Chapter 3 – The Valley of Evil – Juedai Shuangjiao/ Legendary Siblings / Handsome Siblings / The Proud Twins


Chapter 3 – The Valley of Evil

The water of the river He glittered in the radiant sun of the seventh month. When one arrives at the upper reaches of the river, the river branches off into two streams.
The Eastern stream is the famous Jade Dragon Hashen River, the water currents are very dangerous in these parts. If one follows this stream upwards one will enter the legendary birthplace of many heroes——namely the Kunlun mountain area.

Although it was Summer now and the sun has not set yet, but it felt like a chilly Autumn day in the Jade Dragon Pass. The wind was blowing fiercely, but even the strong wind could not scatter the thick fog.

Yan Nantian finally reached Jade Dragon Peak, he looked thin and pallid now and his horse was tired and weak. Even the carriage could not continue anymore when it reached a rugged mountain path.

Yan Nantian drove the carriage and used one hand to hold the baby, there was a strong overwhelming scent coming from the carriage. Quite nauseating. The baby was asleep, he seemed to be accustomed to the harshness at his young age.

Yan Nantian looked at the baby with love and affection, he smiled and said softly:”My good child, on your way you drank the milk from different women through the land, I think you’re the only……”

All of a sudden he stopped talking and leapt into the air, at the same moment he leapt up there was a series of sounds: Tak, tak, tak. Ten types of different secretive weapons hit the place where he just sat, if he was just a fraction too slow, all those projectiles would have hit him.

Yan Nantian made a turn in mid-air and used his left hand to force the carriage to stop and he himself had hid under the horse now. He was not afraid of himself getting injured but he was afraid that the baby would get harmed.

The leap, the turn, the stop of the carriage and the hiding were all conducted in one fluent move. As fast as light and as graceful as a dancing dragon, some of the ambushers could not help themselves and praised:”Excellent martial arts!”

Yan Nantian roared angrilly:”Who dares to ambush….”

Before he could finish the horse neighed loudly, Yan Nantian immediately came out and saw that the horse was injured from several sides by projectiles.

Yan Nantian did not even have time to think, he struck out with his iron palms crassshh, crasssh the yoke was broken into two and the horse ran off alone. Yan Nantian raised his fist and punched a hole into the carriage and used his left hand to gently put the baby into the carriage.

At this point another ten odd projectiles were headed for him, he leapt up again and the projectiles flew under his feet missing him barely. If his reaction was even a bit too slow not only he but also the baby would be killed, furthermore if he did not break the yoke in the nick of time the crazed horse would have pulled along the carriage in its’ frantic state.

Now the horse had collapsed and Yan Nantian was still in mid-air, now seven, eight swords came towards him like shooting stars. All the swords came from different sides, from left to right ensnaring him.

Yan Nantian was totally entangled by his attackers’ web of swords, however he still has power in him even in mid-air, he raised his arms and his body ascended another 2 metres or so. The swords passed him under his feet, a loud CLAAANNNGG could be heard. The seven, eight swords could not be retracted in time so they collided with each other, as soon as they hit they immediately fell back and scattered around. Seven, eight persons each stood at a corner quite far apart from each other. In the fog, you could not see their faces clearly but at least four of them were Taoist priests.

Yan Nantian descended and landed on top of the carriage and as soon as he had landed he immediately launched an attack on a Taoist priest wearing a blue robe. He generated his ful internal power to his palms and did not hold back now, these people attacked without any reason and used the most lethal methods needless to say he was merciless too.

The beard and robe of the Taoist priest swayed by the powerful palm energy released from Yan Nantian, he could hardly stand straight and in a flux he raised his sword and counter-attacked.

His stance looked casually and simple, however he could raise his sword under the pressure of tremendous crashing stance which was highly impressive. This Taoist priest had to at least study the way of the sword for at least 20 to 30 years to able to do this.

He knew that this stance would be unable to harm his opponent but at least it was sufficient to defend himself, but before he could finish his stance his sword was gone. It had flown right into the hand of the adversary.

This Taoist priest was a remarkable martial artist and did not panick under such dire situation, he spinned his body around and escaped the palm attacks from Yan Nantian.

