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The Legendary Siblings Chapter 115

Li Da Zui suddenly clapped his hands and exclaimed. “We forgot about one thing. The Murong Family will certainly do things ostentatiously, so why would they hold a wedding at such a remote and poor town? We should go and find out if they have left, and where do they plan to hold the wedding.”

Du Jiao Jiao replied, “Then let that gambler go, he’s acquainted with them.”

Suddenly someone from outside the window laughed eerily, “The living ghost has already gone there, so the gambler need not go.”

Xuanyuan San Guang chortled, “Old Man Ge, so you half man, half ghost son of a turtle has not yet been banished to the 18th level of hell?”

Yin Jiu You revealed his ghastly face at the window and grinned, “There’re enough ghosts in the world, there’s the gambling ghost, lecherous ghost, and on top of it poor ghost, drunken ghost, creditor ghost, petty ghost… there’s so many ghosts in the world, how can I bear to go somewhere else.”

Du Sha asked solemnly, “You mean to say you’ve already found out the news about the Murong family?”

Yin Jiu You replied, “That’s right, they had intended to have the wedding after they’ve gone home, but later changed their minds.”

Du Sha asked, “Why did they change their minds?”

Yin Jiu You shook his head, “They did not say, and no one dared to ask them.”

Li Da Zui laughed loudly, “Once a woman decides on a matter, it will be a strange thing if she does not change her mind later.”

Ha Ha’er said, “Why did they change their mind, maybe Du Jiao Jiao will know, haha, at least she is half a woman.”

Du Jiao Jiao replied, “That’s right, I do know.”

Ha Ha’er was instead startled, and said, “You really do know? How did you know?”

Du Jiao Jiao replied, “If you were to spend some thoughts on it, you would be able to guess as well, but a pity your thoughts have been blinded by lard.”

Du Sha asked, “Why do you think they suddenly changed their minds?”

Du Jiao Jiao smiled, “Think about it, if they were to really hold a proper wedding, all the famous and reputable people in the martial arts realm will certainly come, and all will want to know what kind of a smart and talented man is this ninth son-in-law of the Murong family, and all will want to know what kind of an impressive husband she has gotten for herself after much choosing.”

She giggled and continued, “But who would have expected that this Miss Murong Jiu would have become a crazy nitwit, and the husband she chose is an ugly, crazy man. If their friends and relatives were to see such a couple, won’t it be a total loss of face for the Murong family?”

Li Da Zui laughed, “That’s right, the friends and relatives they have, are all men or ladies from wealthy families. This kind of people will make fun of others or wait to see them become a laughingstock, and some may have been jealous of them a long time ago, so if they lose their face now, how can they ever lift their heads up in future, so they might as well spare themselves the trouble.”

Du Jiao Jiao replied, “So they might as well hold the ceremony for this embarrassing couple at this small place, and later send this couple somewhere else and let them lead a quiet life. If others were to ask about it in future, they can always say they want to make it a small affair, the new groom’s character is a little eccentric, and they will have a make up wedding feast in future…”

Li Da Zui clasped his hands and exclaimed, “Excellent, excellent, in that way, even if others were to have any doubts about this in future, they won’t have any proof.”

Du Jiao Jiao commented, “That may be the case, but people like that will maintain their reputation even if they have to die for it, so they won’t do a slip shod job. They will certainly want an elaborate wedding, invite some guests, to show that they are not trying to save money on the wedding. It’s just that those they invited are all unrelated, and no one would dare to laugh at them.”

Yin Jiu You grinned, “Damn if Du Jiao Jiao is not considered a female Zhuge (referring to Zhuge Liang, the famed strategist), what she’s said is absolutely correct.”

Du Sha asked, “Where are they holding the feast?”

Yin Jiu You replied, “They have erected a kilometer long tent at the riverbank for the feast, and anyone can go there for a meal. Even beggars are given two catties of meat and a flask of wine.”

