Chapter 119 ~~ Juedai Shuangjiao/ Legendary Siblings / Handsome Siblings / The Proud Twins


The Legendary Siblings Chapter 119

Once the name ‘Yan Nan Tian’ was heard, Du Jiao Jiao, Li Da Zui and the rest immediately wished that wings would sprout out of their backs and quickly fly thousands of miles away. Even the Murong sisters’ expressions changed.

Mi Shi Ba and Xu Zi Ya exchanged a look and Mi Shi Ba spoke up, “I did not expect the Floral Princesses and Yan Nan Tian would all be there.”

Xu Zi Ya added, “We’ve spent so much effort looking for them, and there they are right in front of us.”

Gui Tong Zi said, “I wonder what the scene was like when the Floral Princesses and Yan Nan Tian meet, I think it must have been interesting.”

Once everyone thought of the meeting between the two greatest martial artist of the era, they can’t help but feel excited and at the same time upset that they can’t witness it.

Xiao Nu Shi can’t help but ask, “Does the Floral Princesses recognize Yan Nan Tian?”

Little Fairy replied, “I don’t think they recognize him, but once Yan Nan Tian went up the boat, everyone seems to already know who he is, because the air that he exudes, no one would be able to imitate that.”

Gui Tong Zi said icily, “Others may not want to imitate him anyway.”

Little Fairy smiled and said, “The strange thing is, it seems that Xiao Yu’er has not seen Yan Nan Tian before as well, but once Yan Nan Tian went up the boat, he stared unwaveringly at him.”

Xuanyuan San Guang asked, “What about Xiao Yu’er?”

Little Fairy replied, “Xiao Yu’er was staring at him as well, and unconsciously stood up. He walked over step by step, and kept mumbling ‘very good, very good, very good…’.” Murong Shan Shan guffawed and smiled, “The two words very good, you only have to say it once.”

Little Fairy continued, “But Hero Yan said it more than a dozen times, his eyes filled with tears that was almost spilling out. Xiao Yu’er did not say anything as well but just knelt down. Yan Nan Tian took his hands and said, I know almost everything that you have done, you have not shamed your father.”

As she said these, her eyes were teary as well, obviously she was extremely touched by all these. Everyone was gathered around her, and followed her as she walked outside, unconsciously enraptured by what she said, and unknowingly walked out of that cave as well.

Little Fairy continued, “The Floral Princesses were at the side looking at them icily. After a long time, the elder Princess said coldly, very good, we finally meet.”

Little Fairy said, “After a long moment, Hero Yan turned around to look at her and said, we should have met twenty years ago. The elder Princess said with a cold laugh, are you complaining it’s too late? Hero Yan then looked heavenward and heaved a long sigh.” As she said these, she heaved a long sigh as well.

Murong Shan Shan can’t help but ask, “What did Hero Yan say?”

Little Fairy sighed, “It was as if he wanted to sigh out all the suffering and depression for the last twenty years all in one breath. Later he said, since I am not yet dead, it’s still not too late.”

Xuanyuan San Guang and seven, eight more others can’t help but asked at the same time, “What happened then?”

Little Fairy said, “By then they have already brandished their swords, as if they are getting ready to strike any time. But because of their status, they cannot just fight like that. I was feeling anxious, not knowing what it will be like when these two highly skilled pugilists start fighting. However, Ren Yu dragged me to a corner and told me to hurry here and inform all of you to go back quickly.”

Once she mentioned Gu Ren Yu, her gaze unconsciously revealed a gentle smile, and she added, “He said, if you miss this once in a life time duel, you will surely regret it for the rest of your life.”

Gui Tong Zi exclaimed, “More that regret for the rest of my life, I think I will never be able to sleep again in future.”

Xuanyuan San Guang said, “I just hope that they won’t really fight.”

Little Fairy asked, “Why?”

Xuanyuan San Guang sighed, “When two tigers fight, one will surely be injured, or even both might be injured. The consequences of this duel is unimaginable, we’d rather not see this duel.”