Yan Nantian exclaimed:”Good!”

During his praise he had advanced forward and used the sword to attack another adversary. Yan Nantian was proclaimed to be the peerless celestial sword, this attack was omnipotent. This stance looked like a thunderbolt crashing down, the man initially wanted to counter-attack but soon changed his mind and looked pale. He backed backwards and was afraid to even to block, but Yan Nantian’s technique kept coming like a serie of waves. Seeing no escape the man gritted his teeth and decided to intercept.

Claaannnnggg, both swords were forged from the same oven but somehow Yan Nantian broke the sword of the adversary into two halves.

The man fell down and started to roll away, Yan Nantian roared and hacked at the man with incredible speed and power. This hack was suffice to say world-shaking.

Suddenly flashes of silver could be seen and another clang could be heard.

He saw three Taoist priests kneeling down with one knee and using their swords to form a cross to intercept Yan Nantian’s attack saving that man from that lethal blow. That man had fainted now.

Yan Nantian stood there looking very fierce and sternly asked:”Are you The Three Eagles? Or Four Vultures?”

One of the Taoist priests said:”We’re the Four Vultures, but how would you…..”

Yan Nantian laughed sternly:”Only a few people in this world can intercept a blow of mine and the Seven Swords of Kunlun belong to that small selected few!”

That Taoist priest replied:”Indeed, in the entire world only master Yan Nantian can force the three of us to block that attack together.”

Yan Nantian now stopped laughing and shouted:”But why would the Seven Swords of Kunlun ambush me? That is something I do not understand!”

That Taoist priest laughed wryly:”The four of us were here to prevent a man from entering the Valley of Evil, we never expected that master Yan would come here.”

Yan Nantian asked:”So you mistook me for that man?”

That Taoist priest sighed:”Yes, if not we would never dream of attacking master Yan.”

It was now that Yan Nantian retracted his sword, the three Taoist priests dropped their swords. They could not lift their ams anymore now.

Yan Nantian asked:”Who are you trying to stop?”

That Taoist priest replied:”Sima Yan.”

Yan Nantian said with surprise:”That so-called intestines gutting sword Sima Yan?”

That Taoist priest said hatefully:”Yes, that fiend!”

Yan Nantian asked:”How do you know that rogue will pass here?”

The Taoist priest answered:”The Eight Righteous from Sichuan pursued him to this area, these three benefactors are the three from the eight righteous. This Yang Ping, Hai Changpo and Hai Jinpo……”

The Eight Righteous from Sichuan are famous martial artists in the realm, Yan Nantian turned around and looked at them. Three of them really looked very heroic and impressive, even if they were crawling up from the ground they did not look awkward.

The head of the eight righteous, Yang Ping had a so-called country character face and a exceedingly high nose making him look very outstanding.

He made a greeting fist gesture and said:”We have pursued that fiend to this point and we were afraid that he would enter the valley, so we asked the four reverends here to assist us and setting up an ambush for him……Little did we expect to find master Yan here.”

Hai Changpo added with a wry smile:”Although we saw that master Yan looked nothing like him, but we knew that Sima Yan is well-versed in the art of disguise. And we utterly hate that fiend, so…..”

Yan Nantian nodded and said:”No wonder you attacked so viciously. But when dealing with thugs like that, the more vicious the better.”

The head of the four vultures, Cangyi Zi asked:”But why…why are you here, master Yan?”

Yan Nantian said:”I am on my way to the Valley of Evil.”

The four swords of Kunlun and the three righteous from Sichuan were shocked and all exclaimed with surprise:”Master Yan is going to the Valley of Evil?”

Yan Nantian laughed:”I am going there not to hide from any enemy! I am going there to look for a certain person.”

Cangyi Zi said:”But….but the Valley of Evil….”

Yan Nantian said sternly:”I don’t care whether the Valley of Evil is a dragon’s den or not, I will enter it anyway.”

Cangyi Zi was most impressed and said:”Master Yan’s heroic spirit is truly admirable, but the….the Valley of Evil is filled with evil monsters of the past and present. No one has even dared to set foot in that valley, master Yan do reconsider.”