Du Sha asked, “When will it be held?”

Yin Jiu You replied, “Today.”

Although the sky is not yet dark, but red lanterns are already lighted up inside and outside the tent, and pasted on it were the word ‘Double Happiness’ cut out from gold paper, and it truly looked like a joyous occasion.

There are more people in the tent than a fly’s egg. That there’s a bride to be seen, all those villagers are squeezing their way in, not to mention that there’s free wine, fish and meat here. But not all are here for a free meal, some even used red paper, red cloth or red satin to make some wedding curtains and couplets, and wrote on them the words ‘Match Made in Heaven’, ‘Happily Ever After’ or similar congratulatory words. Some even gave money, and from people with common names like Zhang Ah Da, Li Hong Fa etc. The Murong family actually hung up those curtains, and with a glance, there were red paper hung from the bamboo everywhere, making swishing noises when blown by the wind from the river.

Moored to the riverbank were three huge boats freshly painted, and often there will be servant maids who were beautifully dressed walking in and out of the cabins.

Those drinking in the tents will stretch their heads out once in a while to and look at these boats.

Someone commented. “This family is really strange, they invited so many people for the wedding feast for no reason, but the hosts are hiding in the cabin and not revealing themselves, and the groom is not even coming out to offer us toasts.”

Someone else said, “Just make do with it, do you know the status of the family, why would they drink with people like us.”

That person replied, “Looking at their bearing, I really cannot guess what is it that they do.”

Another person said, “I heard that not only are they the wealthiest in the Jiangnan area, but they’re famous in the martial arts realm as well. They invited us so that we can join in the festivities, so we’d better drink more and talk less least we say something taboo and offended them. That would really be taking the hard way out.” Everyone were discussing and happily talking when they all stopped talking in unison and turned their heads around to look, as if they’ve seen some strange monster.

It turns out that a horse carriage has stopped outside the tent, and the style of this horse carriage is strange enough, but the person who came down from it is even stranger. The carriage driver is a very burly large man, wearing a new set of clothes made from good materials but none of the buttons were buttoned up, revealing a whole chest of black hair! It would have been better if he did not smile, but once he did, his mouth seemed to have split from ear to ear, as if he can swallow two large buns at one go. Later, a few people walked down from the carriage, one is short and fat, one looked peculiar, and one even has a steel hook attached to the hand, the face so pale it looks green, making one fearful with just one look. These people’s looks are so strange, that it’s rare to find another one in the world, and who would have expected that they would be pushing and dragging three more people down.

These three people looked weak, their faces haggard, as if they’re on the brink on death, but they were wearing red and green silk, dressed up like brides. The few hundred eyes in the tent were all staring at them, but they swaggered in as if nothing is happening, and suddenly swarmed into the tent.

One of the large burly man with a face full of beard shouted, “Old Man Ge, do you son of turtles know where the hosts are? I’m looking for them.” Most of the people recognize that this is the strange man who operated the gambling den, and all had a taste of what he is capable of, so even though they were being called sons of turtles, no one dared to say anything.

But there were two who just came from the city, and were some runners from some armed escort agency, who thought highly of themselves, so how can they tolerate such attitude. And adding drunkenness into the equation, the both of them slapped the table and jumped up at the same time, roaring “Jerk, who are you referring to?” Once they said the word ‘jerk’, they were suddenly lifted up by their necks. The two of them thought that their martial arts were not too bad, but now they can’t execute even a single stroke.

Every one looked on, stunned, when suddenly a weird man dressed in green laughed and said, “This two lads actually dared to say that Brother Xuanyuan is a jerk, they do have guts. If Brother Xuanyuan do not punish them, everyone will be able to call you jerk in future.”

That bearded man is already quite furious, and with someone instigating him further, it was like adding oil to fire. He lifted both his arms and it seems that the brains of these two men are going to be smashed.