Hua Wu Que gave him a look of gratitude. He knows once this duel start, there will not be an end if one party is not dead, then no matter who wins or loses, the enmity between him and Xiao Yu’er will certainly deepen, and unfortunately may only end with one of their deaths, never to be resolved.

After a while, Xu Zi Ya also sighed and said, “If the both of them really end up severely injured, that would really be a pity.”

Xiao Nu Shi said with a smile, “You wish that they will wait to have a duel with you, right?” Xu Zi Ya said nonchalantly, “Don’t you wish to try that new move ‘Eighteen Changes of Nüwa’ of yours?”

Xiao Nu Shi gave a light sigh and said, “A pity that from the way they say it, the enmity seems to be very deep. Since Yan Nan Tian has waited twenty years, and now that they’ve met, he won’t give up.”

Xu Zi Ya sighed as well, “Once these two people start fighting, I’m afraid no one in the world will be able to separate them.”

By the time they returned to the riverbank, the tables and chairs in the tents have already been removed, leaving only the paper decorations and couplets, swaying lightly with the river breeze. Compared to the feast the night before, the scene looked even more desolate. There is no never-ending feast in the world, if one knows such desolation will happen now, then why be so anxious to find out the outcome then? Under the empty tent, there is now a large group of people making a circle, looking on at some interesting thing. Could it be that Yan Nan Tian and the Floral Princess is now fighting within the circle? Xuanyuan San Guang was the first to rush over, thinking of separating the crowd and squeezing himself in but once these people saw them coming back, they were so frightened that they scattered. The Floral Princesses were not in there at all, neither could Yan Nan Tian or Xiao Yu’er be seen.

Where are they? Could it just be a joke made by Little Fairy? But Little Fairy was the first to cry out, “Hey, where are they? Xiao Man, where have they gone? Where is Master Gu?”

Xiao Man was originally Murong Shan Shan’s personal maid, but when Little Fairy arrived, she served Little Fairy. She was bright and witty, and can talk very eloquently. But Little Fairy’s questions are really too quick, and too many.

Xian Man exhaled first before she rolled her eyes and said, “After Miss left, that Yan… Hero Yan went over to sit with that Master Xiao Yu’er for a drink. The two of them drank continuously and talked continuously. I only saw that as they talked, they would suddenly laugh loudly, and as they talk, they would suddenly sigh continuously. That lady with the family name Su was pouring the wine for them with a smile, but every time she turned her head away, she would quietly wipe the tears from her eyes.

Naturally Little Fairy knows that they were reminiscing about the happiness and sadness, joining and partings that had happened, the things they encountered but she still can’t help but ask, “What were they talking about?”

Xiao Man replied, “They were not speaking very loudly, there were some words which I could not hear at all, and there were some words which I heard but I do not understand at all.”

Little Fairy chided her laughingly, “You, look how much capability you have, it’s not even a lot.”

Xiao Man lowered her head and said, “Although I could not hear what they said, but by just looking at them, I don’t know why but I felt a sourness in my heart, and felt like weeping.”

Once Xuanyuan San Guang thought of how Xiao Yu’er and Yan Nan Tian met, he can’t help but feel a pain in his heart, and shouted, “That’s right. Old Man Ge, although I did not hear what they said as well, I wanted to weep too.”

Little Fairy stared at him, and continued asking Xiao Man, “When they were talking, what about the Floral Princesses?”

Xiao Man replied, “The Floral Princesses were sitting at another table, not looking at them, not impatient either. They seem to know that once Hero Yan finish his words, he will look for them.”

Everyone exchanged glances, in their heart secretly exclaiming, because they can already tell that Yan Nan Tian is adamant on having a death duel with the Floral Princesses, that’s why he’s giving his last instructions to Xiao Yu’er.

Xiao Man said, “They seemed to have endless things to talk about, especially that Master Xiao Yu’er, he was talking continuously. I’ve never seen such talkative men before, they’re really like old grannies.”

Xuanyuan San Guang sighed, “Little girl, you do not know, this is because he has seen through Yan Nan Tian’s intention, that’s why he deliberately talked a lot to delay the time…”

Xiao Man replied, “So this means that, Hero Yan surely can see through his intention.”

