Chapter 117 ~~ Juedai Shuangjiao/ Legendary Siblings / Handsome Siblings / The Proud Twins


The Legendary Siblings Chapter 117

Who would have expected that Tie Xin Lan would speak up immediately, “I… I don’t mean that.”

Tie Zhan was so impatient that he grabbed his hair and asked, “What do you really mean then? Speak.” Tie Xin Lan lowered her head, becoming a mute again.

Such a situation, not to mention that Tie Zhan is almost crazy with impatience, even the rest of the people are getting impatient as well.

Tie Zhan stamped his foot, “Don’t a single one of you here knows what she means?”

Xuanyuan San Guang smiled and said, “We know there is someone who knows what she means. Du Jiao Jiao.”

Before he said the last word ‘Jiao’, Tie Zhan has lifted Du Jiao Jiao up and roared, “Since you know, why didn’t you say anything, but let me be anxious.”

Du Jiao Jiao smiled condescendingly, “If you don’t know what your daughter thinks, how would I know. Compulsive Gambler must have hated me for offending earlier, so now he’s taking revenge.”

Tie Zhan roared, “Bullshit, Compulsive Gambler has never lied in his entire life. I’ll count to ‘three’ and if you still won’t tell, I’ll kill you immediately.”

Before he could even say ‘one’, Du Jiao Jiao had already replied with a helpless smile, “All right, I’ll speak, but I’m afraid you’ll be at a loss even more after I speak.” She knows that ‘Mad Lion’ Tie Zhan will surely keep to his word, and now that her life is at stake she has no choice but to reveal everything.

Tie Zhan replied, “As long as you can say it, I’ll have a solution.”

Gui Tong Zi replied, “Even if he has no solution, we can help him find a solution.”

Du Jiao Jiao continued, “Your daughter was very willing to marry this Master Hua at first, but… but… she has another whom she loves. She wants to marry Master Hua, but she also wants to marry that person.”

The lady flutist asked, “These two, who is the better one?” Du Jiao Jiao laughed, “They’re about the same, each with his own good points. If I were her, I wouldn’t know who to marry either.”

Once she heard all these, Tie Xin Lan felt ashamed and pained, and hoped that she can die right away. But she thought that since they mentioned ‘Xiao Yu’er’, maybe there’s a chance of Xiao Yu’er living, so she can only grit her teeth and swallow back her tears.

The lady flutiest sighed, “No matter how strong a woman, she’ll be at a loss in such a situation, so no wonder Mis Tie is in so much pain. If I were her, I’ll…”

Bai Kai Xin interrupted, “Since she likes both of them, then tell her to marry them both at the same time. One on each side, that’s the most marvelous.” He never has anything good to say out of his mouth, and others thought that ‘Mad Lion’ Tie Zhan will certainly smash his nose up, or crack his head open.

Who would have expected that Tie Zhan would jump up and laugh while clapping his hands, “Excellent idea, excellent idea indeed. If a man can have two wives, why can’t a woman marry two husbands?”

The lady flutist sighed and mumbled, “I am a woman, but you’re a lunatic.”

Tie Zhan chortled, “So what if I’m a lunatic, for my daughter’s sake, there’s no harm in being a lunatic.”

He held his daughter’s hand with a laugh and added, “Who is this other person? Just say it out, it’s all right, Father here will decide for you.” Tie Xin Lan’s face had turned from red to pale, and was wishing that she had died three years ago, so how can she say anything now. Even the Murong sisters were secretly sighing for her, thinking that this girl is indeed pitiful, to have such a precocious father.

Xuanyuan San Guang rolled his eyes, and suddenly laughed, “Old Man Ge, how can a young girl say such things out loud? Let me tell you, that lad’s family name is Jiang, and his name Xiao Yu’er.”

Once the three words ‘Xiao Yu’er’ was spoken, the expressions on all the Murong sisters’ face changed, and Little Fairy was so furious that her face reddened immediately. Du Jiao Jiao and the rest were lightly furrowing their brows and only Hua Wu Que’s eyes brightened for an instant, because he finally understood Xuanyuan San Guang’s intention.

“Xiao Yu’er, Xiao Yu’er, Xiao Yu’er…” Tie Zhan repeated this name a few times, and he asked with a furrowed brow, “Why does this lad have such a weird name.”

Bai Kai Xin grinned, “Because he is a weird person, no matter who sees him, that person will be unlucky for at least three years.”

Tie Zhan beamed, “You’d better not try to sow discord. As long as my daughter likes him, it doesn’t matter even if he’s called little bastard.”