Luckily that round faced fatty grabbed his hands and laughed, “Haha, today is someone else’s big day, but you want to start killing others on arrival, won’t this be a lost of face for the hosts?”

The one with the very large mouth laughed as well, “Even if you want to kill someone, you shouldn’t smash their heads. Although I don’t eat human heads, but once a person’s brains is smashed, it’ll look gross. If an old chicken’s head has been smashed, you won’t have the appetite to eat it as well, right?”

That bearded man ‘humphed’, and with a swing of his arms, threw the two men away, each falling on a table, their head coincidentally dipping into a bowl of sweet and sour soup that has just been served. They screamed over the scalding, the bowls, plates, etc on the tables were smashed onto the floor into smithereens. There was an instant commotion in the tent, some young girls and old ladies were running away screaming, and some kids were so frightened they were wailing.

Suddenly a person can be heard saying, “Which friend is it that is creating trouble here, are you trying to give my brother a difficult time?” The voice of this person is not that loud, but everyone can hear clearly each and every word, and there’s authority in that voice, making one afraid to disobey. The cries, the screams, the shouts, were all suppressed by this voice.

A young man was seen standing at the head of the boat, his hands behind his back, looking very refined, like a scholar who has just enrolled in school. But his bearing was composed, standing there like a solidly build pavilion in the hills, anyone with a clear head will know that this person must be a highly skilled martial arts exponent with one look!

The people in the tent quickly made way for these weird people to walk over.

The fat man with a round face laughed, “Us villagers are clumsy, if we’ve been amiss, would little friend here forgive us.”

He may seem to be apologizing, but he addressed the other person as ‘little friend’. That person’s expression darkened, as if he’s about to erupt, but he seemed to have suddenly remembered something and a look of surprise flashed on his face. His gaze swept over this group of people, and saw the strangely dressed Hua Wu Que.

Once he saw that he was even more startled, and asked hoarsely, “Can all of you be… be…” That fat man laughed, “Little friend, you better not say our names out loud, or else it might dirty your mouth.”

This person was silent for a moment, and he clasped his fists and said, “I am Qin Jian…” He had just uttered these four words when a few more people, some men and some women, walked out from the cabin. Naturally the women were dainty, gorgeous, and splendid, and of course the men were suave looking gentlemen. They obviously know who has arrived, but they still smiled. If they do not know the background of those who come, it is natural that they will welcome guests with a smile, but since they know the background of these people, and they can still smile, that is rare indeed. When those in the martial arts realm sees the ‘Ten Evils’, they would either fly into fury, grit their teeth, beat them up or turn and run away.

Ha Ha’er laughed first, and chortled, “Will you guys look, how refined and learned the sons-in-law of the Murong family are. They are still so courteous even when they saw it’s us.”

Du Jiao Jiao giggled, “This is called living up to their great reputations, why else would those pretty ladies marry them?”

Li Da Zui bowed and said, “I have heard that your family is celebrating a joyous occasion, so we came to offer our congratulations, but we wonder if Sirs will welcome crude people like us into your hall?”

Standing at the head of the boat, besides the Third Son-in-law Qin Jian He, there was also the Eldest Son-in-law ‘Jade Swordsman’ Chen Feng Chao and his wife, Second Son-in-law Nangong Liu and his wife, Fourth Son-in-law ‘Plum Blossom Master’ Mei Zhong Liang and his wife and Fifth Son-in-law ‘Divine Eyes Scholar’ Luo Ming Dao and his wife. It can be said that the best of Jiangnan’s martial arts exponents are mostly here.

They saw the strangely dressed Hua Wu Que, and although they could not hide the look of surprise on their face, they still continued smiling and being polite.

They waited until Li Da Zui finished his words before ‘Jade Swordsman’ clasped his fists and smiled, “Since you are willing to grace us with your presence, you will be our esteemed guests…” Murong Shuang interrupted, “Besides, Mr Xuanyuan is a very close friend of the new groom. Everyone, please come up the boat.”