Xuanyuan San Guang agreed.

Xiao Man said, “Because Hero Yan suddenly stood up, slapped Xiao Yu’er’s shoulder and said with a loud laugh, ‘Your Uncle Yan has always won every single battle, you need not worry.”

Xu Zi Ya laughed coldly, “Won every single battle, what a big boast.”

Xuanyuan San Guang laughed icily as well, “If it was others who said it, I will certainly think that he’s boasting, but the words said by Yan Nan Tian, no one will object.”

Xu Zi Ya did not continue talking, but only ‘humphed’.

Xiao Man continued, “Master Xiao Yu’er looked at Hero Yan, as if he wanted to say something, but by then the Floral Princesses have already stood up and walked out. Hero Yan immediately followed them out. Although they did not say a single word, but I don’t know why my heart felt so anxious that it’s almost jumping out of my throat.”

She was already very eloquent, with a crisp, clear voice and now that she knows that many people are listening to her, she put in even more effort in her narration. Everyone was concentrating on her words, and can’t help feeling anxious as well, as if they are witnessing for themselves the two greatest martial artists of the era, standing erect at the banks of the river, preparing for a death duel! The river breeze was blowing, the earth seems to be filled with a murderous intent.

Xiao Man shivered, and shrunk her head before continuing, “But after they walked out, the did not start fighting immediately. The two of them only stood far away facing each other, you looking at me and I looking at you.”

Xu Zi Ya asked, “Yan Nan Tian has no weapons?”

Xiao Man replied, “No, neither of them has any.”

Xu Zi Ya furrowed his brow and mumbled, “I’ve long heard that Yan Nan Tian’s sword skill is unparalleled in the world, so why didn’t he use something he has an advantage over? Why didn’t he use a sword to fight? Or could it be that after all these years he has learnt a set of fist styles that he is confident of winning Floral Palace’s palm styles?”

It must be known that the Floral Palace’s palm styles and internal energy rules the world, so he does not say that Yan Nan Tian has also mastered a ‘palm style’ but used the words ‘fist styles’ instead.”

Because he thinks that there can’t possibly be another palm style that can be comparable to the Floral Palace’s, and also his area of expertise is not in palm styles.

Xiao Man continued, “Although they were fighting with their bare hands, but it seemed even more dangerous than any other weapon used, as if they only need to make one wrong move and they will immediately be able to tell who will live or die.”

Xiao Nu Shi took a look at Xu Zi Ya and said with a smile, “This little lady does know her stuff.”

Xiao Man chewed her lips and smiled at her, before continuing, “I was so nervous looking at them, and I thought of begging Master Gu to go over and ask them to stop fighting. But Master Gu said that although they have not really started fighting then, but their energy and concentration were all focused. Others can forget about asking them to stop, because once they walk over, they will be felled by the energy being emitted by them.”

Xiao Nu Shi took a glance at Little Fairy, either unwittingly or purposely, and smiled, “This Master Gu is also someone who knows his stuff.”

Xiao Man said, “Master Gu was whispering to me, but I don’t know how that Master Xiao Yu’er heard as well, and suddenly walked over and told Master Gu, ‘do you really think that no one can separate them?”

Little Fairy furrowed her brows, “What is that little imp up to again?”

Xiao Man continued, “Master Gu, on seeing him, is already feeling lost, and kept on nodding his head, so that Master Xiao Yu’er said, ‘Do you dare to have a bet with me?”

Little Fairy said anxiously, “He’s an imp, but Master Gu is an honest man, how can he bet with him?”

Xiao Man replied, “Master Gu did not want to bet initially, but Master Xiao Yu’er said… said…” Little Fairy asked, “Said what?”

Xiao Man lowered her head, “He said, ‘I’ve long known that Sister Gu would not dare to bet with me, forget it then!”

Xuanyuan San Guang chortled, “Excellent, excellent. I didn’t expect Xiao Yu’er to have learnt how a gambler can lure others to gamble, with such provocation, that Sister Gu will have to bet even if he didn’t want to.”