Xuanyuan San Guang suddenly sighed, “A pity that even I do not know where this Xiao Yu’er is right now.” Tie Zhan replied, “That doesn’t matter, as long as there’s such a person, I will be able to find him.”

He gave Gui Tong Zi a hard slap on the shoulder and laughed loudly, “Even if I can’t find him, you’ll be able to, right?”

Xuanyuan San Guang replied, “Wrong. It may be easy for him to find other people, but to find this Xiao Yu’er, it’s extremely difficult, extremely difficult.”

Tie Zhan stared and asked, “Why?”

Xuanyuan San Guang took a glance at Du Jiao Jiao and the rest and answered, “Because they have hidden Xiao Yu’er.”

Tie Zhan jumped up and stared at Du Jiao Jiao, asking, “Why are you hiding him, or could it be you’ve taken a liking for him as well?”

He looked as if he’s going to rush forward and lift Du Jiao Jiao up again, so Du Jiao Jiao hurriedly smiled and said, “This Compulsive Gambler has gotten the bad habit of Bai Kai Xin, don’t you listen to him.”

Xuanyuan San Guang grinned, “Even if you have not hidden him, at least you’ll know where he is, right?”

Du Jiao Jiao sighed and said, “If you must look for him, I will take you there, but I’m afraid it’s too late now.”

Tie Zhan did not even listen to the last part of her sentence, but has already jumped up, “If we’re going, then go now, the faster the better.”

Chen Feng Chao suddenly stood up, “That’s right, it doesn’t matter if this nuptial drink is drunk later. We have long heard the great name of ‘Xiao Yu’er’, and have wanted to meet him for some time.”

Tie Zhan clapped his hands and laughed loudly, “So it seems that my potential son-in-law is quite a popular person.”

Little Fairy gritted her teeth and said with hatred, “He is indeed popular. From what I know, at least eight hundred people want to eat him up.”

Luckily at this time everyone is rushing to go out, so no one took note of what she said, and only Gu Ren Yu was looking at her from the side in a daze. Until everyone has left, Gu Ren Yu heaved a long sigh and said, “You’d better hurry along as well.”

Little Fairy asked, “You’re not going?”

Gu Ren Yu lowered his head and said, “I… I think I’d better return home.”

Little Fairy stared at him for a moment before she smiled icily, “He spoiled the good thing between you and Sister Jiu, so you still hate him?”

Gu Ren Yu gave a slight smile and said, “Even if there’s no him, Sister Jiu would not marry me, I don’t mean that.”

Little Fairy asked, “What do you mean then?”

Gu Ren Yu lowered his head further and stammered, “I only… only thought that you… you’re also…” Not only has his face turned red, even his neck seemed to have thickened.

Little Fairy stared at him for a moment and suddenly laughed, “You silly, did you think that I liked him!”

Gu Ren Yu stammered, “I heard Third Sister said two days ago that only when a woman likes a person, will she hate him. You hated him so much, doesn’t it mean… it mean…”

Little Fairy suddenly her hand and gently covered his mouth, and asked gently, “You silly, don’t you know my heart by now?”

Gu Ren Yu was startled and ecstatic, and totally stunned.

Little Fairy said, “If you think that I like him, then I’ll marry you now, you should be assured then.”

She suddenly clapped and laughed, “That’s right, we’ll get married right now. We won’t need the ceremonial music or the matchmaker. By the time they come back and hear about this, the expressions on their faces will surely be very interesting.” She got even more happy as she spoke when suddenly there was a ‘plonk’, and Gu Ren Yu has fallen onto the floor together with the chair he was on.

Little Fairy exclaimed in alarm, “You… how are you?” She was just about to squat down and help him up when Gu Ren Yu suddenly jumped up from the floor shouted, “I’m too happy, too happy… is there anyone who is happier than me in the world?”

Little Fairy was surprised, and giggled, “I didn’t expect that Sister Gu would become a lunatic.”

Gu Ren Ju exclaim with joy, “Only now did I realize that Xiao Yu’er is the best man in the world.”

Little Fairy furrowed her brows, “You actually said that he’s a good man, I’m afraid you’re really crazy.”

Gu Ren Yu replied, “Think about it, if not for him, where can two good couples like Sister Jiu and us come from.”

Little Fairy blushed, guffawed, and pretended to put on a straight face and said, “Who said we’ll be a good couple. For all you know I’ll be fiercer than a tigress in future, and scold and hit you everyday, and I’ll even starve you.”