Li Da Zui clasped his fists as well and said, “Since that is the case, we shall obey.”

Only Qin Jian He and ‘Plum Blossom Master’ still has a look of caution on their faces and after Du Jiao Jiao walked past them, she suddenly turned around and smiled, “Don’t worry, we’re specially here today to attend the wedding, we won’t create trouble, nor try to steal, you don’t have to guard us like you’re guarding thieves.”

Xuanyuan San Guang said loudly, “That’s right, today is the joyous occasion of Brother Hei, if any sons of turtle dares to sprout nonsense, I’ll be the first one to settle scores with him.”

Bai Kai Xin smiled icily, “Just you, I’m afraid you’re not that up to it. If Li Da Zui suddenly has a craving for human flesh, are you going to use your head to stuff his mouth!” This group of people were talking, smiling, laughing and arguing their way to the boat, and in the tent, everyone was looking at them from the side of their eyes, wondering who those people really are? Why are the wealthy gentlemen treating them so politely? There was actually enough space to set a few tables in the cabin. The Sixth son-in-law ‘Little White Dragon’ and his wife, Seventh son-in-law ‘Scholar of Dong Ting’ Liu He Ren and his wife, Eighth son-in-law ‘Thousands Flower Sword’ Zuo Chun Sheng and his wife, ‘Godly Fist’ Gu Ren Yu and ‘Little Fairy’ Zhang Qing were all inside the cabin as well.

Once Little Fairy saw them walking into the cabin, she stared at them from the corner of her eyes, but the eyes of most of the others, were still fixed curiously on Hua Wu Que. They really cannot guess why the disciple of the ‘Floral Palace’ would end up like this?

But well brought up gentlemen like them will never ask about another’s private affairs. If the other person doesn’t talk, they can only pretend that they didn’t see anything even though they’re dying of curiosity.

The few of them happened to occupy one table, with Du Sha sitting at the head of the table, and seated at his sides were ‘Jade Swordsman’ Chen Feng Chao and Nangong Liu. The two of them are refined and courteous, and seated between the strange looking people at this table, it made them look even more outstanding and poised. If it was any other day, if they were to meet with Hua Wu Que, they’ll be respecting each other’s intelligence and will certainly befriend him, but now, it’s inconvenient for them to even take another look at Hua Wu Que.

Hua Wu Que’s eyes were looking down his nose, and his nose was pointing straight down at his chest, sitting there like a log, like he was sitting all alone in the wilderness, not caring if others were pitying him or laughing at him. After a few drinks, the newly weds still have not revealed themselves.

Li Da Zui suddenly said, “Since it’s a wedding, why isn’t there a ceremony?” Chen Feng Chao replied calmly with a smile, “Everything was in done in a rush, so preparations might be incomplete, we hope that you can understand.”

Li Da Zui replied seriously, “Even so, the ceremony cannot be done away with, besides…” Du Jiao Jiao interrupted with a smile, “Besides we have another two couples here to join in your festivities, waiting for Ninth son-in-law and Miss Jiu to go through the ceremony together.”

Chen Feng Chao exclaimed, “Oh?” Nangong Liu asked, “I wonder who the couples are…” Although they were serious and polite, but at this point in time they can’t help but take a glance at Hua Wu Que, and saw that Hua Wu Que’s expression was neither sad nor happy. A pretty young lady next to him however, revealed a mixture of emotions on her face, so complicated that no one can guess what this is really all about.

Ha Ha’er commented, “Haha, as the saying goes, good things come in pairs, but a pair cannot be compared to a trio. If the three couples were to go through the ceremony together, in future these three couples will certainly have the three fortunes: luck, longevity and many descendants.”

Chen Feng Chao smiled slightly and said, “You’ve said so many auspicious words, and I really have nothing to refute your kind intentions, but a pity…”

Li Da Zui furrowed his brows and asked, “A pity what?”

