Chapter 104 ~~ Juedai Shuangjiao/ Legendary Siblings / Handsome Siblings / The Proud Twins


The Legendary Siblings Chapter 104

Su Ying suddenly asked, “Has this Hero Yan killed Jiang Bie He already?”

Wei Wu Ya replied, “Not yet.”

Su Ying asked, “Why hasn’t Hero Yan killed him?”

Wei Wu Ya explained, “Because he wants to keep Jiang Bie He for Xiao Yu’er, so that he can take revenge with his own hands. As long as he cannot find Xiao Yu’er, Jiang Bie He will not die. If he can’t find Xiao Yu’er for the next 10 years, Jiang Bie he will live for the next 10 years.

Su Ying asked hoarsely, “In that case, is Jiang Bie He already…. already…” Although she did not finish her words, but her meaning is very clear.

Wei Wu Ya laughed loudly, “That’s right, Jiang Bie He will never die, because Yan Nan Tian will never find Xiao Yu’er. His martial arts may be 10 times better than Jiang Bie He, but he will never be as devious as Jiang Bie He. By keeping someone like Jiang Bie He next to him, is akin to walking the streets with a tiger. Sooner or later, he will die in the hands of Jiang Bie He.”

Xiao yu’er exclaimed furiously, “He spared your life and yet you treated him thus, can you still be considered human?”

Wei Wu Ya stopped his laughter and said with hatred, “Although he did not kill me, but he chased all my disciples away, and wanted them to take all my jewels with them. Isn’t this almost the same as killing me?”

Only now did Xiao Yu’er understand, and can’t help but laugh, “I’m afraid not only did he chase your disciples away, even your precious rats were chased away, right?”

Wei Wu Ya gritted his teeth and said, “Humph.”

Xiao Yu’er said, “So you feel that there’s no meaning in living anymore, that’s why you thought of this last move. But if you had treated your disciples a little better, would they have left while you were in trouble?”

Wei Wu Ya suddenly smiled sinisterly, “But now that I have all of you to accompany me in death, I am already very satisfied.”

Suddenly the Floral Princess called out, “Jiang Xiao Yu, come over here.”

Xiao Yu’er was unwilling to go over initially, but after thinking about it, he walked over. He took two steps, and turned around to look at Su Ying.

Su Ying looked as if she wanted to see Wei Wu Ya’s reaction first, but suddenly changed her mind and just smiled at Xiao Yu’er, following him as well.

The two Floral Princesses were standing in the middle of the ‘hall’, and although their expression is still proud and cold, but it also seems that they now suddenly look small, lonely and pitiful.

They were still standing very straight, not sitting at all. They looked as if they have never sat down before.

Princess Yao Yue suddenly turned around, as if she’s afraid that if she take another look at Xiao Yu’er, she will be unable to control herself and kill him.

Princess Lian Xing said slowly, “We have checked through this cave thoroughly earlier. The doors in here are indeed sealed.”

Xiao Yu’er said, “I don’t even have to check to know that this is certainly not a hoax.”

Princess Lian Xing was silent for a moment before adding, “These doors are huge stones weighing a thousand kilos, and cannot be opened with sheer human strength, but I think Wei Wu Ya will certainly not be willing to trap himself to death here.”

Xiao Yu’er asked, “Could it be that you want me to find this way out?”

Princess Lian Xing was silent again, and said slowly, “I think, maybe you have a way to find out from Wei Wu Ya.”

Xiao Yu’er said, “Do you really think my capability is that great?”

Princess Lian Xing replied, “If he refuses to talk, then you shall kill him!” She took a glance at Su Ying and said, “I can see that he already hates you to the core, if there is a way for him to kill you personally, he will not miss it.”

Xiao Yu’er said, “These words are correct, bit a pity that if I fight with him, the one who die will not be him, but me.”

Princess Lian Xing said, “I know as well that your martial arts is not as good as his, but if I teach you six hours of martial arts, then he will certainly not be your match.”

Xiao Yu’er replied, “Oh, you’re really that confident? I don’t really believe it.”

Princess Lian Xing said calmly, “The mystery and intricacies of our sect’s martial arts is not something that people can imagine.”

Xiao Yu’er suddenly stopped talking. He tilted his head and thought for a long time, and suddenly burst out laughing.

Princess Lian Xing fumed, “Do you think this is a joke.”

Xiao Yu’er replied, “Why should I waste so much of my effort to fight with Wei Wu Ya?”

Princess Lian Xing can’t help but feel startled, and said, “If you can defeat him, and threaten him with death, he may reveal the last escape route.”

Xiao Yu’er asked, “Why would I want to escape? Isn’t this place very comfortable?”

Princess Lian Xing was so furious that her face paled, unable to speak further.

Xiao Yu’er said lazily, “I’ve been poisoned anyway, so I have to die sooner or later. Even if you can neutralize my poison, I may still die in the hands of Hua Wu Que. Since no matter how I see it, I still have to die, I might as well die here. This tomb is quite elaborately done up as well.”

Princess Lian Xing kept staring at him, and until he finished talking, she still stared at him for a long while, then suddenly said, “What if I guarantee that you will certainly not die in the hands of Hua Wu Que?”