Little Fairy stared hardly at him again, and Xiao Man said with a sigh, “That’s right, Master Gu really gambled with him.”

Little Fairy’s face blushed with anxiety and she stamped her feet, “How can he not hold his temper, what were they betting on?”

Xiao Man replied, “That Xiao Yu’er said, ‘I only have to say one thing, and I can make the Floral Princess stop. Naturally Uncle Yan won’t be able to fight alone.’ Naturally Master Gu did not believe him.”

Xiao Nu Shi replied, “Not to mention Master Gu not believing, even I do not believe it. I will bet on this as well.”

Xiao Man sighed again and said, “Then you would have lost as well.”

Others were only anxious to find out what it is that Xiao Yu’er said that could make the Floral Princess stop, but Little Fairy was only anxious about what is the thing that Gu Ren Yu lost. Since Xiao Man can become the personal maid of a lady from a wealthy family, naturally she has learnt since young how to look out for her mistress’s moods and how to flatter them.

Therefore she did not say anything else, but first told her, “That Master Xiao Yu’er said, if he lost, Master Gu can do anything to him, but if Master Gu loses, he wants Master Gu to do one thing for him.”

Little Fairy stammered, “Do… do what thing?”

Xiao Man smiled condescendingly, “He did not say at that time, but when he said it later, I did not hear it.”

Little Fairy stamped her foot, “I said you were useless, and you indeed were, you don’t know anything at all.”

Xiao Nu Shi smiled and said, “Actually she already know quite a lot of things.”

Xuanyuan San Guang said, “That’s right, tell us quickly what that Master Xiao Yu’er said. After that Floral Princess heard his words, did she really stop immediately?”

Xiao Man replied, “Xiao Yu’er only spoke loudly to the other Floral Princess, ‘A pity, oh a pity. When I duel with Hua Wu Que, I’m afraid your sister won’t have the chance to see it.”

Xiao Nu Shi asked, “After he said these words, the Floral Princess really stopped?”

Xiao Man replied, “She stopped immediately. I was feeling perplexed as well, and does not know what’s going on.”

Xiao Nu Shi exclaimed in surprise, “Why must she witness the duel between Xiao Yu’er and Hua Wu Que? Could it be that this duel will be even more exciting than the duel between her and Yan Nan Tian?”

Xu Zi Ya however furrowed his brows and said, “What amazing skills have that Yan Nan Tian learnt? That can make the Floral Princess hold her hand?”

Xiao Man clarified, “It’s not Hero Yan who made her stop, it was that Master Xiao Yu’er.”

Murong Shan Shan chided, “Silly lass, don’t talk so much.”

However, Xiao Nu Shi smiled and said, “If the Floral Princess is confident of winning, after her duel, she can still witness the duel between Xiao Yu’er and Hua Wu Que, and so she won’t have stopped, right?”

Xiao Man thought about it for a while, and finally lowered her head with a smile, “That’s right, I really am a silly lass.”

It must be known that the Floral Princess stopped, naturally it’s because when she and Yan Nan Tian was at a standoff, she has already realized that Yan Nan Tian’s power is deeply profound, and she really can’t be sure of winning.

But Xuanyuan San Guang was only concerned about Xiao Yu’er, and can’t be bothered about anything else, so he shouted then, “Where is Master Xiao Yu’er now!”

Xiao Man replied, “Hero Yan and the Floral Princess made a deal, every day at dawn, they will meet at the peak of the mountain, until the Floral Princess finds that Hua… Master Hua. After that Hero Yan left with Master Xiao Yu’er.”

Xuanyuan San Guang asked, “What about the Floral Princess then?”

Xiao Man replied, “Naturally they went to look for that Master Hua. For all you know they will be back soon, because Master Gu has already told them that Master Hua has left with everyone else.”

However, Little Fairy was only concerned about Gu Ren Yu, so she interrupted, “Then where has Master Gu gone?”

