Chapter 111 ~~ Juedai Shuangjiao/ Legendary Siblings / Handsome Siblings / The Proud Twins


The Legendary Siblings Chapter 111

Cheers immediately erupted from the crowd, and someone laughed loudly, “Seven points, it’s odd, I win.”

Xuanyuan San Guang laughed, “When there’s a winner there’ll be a loser, winners will be paid, those sons of turtles who lost come and kowtow first!”

He took a string of copper coins from the table and smiled as he counted, “Old Man Ge, fifty, you son of a turtle actually wanted to win from us fifty taels of silver…. Which one is it, come out quickly and kowtow.”

He asked three times, but no one in the crowd answered. Before he could finish his words, that dark and skinny man suddenly flew up like a large bird, somersaulted and pulled someone up by his hair.

That person screamed in alarm, “I didn’t place the bet…. I didn’t place the bet…” But that skinny man on tapped lightly with the tip on his foot on another person’s shoulder, and actually carried that person up in the air and flew back with a ‘swoosh’.

Du Jiao Jiao said with a low voice, “Not only is this person’s Lightness Skill superb, but his moves are so weird that I have never seen it before.”

Bai Kai Xin replied with a low sigh, “We seemed to have seen it before, it’s just that…” Du Jiao Jiao smiled coldly, “It’s just that we have forgotten it now, right?”

By this time the dark, skinny man has thrown a man clad in green with a plaster pasted on his temple onto the table, and that man was still shouting, “It wasn’t me, you’ve seen wrongly.”

Xuanyuan San Guang grabbed him and roared angrily, “Old Man Ge, you son of a turtle thinks that our eyes are useless, you son of a turtle can try asking the people here, when have we ever seen wrongly.”

The more he spoke, the angrier he became, and with a back slap gave the man a smack, and as he slapped, he scolded, “You can gamble shrewdly, gamble slyly but not cheat, you son of a turtle doesn’t even know this rule and yet you dare to come and gamble… scram you son of a b*tch.”

With a wave of his arms, he sent this person flying straight up, and naturally no one dared to go back on their bets. Immediately sounds of kowtowing and slapping resonated, and added with Xuanyuan San Guang’s loud laughter, it really sounded quite festive.

Du Jiao Jiao shook her head and laughed, “I think this ‘Compulsive Gambler’ should change his nickname. The strange thing is that, why would this dark lad be as crazy as him? Or could their silver have dropped down from the sky?” She laughed, and continued, “Maybe this lad is too young to know how adorable money is, when he’s my age, he will know that there’s nothing as adorable as money in the world.”

By now Xuanyuan San Guang is again roaring, “Son of turtles, have you placed your bets? I am going to open again.”

With a ‘bang’ he placed that broken bowl on the table, when someone suddenly called out, “Please hold, wait for me.” This voice is gentle and clear, it’s actually a lady’s voice, and it seems that the person who spoke is still outside, but her words traveled in clearly, over the sounds made by the surrounding noisy crowd.

Xuanyuan San Guang grinned and said, “The rules of the gambling den, is that since you’re late, you’ll have to place the next bet, but on the account that your voice sounded so nice, I will wait for a while.” That voice laughed a tinkling laugh, “Thank you.”

Her laughter sounded even nicer than her voice, and everyone can’t help but want to see who this person is, and the people in front all turned their heads around and extended their necks to look.

They did not see anything at all, but only saw a group of people standing near the door suddenly falling down the two sides with gasps of alarm, and heard a man’s voice shouting, “Scram, make way.” Later, everyone saw five to six men as huge as towers wearing cotton clothes, their hands carrying leather whips, barging their way in.

Amidst the talking, another four large men walked in from the outside, two of them carrying two very large chests, and the chests seem very heavy. They carried the chests to the front of the gambling table and stood at the side with their arms crossed.

Xuanyuan San Guang’s eyeball rolled about, and he laughed loudly, “I did not expect that a great Bodhisattva would come to this small temple of ours.”

He slapped that skinny dark lad’s shoulders hard and laughed, “Brother, haven’t you kept saying that there’s not enough kick gambling? It seems that the kick is now coming!”

There’s no expression on that skinny dark lad’s face at all, nor did he say anything. If not for the fact that his eyes are still opened, others will surely think that he has fallen asleep. Right at this time, three glowing young ladies strolled in.

It was very noisy in the gambling den, but once the three of them walked in, silence suddenly surrounded the place. Everyone was gaping, staring, and almost stopped breathing, because these three young ladies are really too beautiful, so beautiful that it makes one breathless.

Besides the difference in the color of their clothes, these three young ladies look as if they are made from the same mold, even the way they walk is the same. By now they have strolled to the front of Xuanyuan San Guang, and smiled.

The young lady in purple standing in the middle said, “Thank you for waiting, so sorry about that.”

Xuanyuan San Guang smiled, “No matter, I have not gambled with beauties for a long time, it doesn’t matter if I have to wait a little longer.”

The huge men had moved three chairs in from outside, and used their sleeves to clean it up before respectfully asking that three young ladies to take a seat.

