The Proud Twins


The Legendary Siblings Chapter 102

Tie Xin Lan was coincidentally standing between Hua Wu Que and Xiao Yu’er again. She dare not even lift her head, her expression is so sad, so piteous.

Hua Wu Que’s eyes were filled with dilemma and pain as well. He lifted his head, as if he wanted to say something, but did not utter even a single word and just continued walking quickly with his head lowered.

Who would have expected that Xiao Yu’er would suddenly pounce in front of him and say with a smile, “Thank you.”

Hua Wu Que was silent for a moment before forcing out a smile, “There’s nothing you need to thank me about.”

Xiao Yu’er sighed and said, “Now that three months has past, I know that you no longer treat me as your friend, but you still helped me kept some secrets. Naturally I should thank you.”

Hua Wu Que was silent for a long moment again. Every word he spoke, seemed to be filled with difficulty and after a moment, he said slowly, “You need not thank me, it’s just that I’ve never been a talkative person.”

Xiao Yu’er replied, “But you should be telling your Teacher this, and you did not say a single word. Naturally this is because of me, only friends will keep secrets for one another, enemies…”

The muscles on Hua Wu Que’s face twitched and he said fiercely, “But I am not such a conniving person!” As soon as he spoke this sentence, he has dashed past Xiao Yu’er and went in.

Xiao Yu’er sighed again and mumbled, “Precisely because you’re too much a gentleman, that’s why you don’t have the courage to rebel. Why can’t you learn to be like me, and become a traitor as well…”

Tie Xin Lan suddenly covered her face and dashed away.

Su Ying immediately called out to her loudly but she ignored her. There is only one thought in her mind, and that is to go far away from this place, far away from these people.

Xiao Yu’er smiled, “If a person is determined to leave, no one would be able to stop him.”

Although he is smiling, but no one would expect that Xiao Yu’er’s smile can actually be so miserable as well.

Su Ying said, “But you will certainly be able to stop her.”

Xiao Yu’er suddenly jumped up and shouted, “What do you want me to do? Do you want me to chain her down? Or do I have to go down on my knees, hold her legs and cry miserably!”

Su Ying looked at him dully, her gaze slowly blurring, the corner of her eyes slowly gathered two drops of crystal clear tears, which flowed down her pale face, landing on her clothes.

Xiao Yu’er turned his head around, not looking at her and said icily, “You should be happy that she’s gone, what are you crying about?”

Su Ying said through her tears, “Now I wish that I can be like her as well, and go far, far away, never to see you become angry because of her, be sad and troubled because of her.”

Xiao Yu’er laughed loudly, “I’m sad? I’m troubled? Why should I be troubled?”

Su Ying replied, “Because this time she’s leaving you, and not you’re leaving her.”

Such a simple sentence, but it involves the deepest and most complicated reasoning and just like a needle, pierced directly through Xiao Yu’er’s heart.

Xiao Yu’er jumped up again and said, “Since that is the case, why didn’t you leave?”

Su Ying can only use her tears in place of an answer.

Xiao Yu’er suddenly hugged her, his lips pressing down hard on her lips. He hugged her so tightly, as if he wants to crush her into pieces.

Su Ying seemed to have totally buckled, but suddenly, she used all her strength to hammer on his chest, calling out, “Let me go, let me go.”

Xiao Yu’er asked, “You… don’t you like…”

He suddenly released his hold, and covered his mouth with his hands, his lips seem to be bleeding and his expression changed, which seemed to be anger, or confusion. Su Ying had already retreated to the corner of the wall, panting hard.

Xiao Yu’er finally heaved a long sigh and said with a bitter smile, “Only now did I realize that I’ve made a mistake.”

Tears flowed down Su Ying’s eyes again, and she said, “You’re not mistaken, and it’s not that I do not wish you to… to hug me, but I really do not want you to hug of me, and yet think of someone else.”

Xiao Yu’er was silent for a moment, and just as he lifted his head, his words still unspoken, he realized that Princess Lian Xing was already standing at the end of the passage way and looking at them frostily.

In the middle of this place, there’s a very, very huge stone chair, carved from a whole piece of rock. Although it’s a stone, but it’s clearer than jade, not a flaw or discoloring to be seen. The chilling air in the cave can penetrate into a person’s body, but if one sits on this stone chair, he will immediately feel as warm as spring.

A stone chair like this, is unlikely that there will be another one in the world, but now this stone chair has been cut into two by a sword!

Princess Yao Yue and Hua Wu Que is in front of this stone chair, staring at the place where the stone chair was cut, the expression on their faces extremely serious.

Princess Yao Yue did not speak, and after a while, she suddenly took out a dark green short sword from within her spacious white robe.