Yan Nantian’s eyes were burning with anxiety and hate, he was looking into the thick fog and said earnestly:”If one can perform a few tasks which others cannot in this life, one can truly die without regrets!”

The four swords of Kunlun looked at each other and looked embarrassed.

Yang Ping said:”But, …..according to my knowledge four of the most evil ten monsters of the realm in the past 20 years are residing in that valley.”

Hai Changpo said:”I think more than four, blood hands Du Sha, a concealed dagger within a smile, the laughing monk Ha Ha’er, neither male nor female Du Qiaoqiao, not eating the head Li Dazui…..”

Yan Nantian frowned:”Li Dazui? Isn’t he the thug that eats human flesh?”

Hai Changpo said:”Yes, indeed. When others called him [not eating the head], meaning he ate everything except the head. He laughed loudly when he heard this and said he even ate the head.”

Yan Nantian said angrilly:”How is it possible that such a thug is even alive.”

Hai Changpo said:”According to many people, this Li Dazui does have a rather noble sentiments. And both his literary and martial arts are quite distinguished. The only flaw he has is that he eats people.”

Yan Nantian said angrilly:”Isn’t that enough?”

Hai Changpo smiled wryly:”That being the case, but the chancellor of the Sanxiang Wulin the admirer of talents Tie Wushuang was somehow impressed by his talents and even arranged for him to marry his own beloved daughter. Hoping he would turn over a new leaf and his daughter would help and keep an eye on Li Dazui.”

Yan Nantian sighed:”Tie Wushuang is really an admirer of talents.”

Hai Changpo sighed tragically:”However Li Dazui did not take this chance to change and within a short period of three years he killed his wife and had eaten her.”

Yan Nantian said with anger:”The bastard!”

Hai Changpo said:”Now old master Tie was furious and assembled his 18 pupils and vowed to kill Li Dazui to avenge his daughter. However Li Dazui was not a fool and had fled into the Valley of Evil.”

Yang Ping added:”Old master Tie hated himself for not recognizing the bastard for what he is earlier and he did not want everyone to know that his daughter died this tragically so he said to the outside world that this daughter died of an illness. If we weren’t that close to old master Tie, we would not know this too.”

Yan Nantian said hatefully:”No wonder nobody knows about this in the realm……but Tie Wushuang is considered a man who fears nothing. Why does he allow the killer of his daughter to reside in this valley?”

Hai Changpo said:”Master Tie was planning on entering the valley and was not afraid to die doing so. But his 18 disciples urged him not to do so and Madame Tie also begged her husband to reconsider.”

Yan Nantian sighed:”After just losing her daughter she naturally does not want her husband to risk his life…… If men did not marry wouldn’t that be a more sensible?”
Hai Jinpo said:”Besides these four the self proclaimed number one in the field of lightness martial arts is also in the Valley of Evil. He never fights anyone but just ambushes them when they least expect it——Yin Jiuyou.”

Yan Nantian was somewhat surprised and said:”Half ghost, half human Yin Jiuyou is in the valley too? Wasn’t he killed by the elders of Shaolin when he killed secular Shaolin disciple Li Dayuan?”

Hai Changpo said:”That is indeed what is said, but there is another story behind it. It is said that the elders trapped Yin Jiuyou in the pits of the netherworld, but he managed to escape. Because this would damage the reputation of Shaolin, so every Shaolin disciple kept this to themselves.”

Yan Nantian sighed:”The once leading martial arts school of the realm is slowly degrading. I am afraid it is because the Shaolin disciples place too much emphasis on wordly matters like reputation and fame.”

Cangyi Zit said sadly:”It is not easy to protect the reputation of a school.”

He said this because Kunlun was gradually degrading too.

Yang Ping said:”Each and everyone of them is most difficult to deal with. Especially Du Qiaoqiao, this monster is most cunning and she has reached the highest level possible in the art of disguise. The closest person to you could be her in disguise. It is said that she entered the valley for other reasons and it was not to escape her enemies.”

Hai Changpo said:”Yes, true. With her mastery in the art of disguise she did not have to flee into the Valley of Evil… one knows what her true appearances are.”