Chen Feng Chao replied nonchalantly, “A pity that Sister Jiu has completed the ceremony, and is already on her way back now on the boat.”

Nangong Liu added, “I’m sure all of you are aware, Sister Jiu and her husband have been in misery for some time, so since they want to spend their special day quietly, it’s not for us to try and stop them.”

Du Jiao Jiao, Li Da Zui and the rest took a look at one another, not making any moves at all.

Ha Ha’er said, “Haha, if it was someone else who said that, we would certainly have thought that he’s looking down on us, but since it is the two of you who said it, things are of course not the same.”

Chen Feng Chao replied, “Thank you.”

Du Jiao Jiao giggled, “If it was any other day, when everyone here were to see us, you would at least want to do punish us on behalf Heaven, because all of you are very good men, and when the good meets the bad, they will certainly clash, isn’t that so?”

Chen Feng Chao just smiled and did not reply.

Du Jiao Jiao continued, “So, if it was any other day, we would not dare to come and pay you a visit, because the reputation of the ‘Murong’ family is so great that it’s scary, and we really cannot afford to antagonize you.”

Chen Feng Chao bowed slightly and said, “We wouldn’t dare.”

Du Jiao Jiao said, “But today is different, because we’re already deduced that you will not make things difficult for us today, that’s why we dared to come here…”

Ha Ha’er replied, “Haha, as the saying goes, just take things as they come, since we’ve came, we will have to be thick skinned and stay here. Luckily all of you are polite gentlemen, and it’s a joyous occasion today, so even if we misbehaved a little, you will never chase us away.”

Qin Jian who was seated at another table suddenly stood up and said solemnly, “What are your plans actually, why don’t…”

Li Da Zui interrupted with a smile, “We don’t really have any plans, just that we’d like to use your place here as a wedding hall and let this two couples get married.”

Qin Jian wanted to speak further but Chen Feng Chao stopped him, and said with a smile, “Since all of you are willing to honor us, and this is another joyous matter, we’ll be more than glad, it’s just that… the ceremony can’t proceed without music.”

Li Da Zui said calmly, “As the saying goes, if the sister-in-law is in need of help, the brother-in-law can lend a hand, flexibility can be applied if the nature is important, besides, the music is made for the ceremony, and there’s no need for us to listen to it, right?”

Chen Feng Chao smiled and replied, “With your reasoning, I really cannot argue.”

Li Da Zui clasped his hands and chortled, “Since that is the case, why worry if there’s no music?” He suddenly used two chopsticks and started tapping them on the bowl, and Ha Ha’er covered his mouth with his hands and started trumpeting.

Du Jiao Jiao laughed so hard that she bent over, saying, “Such music can only be heard in Heaven, how often can one hear it on earth? With such marvelous music, shouldn’t the ceremony proceed?”

She clasped Madam Bai and Tie Xin Lan on each side of her. Bai Kai Xin stared, but suddenly he grinned and clasped Hua Wu Que up as well.

Li Da Zui shouted as he tapped on the bowls, “The newly-weds will go though the ceremony, the first bow to Heaven…” The sisters of the Murong family may be extremely talented and intelligent ladies, the eight sons-in-law were also reputable heroes, but they’ve never seen something so ridiculous and absurd. They looked at one another, not one of them can think of a plan to handle the situation.

Right at this time, Yin Jiu You’s eerie voice suddenly shouted, “Who is that?”

A person laughed and said, “I am not human!” Once these words were heard, everyone can’t help but feel startled.

Although Li Da Zui and the rest knows that Yin Jiu You must be hovering somewhere nearby like a ghost, but who is the person that he met? The four words ‘I am not human’, were the words Yin Jiu You used most often.

Yin Jiu You was stunned as well, and he said with a strange laugh, “If you’re not human, are you a ghost then?”

That person replied, “Absolutely correct.”

Yin Jiu You smiled, “You’re a ghost? Do you know what I am then?”