The sword was seventeen inches long, and on a glance it did not look very polished, but on another look, one will feel that it carries a forceful, dense air that makes one find difficulty even in opening the eyes.

Princess Yao Yue seems to treasure this short sword very much, using her finger tips to gently hold the sword. She hesitated for a long moment before handing the sword to Hua Wu Que and said, “Use 90% of your strength and strike once on this stone chair.”

Hua Wu Que replied, “Yes.”

He received the sword with both hands, and realized that for a sword this short, it’s heavy weight is beyond his expectations, and once his fingers touched the body of the sword, he felt a wave of cold air penetrating right into his heart.

Hua Wu Que dare not ask further, and with his right hand holding the sword and his left foot taking a step forward, and using a common stoke, the light from the sword cutting towards the stone chair like lightning.

He has gathered almost all his energy into his wrist. Even if this sword is not a sharp weapon made to cut gold or jade, but just a bamboo sword, this strike would still be enough to smash the stone to smithereens!

There was a ‘clang’, and sparks flew. This sword only managed to cut about one foot into the stone chair and it got stuck in the stone.

Hua Wu Que’s hand held onto the handle of the sword, stunned for a moment, cold sweat breaking out on his forehead.

The person who split this stone chair, even if he was using a similar precious and sharp sword, his internal energy would be more than ten times higher than his!

That there would actually be such a highly skilled person in the world, is simply unimaginable.

Princess Yao Yue seemed to have sighed, and said calmly, “I’ve long heard that the solidity of the Jade Tablet Stone is unparalleled in the world, now it seems like it’s really the truth. This person can split the Jade Stone into two, his sword skills are not bad either.”

Hua Wu Que can’t help but say, “This person’s sword skills may be great, but I’m afraid his internal strength will be even…”

Princess Yao Yue interrupted him and said icily, “The back of this chair is five foot high, and he can cut it with one stroke, but you can only cut about one feet with your attack, so you think his strength must me at least three times higher than yours, right?

Hua Wu Que replied, “Disciple is ashamed.”

He added, “When disciple struck at the stone, I felt that there’s still a lot of strength remaining, and I can cut it down to at least three feet, but I did not expect that once the sword cut in about a foot, all the remaining strength was used up. From this I know that the further I try to cut it down, the more difficult it would be.”

Princess Yao Yue agreed, “That’s right.”

Hua Wu Que continued, “When disciple had cut one feet through this stone chair, I only used 30% of my strength, but when I went down another three inches, I have used up 70% of my strength. This person can split this stone chair down five feet with one stroke, his strength is surely more than three times of mine.”

Princess Yao Yue smiled slightly, “You’re wrong, you need not disparage yourself. In the whole world, there is none whose strength can be three times higher than yours, it’s just that you do not understand the logic behind this.”

Hua Wu Que lowered his head, “Yes, disciple is ignorant.”

Princess Yao Yue said, “That person can split the stone chair in one stroke, but you can’t, not because his strength is many times better than yours, but because he is more adept at using the sword than you.”

The logic behind these words may seem simple, but actually it’s the most complex martial arts logic. Hua Wu Que was carefully digesting the information, and realizing that it is extremely useful, felt surprise and joy.

Princess Yao Yue added, “This person is not only more adept than you, but his speed is faster as well, because ‘speed’ is ‘strength’, that’s why he can do what you cannot. If you were to fight with him, within fifty strokes, he will be able to block your sword attacks, within a hundred strokes, I’m afraid he’ll be able to take your head!”

Cold sweat beaded on Hua Wu Que’s forehead again.

Princess Yao Yue continued, “Besides this, when he was striking with his sword, he must be full of fury, thinking only to take someone’s life, and did not consider whether his stroke will be able to cut the stone chair into two. Therefore, the way he struck would naturally be different, but when you struck, you’re only thinking of how deeply you can cut into this stone chair. Your stance is already weaker by 70% compared to this person. If you’re the same when fighting with others, that would be very dangerous.”

Hua Wu Que dared not lift up his head on hearing these words, his sweat penetrating his layers of clothes.

Suddenly someone clapped and laughed, “The Floral Princess giving such a penetrating lecture about the theory of martial arts, it is indeed a eye opening information, that even I can’t help but feel a little impressed with you.”

Xiao Yu’er has already walked in with a grin. If it was someone else, whose mouth has just been bitten raw, he would surely try to cover the wound.

But Xiao Yu’er did not care at all, his eyes turned, and suddenly stared at that dark green short sword, and his countenance changed, “Could this be the legendary ancient weapon, the remarkable Fine Blood Zhao Dan Qing?”

Princess Yao Yue said icily, “Your eyesight is not too bad.”