Princess Yao Yue suddenly exclaimed heatedly, “The battle between you and Hua Wu Que must happen, nothing can change it…”

Xiao Yu’er sighed, “Since that is the case, there’s no way then, we can just all wait here for death.”

Princess Lian Xing said, “But don’t you forget, if I can make your martial arts win Wei Wu Ya, then you can win Hua Wu Que as well. If you can kill Wei Wu Ya, then you can defeat Hua Wu Que!”

Xiao Yu’er blinked, “You are the ones who brought up Hua Wu Que since young, not only is he your disciple, he’s almost your son. But I am the son of your enemy, if not for the fact that I know the gap between our martial arts level is too huge, I may have taken your lives long ago. But now you actually want to teach me martial arts, want me to kill your disciple, I’m afraid no one in the world will believe such words.”

Princess Lian Xing took a look at her sister, and Princess Yao Yue said, “Naturally there is a…”

Xiao Yu’er’s gaze shimmered, and waited for her to continue, but she just said those few words and suddenly stopped. Xiao Yu’er pressed on, “If you want me to believe it, it’s very easy too. As long as you tell me the reason behind all these, I will do whatever you want me to do, I will agree to anything.”

Xiao Yu’er stared at her and said calmly, “Or would you rather let Wei Wu Ya see your ugliness before your deaths then to reveal this secret? I can tell you that when a person is about to die, they not only look very awful, but very funny as well.”

Princess Yao Yue gritted her teeth and suddenly turned around. Princess Lian Xing followed her as well and turned around calmly, neither of them wanting to take another look at Xiao Yu’er, or listen to another word of his.

Xiao Yu’er stood there stunned like a log for a moment before suddenly turning towards Su Ying and asked, “You have known quite a bit about what is happening, right?”

Su Ying sighed, “Now I know that Aunty Jiang was formally a disciple of Floral Palace, later… later…”

Xiao Yu’er gritted his teeth and said, “Without a doubt, my parents died in their hands, they did not kill me then, but wants to kill me now to prevent further trouble. But why must they insist that Hua Wu Que kill me personally? If they were willing to strike themselves, I would have died many times over.”

Su Ying said, “They thought that you would hate Hua Wu Que a lot. If you do not look for them to seek revenge, then you’ll certainly look for Hua Wu Que. But who would have expected that your thinking is very open, and views that the enmity involving the older generation has got nothing to do with the younger generation, so they can only force Hua Wu Que to kill you. From what I see, there must be some complicated relation between you and Hua Wu Que.”

Xiao Yu’er’s eyes gleamed, but he furrowed his brows and said, “But it’s impossible that I could be related to Hua Wu Que. I was taken to the Valley of Evil immediately after I was born, and in this world, I have no relations left.”

The silence in the cave is not much different from that of a tomb, the light reflecting from the stone wall very gentle, like the moonlight, shining on Xiao Yu’er’s face. This was actually a happy, proud, stubborn and charismatic face, but now it appears indescribably dull, indescribably tired. Su Ying looked at him dully, her eyes seem to slow fill with tears.

Without knowing how much time has passed, Xiao Yu’er mumbled, “Su Ying, you must know that I am not afraid of death, but if I were to die just like that, I really cannot accept it… really cannot accept it!”

Su Ying said, “If the doors in here have really been sealed, then the whole cave should be like a tomb with no air at all, but… until now we don’t have any feeling of suffocation. Besides, any place with lack of oxygen, even a flame will not be able to stay lighted.”

Xiao Yu’er hit his own palm with his fist and said, “Good, as long as he has really left a way out, I will have a way to make him speak.”

Su Ying suddenly smiled, “Didn’t you say that you do not wish to leave?”

Xiao Yu’er made a face at her, “I was deliberately threatening them. Before the truth of this secret is revealed, not only can I not bear to let myself die, I can’t bear to let them die as well.” In desperation, there is now suddenly a glimmer of hope, and the two of them can’t help but feel more energetic and upbeat. Just as they were about to walk forward, there was a sudden sigh that came behind them. “You need not search, I am here!”

The stone platform which the stone chair was originally on, suddenly moved away. Wei Wu Ya was on his wheelchair, slowly rolling up from the bottom.

“I know that right now you must be planning, thinking of a way to make me reveal the place where air is coming from. Then let me advice you, you need not bother. Because when I was building these air holes, I was afraid the rats would escape from these holes.”

Xiao Yu’er thought for a moment, and suddenly asked, “Are you afraid that we’ll die too quickly?”

Wei Wu Ya smiled, “That’s right. I spent so much effort to make you come to this place, how can I bear to let you die of suffocation so fast? Of course I’ll hope that the slower you die, the better, only then can I slowly appreciate the various unsightly ways that you will die. I can guarantee that there is nothing more interesting than this in the world.” He seems to find the thought amusing, and was laughing so hard that his whole body was twisted.

Xiao Yu’er actually smiled as well, and said, “We would like to ask you, what kind of ugly behavior would you expect us to make?”