That person said, “You’re only ‘half man half ghost’, but I’m a whole ghost. You’re still half a human, but I’m totally not human at all.”

Once he heard that, Bai Kai Xin can’t help but clap and laughed loudly, “Marvelous, marvelous, I didn’t expect that Yin Jiu You would actually see a ghost during the day.”

Although everyone was shocked, they can’t help but find this a little hilarious.

That person laughed, “Absolutely correct, you’re all seeing a ghost during the day, I am the day time ghost!” Amidst the laughter, a person flew in from outside the cabin like a gush of wind. It can be said that everyone in the cabin were top martial arts exponents, and Du Jiao Jiao, Bai Kai Xin, ‘Thousand Flowers Sword’ Zuo Chun Sheng, ‘Divine Eyes Scholar’ Luo Ming Dao, the Lightness skill of these few people are famous in the martial arts realm. But when they saw this person’s Lightness Skill, they can’t help but feel surprised.

Li Da Zui and the rest also knows that once ‘Half human half ghost’ Yin Jiu You clings on to someone, he’ll be like a maggot stuck to the bone and never let the other person escape. But this person was actually able to fly into the cabin easily while he was right next to Yin Jiu You, so obviously his Lightness Skill is so much better that Yin Jiu You, whose movement is already as quick as a ghost.

They really dare not imagine who this person can be! Because besides the Floral Princesses and Yan Nan Tian, there is not a lot of people with such excellent Lightness Skill.

But this person is not Yan Nan Tian, and naturally it cannot be the Floral Princesses. Under the light of the lamp, this person was less than three feet tall, and is actually a dwarf. Other dwarfs will surely look deformed and ugly, but this dwarf is different. His head, hands, legs and body were all proportionate, his face refined, long beard flowing from his chin, looking like an immortal or a Taoist priest.

But the clothes he wore, looks neither like a priest or a mundane man. He was wearing a light grey short robe, a sword hung across his back, and this sword is two inches shorter than other people’s dagger, which makes it look like a child’s toy. If a child was to see this person, he will surely pull his hands and make him play hide-and-seek. If it was a street performer who saw this person, he will surely think this is a rare commodity. If it was a highly ranked official who saw this person, he will surely bring him to the Emperor, to be a joker in the palace.

But once Du Jiao Jiao saw this person, she suddenly was unable to laugh. Du Sha and Li Da Zui, on seeing the change in her expression, also thought of someone suddenly.

By now Yin Jiu You has flown into the cabin as well, and was about to fight with this person but Du Jiao Jiao and Li Da Zui hurriedly stopped him, and whispered some things into his ear. Yin Jiu You’s expression changed as well, and the hand, which was extended to strike, was retracted immediately.

This person bowed around and said with a grin, “An uninvited guest, came to interrupt the feast, much apologies.”

Chen Feng Chao, Nangong Liu and the rest naturally were secretly stunned, but they still replied politely. Only the Third Miss, Murong Shan Shan’s eyes shimmered, and she suddenly said, “When Junior was younger, I’ve heard rumors that there’s a strange hero in the martial arts realm, whose movements were like a mythical dragon, whose behaviour is unpredictable. I have long wanted to see for myself your impressiveness.”

Murong Shuang’s eyes gleamed and she interrupted, “The strange hero that Third Sister is referring to, is he the one people address as…. address as…” That person chortled, “Miss need not find it a taboo word, just call out the name ‘Gui Tong Zi’ (Little Ghost Boy), I’m long been used to the name and not only will I not be angry, in fact I find that this name is not bad at all.”

Once the three words ‘Gui Tong Zi’ was spoken, the expressions on Chen Feng Chao, Nangong Liu and the rest suddenly changed. They had heard such rumours when they were young as well, that not only is this person’s Lightness Skill extraordinary, he’s also said to be the only disciple of Japan’s Yi He Gu of the mysterious Ninja skill.

End of Chapter 115

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