Gu Ren Yu summoned his courage and held her hands, saying gently, “As long as I can be with you, it doesn’t matter if I don’t eat. As the Cantonese always said, ‘Lovers can survive on plain water’. But they do not know that I can make do without water as well.”

Little Fairy said coquettishly, “And I thought you were very decent, but you’re equally dishonest as well.”

The two of them looked each other in the eyes, their heart filled with gentleness and sweetness. The breeze blew in through the window, bringing with it a window filled with stars, and Little Fairy can’t help but lean into Gu Ren Yu’s arms…

Looking at the group of people walking in front, Xuanyuan San Guang was feeling secretly pleased with himself. No matter what, at least he has done something for Xiao Yu’er.

Li Da Zui turned back to look at him, and slowed his steps as well to walk next to him, saying, “So you and Xiao Yu’er are good friends.” Xuanyuan San Guang replied, “Do you think I can only have friends like you sons of turtles who can’t afford to be seen?”

Li Da Zui said with a laugh, “I didn’t expect you to have learnt such tactics, even the few of us were conned by you.”

Xuanyuan San Guang stared and said, “You sons of turtles actually cannot be considered as humans. Xiao Yu’er grew up with you, yet you want him to be trapped to death.”

Li Da Zui was silent for a moment and finally heaved a long sigh, “Honestly, I wanted to save him as well, but… once I heard that Yan Nan Tian is already here, I was so frightened that I lost my mind.”

Xuanyuan San Guang replied, “You think that Xiao Yu’er will help Yan Nan Tian deal with you.”

Li Da Zui said, “Even if he wants to do that, we can’t blame him. Although Jiang Feng and his wife did not die in our hands, but Yan Nan Tian… hai!”

Xuanyuan San Guang smiled coldly, “Let me tell you, you’ve all misunderstood Xiao Yu’er. He’s not one who is heartless, if he’s alive, he will surely speak on your behalf to Yan Nan Tian. If he’s really dead, then you son of turtles will really be in bad luck.”

Li Da Zui was stunned for a moment, and continued with a sigh, “Let’s hope he’s still alive then.”

Xuanyuan San Guang tugged on his clothes and asked in shock, “Is he already dead?”

Li Da Zui smiled bitterly, “I don’t know if he’s dead or alive now either, I only know that he has been trapped in the belly of the mountain for seven, eight days with no food or water…” Xuanyuan San Guang turned pale, “No water for seven, eight days, even an iron man will not be able to sustain.”

Li Da Zui replied, “Maybe someone else would have died long ago, but Xiao Yu’er… he may have a plan. You’ll never guess how capable he can really be.”

He was afraid Xuanyuan San Guang would create trouble for him, so he quickly added, “That Gui Tong Zi is really capable as well, I really cannot guess how he would know our movements, and can actually bring crazy Tie here.”

He had just finished his words when someone suddenly laughed behind him, “If you manage to guess, can I still be considered Gui Tong Zi then?” Amidst the laughter there was a flash, and he was already in front of them.

Li Da Zui was stunned and smiled condescendingly, “Elder really comes and goes without a trace, I am extremely awed.”

Gui Tong Zi replied with a laugh, “Your flattery is making me feel very good, so I might as well just tell you what happened from the beginning.”

He hurriedly added, “Everyone in the martial arts realm thought that Tie Zhan found a treasure map, but actually, he has no interest in treasures at all. His biggest interest, is on Nameless Island.”

Li Da Zui asked, “Since it’s called Nameless Island, how would Tie Zhan know about it?”

Gui Tong Zi explained, “Because there was a busybody who recorded the coordinates of Nameless Island, and he also said that as long as one finds this Nameless Island, he’ll be able to learn martial arts from the people on the island and on his return to central plains, will become invincible.”

He continued with a laugh, “Tie Zhan has loved fighting all his life, so after seeing this secret document, naturally he was very tempted. That’s why he told his daughter to lure others away with another treasure map, while he secretly make his way to Nameless Island.”

Li Da Zui’s eyes gleamed and he tried to fish around by saying, “Who are those who were living on Nameless Island?”

Gui Tong Zi replied, “Those living on the island are all old people who are tired of mundane affairs. Once they reach the island, they don’t even want their old names anymore, that’s why the island is called Nameless Island.”

Li Da Zui smiled, “I’m sure Elder is also a nameless hero of this island.”

Gui Tong Zi replied, “What nameless heroes, it’s just a group of old cronies. Besides, even if I want to forget my own name, once others sees me, they will immediately recognize me, not like those old people, they just randomly give themselves a name and others won’t even know.”