Xiao Man replied, “Master Gu lost the bet, and has left to attend to Master Xiao Yu’er’s matter.”

Little Fairy stamped her feet, “What good things can that mischief ask him to do? Why did he have to go?” She was so anxious that her tears are almost falling.

Murong Shan Shan looked at her, suddenly smiled and said gently, “Sister, congratulations.”

Little Fairy pouted, “I’m almost crazy with worry, what are you congratulating about?”

Murong Shan Shan said with a laugh, “Sister Gu is not anyone to you, why must you be so anxious on his behalf?” Little Fairy pouted even harder and said, “It’s not that he does not have a name, why must you people always call him Sister Gu?”

Murong Shan Shan giggled, “The name Sister Gu was given to him by you, and now you’re not letting others address him as such, why is that so? We’ve not met for only a day, have the status of your relationship changed?”

Little Fairy lowered her head, her face blushing, “We… we…” Murong Shan Shan gently pinched her face and chided with a laugh, “You mischievous lass, still trying to hide from us, do you think you can run away from giving this wedding feast?”

Murong Shuang suddenly commented, “Since they were not fighting, then what were all of you looking at in a circle earlier? Could it be that a flower suddenly sprung up from the ground?”

Xiao Man laughed and said, “If it was a flower springing up from the ground it won’t be so strange, the strange thing is that a bun suddenly sprung up.”

Even Murong Shuang was surprised and exclaimed, “Bun?”

And she saw on the flat ground, there really was a little mound of soil, looking just like a bun.

Murong Shan Shan laughed, “Silly lass, what’s so nice to look about this?”

Xiao man replied, “Madam, you do not know, this is not only strange, but is extremely strange.”

She suddenly run over and stood on the mound, saying “The Floral Princess was standing here earlier. When she was standing here, it was originally a flat piece of ground, but shortly after she stood on it, the ground under her feet slowly rose. This piece of land is like yeast, once she stood on it, it expanded like a bun.”

Everyone thought the way she described it was hilarious, but at the same time can’t help feeling startled. Yu Zi Ya, Mi Shi Ba and the rest were even more excited, and they suddenly rushed forward at the same time, bent down to look at that soil bun. They kept looking and looking, as if a flower was really growing out of the soil.

Xiao Man smiled at Murong Shan Shan, as if she’s saying, “You say that I’m a silly lass, but those old men and old women, weren’t they showing an interest in it as well?”

The expression on Yu Zi Ya and the others’ faces became more and more surprised, and they all muttered, “It’s really true… but how is it possible?… Never expected that there would be someone who can master it.”

The rest of the people can’t help but squeeze forward all together, and realized that on the mound there was a pair of footprints, but the footprints are not sunken in, instead, it was protruding by about an inch or more. When highly skilled pugilists are fighting, all the energy in their body is concentrated, and usually there will be an indent of the print on the ground so this is nothing strange. But the footprint is not indented, but protruding instead, now this is a rarely seen thing.

Murong Shan Shan’s eyes gleamed, and she asked, “Could it be that the Floral Princess have mastered a kind of strange skill?”

Yu Zi Ya sighed, “That’s right, although this martial arts she has mastered is not unprecedented, but it’s enough to rule this era. Can everyone see the two footprints on top here?”

He also knows that everyone will surely be able to see it, so he continued on his own, “This is because when she was gathering her energy, not only did she release it out, but she sucked it into herself, so no matter what touches her, it will be sucked towards her like a magnet.”

Murong Shan Shan’s expression changed and she asked, “So this means that, she will never use up her energy, but will only increase it, won’t she be using up a lot?” Yu Zi Ya replied, “That’s exactly the case. When she is fighting with someone, the more energy she uses, the other party’s energy will gradually be depleted. Therefore even if a person who is on par with her duels with her, in the end that person will still lose without a doubt.”

Xiao Nu Shi interrupted, “There’s a kind of ‘Clear Jade Skill’, when one masters the ninth level of the skill, this will happen, because the energy in her body can now become like a whirlwind. No matter what touches her, it will be swept in by this whirlwind, just like drowning person seeing a whirlpool in the water.