Wei Wu Ya’s eyes gleamed, and he laughed, “You should know that the Floral Princesses will never casually sit down, finding everywhere else dirty. But I can guarantee, in less than three days, they will lie down on the beds that those stinking men had slept on. Usually they would refuse to eat anything else, but in another few days, they might even swallow a dead rat, or they may kill and eat the two of you, would you believe that?”

Xiao Yu’er laughed loudly, “If they will really eat me up, it’ll be quite marvelous as well, I’d rather be buried in their stomachs.”

Although he is laughing loudly, but he can’t help but secretly feel terrified, because he knows that what Wei Wu Ya said, is not entirely impossible.

Wei Wu Ya continued with a smile, “Besides, I know that the four of you are still virgins, not one of you have really tasted the joys of being a human. When death is impending, you may suddenly realize that to die just like that is a bad bargain, and you may think what doing that thing feels like.” His eyes were filled with lewdness, as if he is already imagining the situation then, and curled his body, laughing madly and added, “By then, I’m afraid you, little lad, will become a treasure.”

“Why don’t you want a taste of this yourself? Or can it be that you can’t do it anymore?” Xiao Yu’er stared at his pair of spindly, crooked legs and laughed frostily, “So you can’t do it since a long time ago, that’s why you became a lunatic. I had thought that you were hateful, now I realize that you’re actually very pitiful.”

Wei Wu Ya suddenly roared madly and threw himself towards Xiao Yu’er. Xiao Yu’er twisted his body quickly, his palms extended in retaliation. Who would have expected that Wei Wu Ya’s body would suddenly protrude ten over short swords, slicking towards his wrist. It turns out that on each of his fingers, he kept his nails three to four inches long, which are curled up usually, but once he fights, his internal energy flowed through his fingertips and his fingernails will spring out like swords. Under the light, the ten fingernails reflected darkly, obviously they contain deadly poison. If Xiao Yu’er was scratched even lightly, he’ll be beyond saving.

With his one leap, there were actually three different subsequent moves hidden in it, the change in each move unexpected, the strokes weird and vicious, truly unparalleled in the world. Su Ying can’t help but scream in alarm. Xiao Yu’er’s body dropped to the ground and rolled over twenty feet away, this type of retaliation is not those of orthodox martial arts, but is something that Xiao Yu’er invented at that moment.

Who would have expected that Wei Wu Ya would twist his body and he landed back on the wheelchair. Just as Xiao Yu’er was about to leap over, the wheelchair suddenly started making circles around him.

In that instant, Xiao Yu’er only felt that Wei Wu Ya is surrounding him on his left, right, front and back, and is actually even more formidable than the famed ‘Eight Diagrams Moving Body Palm’.

But no matter how fast a person can walk, he will never be faster than the turning of wheels. Xiao Yu’er felt giddy and almost wanted to fall even before Wei Wu Ya struck. Xiao Yu’er suddenly called out and flew straight up. This move is actually the most powerful move of Kun Lun Sect, ‘Eight Formations of the Flying Dragon’. In the whole world, only ‘Eight Formations of the Flying Dragon’ can break Wei Wu Ya’s such moves. Besides this, even if it was the abbot or leader of Shao Lin and Wu Dang, Wei Wu Ya will still trap them.

Who would have expected that just as he leapt up, Wei Wu Ya jumped towards him again, ten shiny and black fingernails aiming towards his throat. This person actually seemed to have become Xiao Yu’er’s shadow, and Xiao Yu’er did not even have enough time to change his move and had to execute Shao Lin’s ‘Thousand Kilo Drop’ in haste.

It’s also not an easy task for the body to suddenly drop down while it is still leaping up into the air. But Xiao Yu’er indeed dropped down at this moment.

Who would have expected that just as he dropped down, ‘swish, swish, swish’, the sound of something darting through the air, three rays of dark light shot towards him from three different directions.

It turns out that although Wei Wu Ya’s body has flown up, but that wheelchair is still turning, and this three rays of dark light was actually shot from the chair. This move is truly beyond Xiao Yu’er’s expectations, if it was any other highly skilled martial artist from whichever sect, he will certainly die under this three dark boned arrows!

His body suddenly turned and twisted, and all the bones in his body seemed to have suddenly separated, and the three dark rays of light slicked past his clothes right at that instant.

Wei Wu Ya truly has numerous weird moves, making it difficult to fight him, and even his wheelchair will shoot out secret weapons once in a while, taking one by surprise.

Wei Wu Ya will suddenly join with the wheelchair as one, will suddenly split and attack separately, in less than thirty moves, Xiao Yu’er already felt as if he can’t take anymore of this.

Xiao Yu’er seemed to have taken a wrong step, and suddenly shot out two palm attacks lightly. These two palm attacks does not look as if it’s anything special, but without knowing why, Wei Wu Ya almost could not avoid it, and he cannot imagine where Xiao Yu’er learned this move from.

What is even more unexpected is that Xiao Yu’er’s move suddenly changed again, each move seems soft and light, as if there’s no strength in it at all. But every move is aimed towards loopholes that Wei Wu Ya himself did not think of, and it seems that although there’s no variety in the moves at all, but the changes in the moves are endless.

End of Chapter 104

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