Xiao Yu’er said, “It seems that since ancient times, when remarkable weapons are being made, the blood of a living person must be used as a sacrifice to the sword before it can be made, and there are some who would not even mind killing themselves with the sword. Since the beginning of time, the history of every sword, will surely be a moving yet sad story!”

Princess Yao Yue replied, “This is not the time to tell stories.”

Xiao Yu’er ignored her and continued, “Only this Fine Blood Zhao Dan Qing, when a person’s blood was used as sacrifice, the sword still cannot be made. The sword maker’s wife, son and daughter all sacrificed and killed themselves with the sword, but it was useless as well. In his grief, the sword maker himself jumped into the cauldron. Who would have expected that after he jumped in, the fire immediately flared up and after burning for a long one, a passing Taoist Priest managed to complete the making of the sword. Legend says that when this sword was taken out of the stove, the sky turned color, there was a loud thunder, which shocked the Taoist Priest, and coincidentally fell onto the sword, thus becoming the first casualty of the sword since it’s birth.”

After he finished speaking, Xiao Yu’er smiled and said, “Of course these words are the stories of the descendants, and cannot be believed. Imagine, if all those people are dead, who would be able to tell the story?”

Princess Yao Yue replied, “That’s right, it should not be believed, but there is one matter which you must believe.”

Xiao Yu’er asked, “What is that?”

Princess Yao Yue said, “When the sword maker fell into the cauldron, in his fury and grief, he made a curse, saying that if this sword can be made, anyone who sees this sword in future, will certainly die under the sword.” She stared at Xiao Yu’er icily, and said each word slowly, “Only this matter, you must believe it.”

On hearing this, Su Ying can’t help but shivered, and turned her head away, not daring to take another look at that cursed weapon.

Hua Wu Que suddenly took out the sword from the stone, and took it back to Princess Yao Yue with both hands. Princess Yao Yue’s eyes shimmered, and she said calmly, “You keep it.”

Hua Wu Que’s expression changed, and he lowered his head and said, “Disciple…”

Before he could finish his words, Xiao Yu’er laughed loudly again, “You’re giving the sword to him, is it because you want him to use this sword to kill me? But don’t you forget, if the curse of the sword maker is really so effective, you will have to die under this sword as well?”

Princess Yao Yue’s expression suddenly turned ashen as well, her gaze suddenly turned sharply towards Hua Wu Que, but Princess Lian Xing immediately interrupted and said, “Wu Que, go and find Tie Xin Lan.”

Hua Wu Que seemed shocked and asked hoarsely, “She…” He took a look at Xiao Yu’er and shut up immediately.

Princess Yao Yue said, “She has left. With her strength, she won’t be able to go far, you will surely be able to catch up with her.”

Hua Wu Que lowered his head and said, “Disciple… disciple…”

Princess Lian Xing asked angrily, “What about you? Are you going to disobey my words?”

Hua Wu Que took another look at Xiao Yu’er, and although his expression was full of pain and hesitation, but he dare not speak further and dashed out immediately.

Xiao Yu’er seemed not to have noticed him at all, and asked, “When you came in, there’s no one in this rat hole already?”

After hearing those words earlier, Princess Yao Yue seems to be still troubled by it.

Princess Lian Xing said seriously, “Not a single person was seen.”

Xiao Yu’er furrowed his brows, “Then what about Wei Wu Ya, could he have escaped.” Although Su Ying did not speak, she can’t help but reveal a look of pleasant surprise.

Xiao Yu’er rolled his eyes, and said, “Can you help me walk around and take a look?”

Even if Wei Wu Ya is the world’s most cruel and vicious villain, but when he does things, he really goes all out to do it, and he actually almost dug out the entire belly of the mountain.

Besides this main cave that looks like a palace, countless small caves were built on all four sides, each of them lined up like honeycomb cells.

Su Ying helped Xiao Yu’er walk over to each of them, and saw that every room was very neat, or rather very grand, and all of them has a very soft and comfortable bed.

Xiao Yu’er sighed, “I think I have not slept in such comfortable beds for two or three years, I didn’t expect that these little rats would live a more comfortable life than me.”

Su Ying said, “Wei… Wei Wu Ya may be very mean to his disciples, but as long as they do not commit any mistakes, the comfort for their daily living are not bad.”

Xiao Yu’er asked, “But why would the rats want to move away? Could it be that they have known that the cat is coming? Even if Wei Wu Ya is extremely capable, but I don’t think he can foretell the future.”

Su Ying was silent for a moment before saying, “That’s right, if this person came unexpectedly, Wei Wu Ya would never be able to know. If he escaped in a rush, then his departure would not be so orderly.”