Murong Shan Shan said, “In that case, once one masters this skill, won’t he become unrivalled in the world?”

Xiao Nu Shi, Mi Shi Ba, Yu Zi Ya and the rest exchanged glances, the looks on their faces despondent. Yu Zi Ya said with a long sigh, “That’s right. She is already unrivalled in the world, we have all come in vain.”

Murong Shan Shan said, “Since she is now unrivalled in the world, naturally Yan Nan Tian would not be her match, so why is she worried about Yan Nan Tian? Or could it be that Yan Nan Tian has mastered this skill as well?”

Xiao Nu Shi replied, “It can’t be. The person who masters this skill, his internal energy will certainly become a whirlwind, once the energy become a whirlwind, there will definitely be a suction force.”

Yu Zi Ya explained, “This is the most marvelous aspect of this skill, but most people in the martial arts world do not understand this reasoning. Precisely because they do not know where this suction force comes from, therefore everyone thought it’s a demonic trick. But they do not know that it is in fact the epitome of orthodox internal teachings.”

Murong Shan Shan asked, “But… since it is impossible that she loses, then why did she stop the duel suddenly?”

The expressions on Yu Zi Ya and the rest were somber, and Xiao Nu Shi said, “There is only one explanation, which will be Yan Nan Tian has also mastered a kind of mysterious skill, which can be comparable to her ‘Clear Jade Skill’.”

Murong Shan Shan asked, “Could there be another martial arts in the world which can go against ‘Clear Jade Skill’?”

Xiao Nu Shi replied, “Wedding Robe Skill. This skill is named after with the meaning of ‘making wedding robes for others’.”

Murong Shan Shan said, “Since it’s wedding robes for others, then there won’t be any use of it for himself?”

Xiao Nu Shi explained, “That’s right, because after this skill is mastered, the internal energy will be heated like a furnace. Not only can one not use it, but he must be tortured by it day and night. That kind of pain is not something an ordinary person can endure, so he can only pass on the internal energy to others.” She sighed, and continued, “But in order to master this Wedding Robe Skill, one would need at least twenty years of hard practice, and who would be able to bear to give away to others internal energy that they have cultivated with much difficulty?”

Yu Zi Ya said, “That’s why there was a saying in the martial arts realm in the past, if you want to harm a person, then you’ll give him the teachings of Wedding Robe Skill, and let him suffer for the rest of his life.”

Murong Shan Shan said, “So this means that if Hero Yan mastered Wedding Robe Skill, then not only is he unable to fight with the Floral Princess, but it’s likely that he would have died of suffering as well.”

Yu Zi Ya explained, “After the Wedding Robe Skill has been passed to a second person, naturally he will be at his end, but the second person will benefit greatly from it.”

Murong Shan Shan said, “Could Elder mean that, someone mastered the Wedding Robe Skill and transferred it to Hero Yan.”

Yu Zi Ya replied, “Or else, Wedding Robe Skill, after it has been transferred, will lose a lot of its prowess as well, and it then cannot be on par with Clear Jade Skill.”

The more Murong Shan Shan thought about it, the more she could not understand, and took a glance at everyone. However, the rest of them were waiting for her to continue asking, because not only is she eloquent, but her reflexes are quick, the questions she ask are all straight to the main point. The rest do not have a chance to interrupt at all, so they might as well let her be the only one asking.

Luckily at this time Yu Zi Ya have already continued, “It must be know that only the must intelligent person can create a unique martial arts skill. The person who created this Wedding Robe Skill, is even more of a genius, unparalleled in the world. If this kind of martial arts can only benefit others, then why did he spend so much effort creating it?”

No one knew the real meaning behind his words, so they waited for him to continue.

Yu Zi Ya continued, “Those in the world only knows that they must not learn the Wedding Robe Skill, but they do not know that it actually can be learnt. It’s just that when one is learning this skill, there is a secret tactic to doing it.”

Murong Shan Shan finally found the chance to ask her question, and immediately asked, “What secret tactic?”

End of Chapter 119

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