Actually Li Da Zui had guessed long ago that the names Mi Shi Ba, Yu Zi Ya etc were all fake, and now that it has been confirmed, he didn’t want to expose them as well. He only sighed and said, “Tie Zhan is really lucky…”

Gui Tong Zi replied, “He stayed for about three to four years on the island, and he did indeed learnt quite a few types of martial arts. If it was you who had gone, I’m afraid we’d have thrown you into the sea long ago to feed the fishes.”

Li Da Zui forced out a smile and said, “I may not be a good person, but Tie Zhan is not that much better, so why have Elders taken a liking to him?”

Gui Tong Zi replied with a straight face, “Let me ask you, when you fight, will you go all out without care to your own life like him.”

Li Da Zui replied, “This… I’m afraid I’m a little behind.”

Gui Tong Zi explained, “It is precisely this trait of his that we like, and thought that he can be taught.”

Li Da Zui has no choice but to stop talking, but in his heart he was secretly scolding them, “The crazies meeting the crazy, of course you’ll take an instant liking to one another.”

Xuanyuan San Guang was initially still thinking about Xiao Yu’er’s well being, but after hearing these words, he became curious as well and can’t help but ask, “Since Elders have retired, then why have you returned?”

Gui Tong Zi replied, “Because after Tie Zhan learnt martial arts from us for three years, one day he suddenly stopped learning. We asked him why? He actually said that our martial arts, even after adding them together, still cannot be compared to Yan Nan Tian and the Floral Princesses. There’s no use for him to continue learning, so he might as well save the effort.”

Li Da Zui’s eyes gleamed and he asked, “So this means that Elders came this time with the intention of dueling with Yan Nan Tian and the Floral Princesses.”

Gui Tong Zi sighed and said, “This is called the body is old but the heart is young, when one reaches the peak of calmness, one will start to move again.”

Li Da Zui was secretly overjoyed but he deliberately sighed, “In my opinion, it’s better that Elders go back quickly.”

Gui Tong Zi stared and asked, “Why?”

Li Da Zui explained, “I don’t know about others, but that Yan Nan Tian’s martial arts is really unparalleled since the beginning of time, and never will there be anyone like him. I’m afraid Elders will also be…”

Gui Tong Zi really leapt up and said furiously, “I don’t believe that nonsense, I must find him and have a duel with him now.”

Li Da Zui knows that his point has been made and he’d better not press the issue, so he changed the topic, “I wonder how did Elder know about Tie Xin Lan’s wedding?”

Gui Tong Zi remained upset for a while before he said, “After we arrived in central plains, we traveled via the rivers and that few old fagots were suddenly enamored with a young lady at Wusheng City, insisting that her skills for playing the pipa is second to none in the world and refused to leave that place. There was no use with me remaining angry, so I walked around on my own. When I reached here, I didn’t meet anyone else but that Bai Lao Hu.”

Li Da Zui laughed, “Seems that his luck is not too bad.”

Gui Tong Zi added, “But at that time he was almost dying, so I sent him to the foot of the mountain to treat his injuries. He has not recovered from his injuries yet, but you guys have already arrived.”

Li Da Zui laughed bitterly, “So Elder was there as well, why didn’t I see you at all?”

Gui Tong Zi replied icily, “I was right behind you earlier, did you see me?”

Li Da Zui sighed and said, “Elder secretly overheard our plan, so you informed Tie Zhan immediately and asked them to come here immediately, that’s why they stopped listening to the heavenly pipa music.”

Gui Tong Zi laughed, “You’re not too stupid, you finally understand.”

Suddenly Tie Zhan can be heard exclaiming loudly, “You say that Xiao Yu’er is here? Could it be that he’s like Sun Wu Kong, who has been buried under the mountain by the Buddha Ru Lai?”

Once Xuanyuan San Guang heard this, he couldn’t care less about anything else and hurried forward immediately. He saw Tie Zhan lift up Du Jiao Jiao again and roared, “You got him in so now you have to get him out.”

Du Jiao Jiao smiled bitterly, “Would I have such capability.”

Tie Zhan asked, “Who is it if not you?” Xuanyuan San Guang exclaimed, “Old Man Ge, why are you still asking these now? Xiao Yu’er has been starving inside for seven to eight days already.”

Tie Zhan asked hoarsely, “Seven to eight days, this Hua lad was only starved for two to three days and he has already lost his strength. If he’s been starved for seven to eight days, would he still be alive?”

End of Chapter 117

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