Xiao Yu’er added, “Besides, he has trained hard over the last twenty years here, and built so many traps, with the sole purpose of preparing himself to deal with Hero Yan and the Floral Princesses.”

Su Ying nodded her head, “That’s right, he did have this intention.”

Xiao Yu’er said, “But now he has left, why is that so? Can you think of a reason why?”

Su Ying smiled bitterly, “I can’t.”

Xiao Yu’er continued, “Besides this, there’s another matter I can’t seem to reason it out.”

Su Ying asked, “Oh?”

Xiao Yu’er said, “When I was seriously injured the other day, Wei Wu Ya suddenly left hurriedly to receive an honored guest. Only now do I realize that this honored guest is Jiang Bie He.”

Su Ying agreed, “That’s right.”

Xiao yu’er said, “Jiang Bie He may be the Hero of Jiang Nan, but the four words ‘Hero of Jiang Nan’, I’m afraid it’s not even worth a single cent on Wei Wu Ya’s eyes.”

Su Ying said, “So it seems that they have known each other long ago, or else Jiang Bie He would not be able to find him.”

Xiao Yu’er added, “This is something that I can’t figure out again. Jiang Bie He’s fame in the martial arts realm only started a few years ago, but Wei Wu Ya has been in hiding here for at least seventeen to eighteen years, so how did they get to know one another?”

He sighed and continued, “Since these two are now in cahoots, Wei Wu Ya has a greater advantage now, so he shouldn’t have left, but he did. Therefore I suspect that there must be some plot in this matter, or it could possibly be a trap they deliberately laid. Once I stepped in, I felt that there’s something wrong in this place.”

Suddenly someone asked, “What’s wrong?”

This voice suddenly came from behind them, but not only were Su Ying and Xiao Yu’er not startled, they did not even turn back for a look, because they know that the Floral Princess will certainly follow them, and they know that with the Floral Princess’s Lightness Skill, they will certainly not be able to detect her.

Xiao Yu’er said, “Although there’s not a single person here, but I feel that there’s a murderous air in here, as if we’ve walked into a grave and will never be able to leave.”

Princess Lian Xing said icily, “That is only your imagination at work.”

Xiao Yu’er said, “It may just be my imagination, but no matter what, I do not wish to stay in this place any longer. If you do not wish to leave, I’ll make a move first…”

Before he could finish his words, someone suddenly chuckled, “I’m afraid it’s too late for you to leave now.”

Although Xiao Yu’er’s life up to now is not considered very long, he has heard many types of laughter. However, no matter how horrible the laughter sound, when compared to this laughter, they become like music from heaven. And he also knows that in the whole world, only one person’s voice would sound so horrible.

The Floral Princesses and Su Ying’s expression suddenly changed.

Xiao Yu’er can’t help but cry out, “Wei Wu Ya is still here!” Since everyone in the cave has left, why is Wei Wu Ya still here?

That person chuckled, “That’s right, I am still here! I have waited a long time for everyone’s grand arrival.”

The laughter came from a stone room next door.

Amidst this piercing laughter, the stone wall of the cave suddenly opened miraculously, and a very small and exquisite vehicle with two wheels slid out from the stone wall.

This vehicle is made from a shiny gold metal, and looks very light and maneuverable, and on it sat a child like dwarf.

His knees were on the wheelchair, and his legs cannot be seen at all.

His eyes were crafty and vicious, having the color of dull gray that reminds one of desperation, but sometimes revealing a glimpse of innocent mischief, like a mischievous child.

His face was twisted and scary, looking like a hungry wolf that’s waiting to eat someone up, but the corners of his mouth revealed a trace of a sweet smile.

What Xiao Yu’er said was correct, this person is really made up of poison and honey. You obviously know when he is going to kill you, but you can’t help but pity him as well.

Once the Floral Princess saw him, she can’t help but stiffen, not willing to get even another inch closer to him, like a person who has suddenly seen a poisonous snake.

Wei Wu Ya said lazily, “What you have said earlier is correct, this place is already a grave, you can forget about leaving!”

Princess Yao Yue’s expression changed, “What did you say?”

Wei Wu Ya replied, “This place is the key position of the traps in all the caves, now that I have sealed all exits, even a fly can forget about flying out, not to mention humans.”

In his surprise, Xiao Yu’er wanted to rush out to take a look, but he suddenly stopped, because he knows that since Wei Wu Ya can say something like that, he is certainly not lying.

He rolled his eyes and laughed instead, “You have sealed all exits?”

Wei Wu Ya replied, “That’s right.”

Xiao Yu’er laughed, “Then, you do not wish to leave either?”

Wei Wu Ya replied, “I no longer wish to leave.”

End of Chapter 102

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