Xuanyuan San Guang clapped his hands and called out, “Good, now Misses can place your bets, please!”

The young lady in purple nodded slightly to the huge man next to her, and that huge man immediately opened one chest, and everyone only saw silver rays almost blinding their eyes.

Xuanyuan San Guang’s eyes shone immediately as well, and laughed, “So it turns out that Misses have readied yourselves for a good gamble, now that Misses have found me, you’ve really gotten the right person!”

The lady in purple asked, “Is there a limit to the bets here!”

Xuanyuan San Guang laughed loudly, “Don’t you worry, it’s up to you how much to bet, the banker will still pay up.”

The lady in purple replied, “That’s the best.”

She waved her hand and said, “Fifty thousand, even!”

Once the two words ‘fifty thousand’ were uttered, everyone thought there was something wrong with their ears, but that huge man really placed fifty thousand taels of silver there.

Bai Kai Xin can’t help but ask, “Do you think those three beauties are really here to gamble?”

Du Jiao Jiao shook her head, “People like them, even if they want to gamble, they won’t come all the way here.”

Bai Kai Xin added, “Then, could it be that they are here to create trouble for this compulsive gambler?”

Du Jiao Jiao replied with a quiet voice, “Right now I can’t see through their intentions as well, anyway just wait and see, this ‘Compulsive Gambler’ will certainly not have a good day today.”

By this time that skinny lad seemed to have suddenly woken up from his dream in shock, his dark face seemed to gleam red, while Xuanyuan San Guang kept kneading and rubbing his fists, and said, “Good, taken, must be taken, how satisfying.”

His hands that was as large as a fan suddenly seized the broken bowl and shouted, “Open!” Both dice are red, one is one point, the other is four points.

Sighs immediately erupted through the crowd, “Five points, odd, the banker wins.” That lady in purple did not even blink her eyes, as if she has lost only five coins, and she actually waved her hands lightly again and said nonchalantly, “Fifty thousand, still even.”

Xuanyuan San Guang laughed loudly, “Right, there’s no loss in gambling, again.” The dice were clanking in the bowl, then there was a ‘ba’ sound, and Xuanyuan San Guang opened the broken bowl with all his might again.

Both dice were black, one is three points, the other is six points. Odd again.

The lady in purple actually bet on ‘even’ for six times continuously. The dice opened ‘odd’ for six times continuously! Of the two large chests, one is already empty, and everyone in the gambling den were sweating. But there was no change in the lady in purple’s expression.

The two persons next to her, were actually smiling slightly, neither speaking, nor even furrowing their brows. They did not even shift in their seats.

The huge man said, “There’s still two hundred thousand.”

The lady in purple said calmly, “Bet all of it this time!” The lady in purple quietly said one word through her lips, “Even!”

She is still betting on even! Those in the crowd can’t help but exclaim, but once the sound of the dice was heard, all other sounds ceased immediately, and not even the sound of breathing was heard.

Xuanyuan San Guang banged the broken bowl onto the table again, his two huge hands holding on to it tightly, his eyes staring at the young lady in purple and said, “Do you really want to bet on even this time? Fine, good, even your father* take my hat off you.”

(your father = a crude way of saying ‘I’)

He finally said the words ‘your father’, obviously even this ‘Compulsive Gambler’ is beginning to feel anxious. That dark skinny man’s eyes seemed to be twice as large, and stared unblinkingly at Xuanyuan San Guang’s pair of hands, his forehead sweating.

There was a loud shout, “Open!”

The dice was revealed and it was odd again. This time, even Xuanyuan San Guang was stunned, he really could not imagine that he would have such luck, that the dice would open up to be odd seven times in a row. The crowd exclaimed in surprise and sighed as well.

But there was still no change in the expression on the three young ladies’ faces, even the pearl hairpiece on their hair was not moving. The three of them only took a glance at the two dice, stood up, and without a word, turned around quietly, walked out quietly.

Xuanyuan San Guang suddenly called out, “Misses please hold. Gamblers like Misses, although there may be more than one, but it’s still a rarity. If a gambler were to meet an opponent like misses and to let you off lightly, then this gambler should be banished to the eighteenth level of hell. Don’t Misses want to recoup your losses?”

The young lady in purple laughed, “A pity that we have lost everything today, another two more days perhaps.”

Xuanyuan San Guang replied, “Losses are always to be paid instantly in gambling dens, no credit is allowed, but for gamblers like Misses, exceptions can be made.”

He slapped the table and laughed, “Misses can place your bets freely, no matter how much is the bet, I’ll just take your word for it.”

The lady in purple glanced at her sisters standing next to her from the corner of her eyes, then smiled calmly, “You trust us?”

Xuanyuan San Guang laughed loudly, “As long as Misses are willing to gamble, would I be afraid that Misses would give me a cent less!”

The young lady in purple hesitated, the three of them exchanged looks again and finally turned around in unison, walking slowly back to the gambling table. Du Jiao Jiao smiled slightly and said softly, “I have long known that this Compulsive Gambler would not let them go.”

End of Chapter 111

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