Yan Nantian said:”I don’t care what her reasons are for fleeing into the valley and I don’t even care how good her disguises are…..I am going to enter the valley on my own, she can’t harm me…..hahahaha. Unless she has the ability to disguise herself as an infant of only half a month old.”

Yang Ping smiled happily:”Even if she had the ability to fly into the sky and drill through the ground she won’t be able to stop master Yan……but…..”

Yan Nantian did not let him finish he made a fist and said:”The information you have given me is most useful. No matter what I have to enter the Valley of Evil…….I take my leave now.”

All of them called out:”Master Yan……”

Yan Nantian did not look at them and pulled the carriage along with him and walked away, even with horse the carriage could not move this quickly.

All of them looked at each other and stayed quiet.

Cangyi Zi sighed deeply in the end:”I have long heard of Yan Nantian’s exceptionally high martial arts, even to be unmatched in the realm. I was not totally convinced when I heard that, but now……(*sigh)…..(*sigh).”

Yang Ping was very impressed by Yan Nantian and said:”His impressive martial arts are not enough to make people respect him, but his grandeur, courage and charisma has earned me deepest respects.”

Hai Changpo watched as Yan Nantian’s figure disappeared into the horizon said softly:”Let us hope he will come out of the valley alive to see us again…..”

The roads here were even more difficult to manoeuvre, but Yan Nantian was not bothered by it and continued to walk ahead. It was like he had supernatural strength.

In the thick fog suddenly a lamp appeared.

It was a lantern skillfully placed there where the wind could not blow the candle out, it burnt there like a ghastly fire from hell.

Carved in the rocks there were the characters: Entering the valley is like ascending to heaven, this way please.

Yan Nantian angrilly said:”The audacious thugs, how dare they carve the way to the valley this boldly. Do they really think that no one good has the courage to enter?”

He was actually the first good man to have entered this valley.

The mountain area of Kunlun was a very dangerous place to walk about, but this road easily lead one into the valley.

He was now slowly descending a slope and did not have to use force to pull the carriage along now, in fact he could even sit back and let the carriage gently push him down.

The road was becoming more and more curved and it was difficult to even see beyong a few metres. But suddenly nothing obstructed his sight anymore, in fact afar he could see lights burning. Like stars showing him the way.

He knew that there was the Valley of Evil, even with a heart of steel he was feeling a bit anxious now. He was facing one of the most deadly and mysterious places in the entire realm. He walked over with big steps with no hesitation.

Everyone thought that the Valley of Evil must be a dark place, but the opposite was true. It was very bright, but it did not make the valley less mysterious and frightning. In fact it made look more dangerous, what kind of place is the Valley of Evil?

Yan Nantian felt that his heart was beating faster and faster, he was soon about to unravel one of the biggest secrets which every good man in Wulin wants to know.
Below another lantern there was a slab with another series of characters: Enter the valley, enter the valley…..never be a slave again.

After the slab the road became clear and straight, illuminated by lanterns. Yan Nantian knew that this road was perhaps one of the most dangerous roads in the world, every step is closer to death.

No walls, no gates, no watchtowers. It looked like an ordinary village and every house there was a light burning, it looked very tranquil and peaceful.

But in this seemingly tranquil and peaceful villlage there were uncountable traps and numerous murderers.

Yan Nantian was still pulling the carriage along he noticed that his hands were sweaty, he was in the valley of evil now at any time now dangerous killers could attack.

He could see houses on both his sides, all houses were constructed quite nicely. All the doors were shut and lights were burning, suddenly two men walked towards Yan Nantian.

Yan Nantian’s heart skipped a beat, this could be the first of a series of bloody battles to come in this place, the two men wore expensive robes and casually passed Yan Nantian without even looking at him.

Yan Nantian’s eyes turned red, he did not even pay attention to the appearances of those two men. He passed more people as he continued, but none of them looked at Yan Nantian.

Yan Nantian was extremely surprised, he knew that everyone of these men he passed were evil villains who killed without blinking their eyes. He figured that they would attack him relentlesly, but the opposite was true. They seemed to be oblivious to him.

This mysterious place in Wulin was not much different from any other prosper peaceful village in the world.

Yan Nantian was confused and did not know what to do now, he has encountered numerous dangerous trials in his life but none were so strange and confusing as this one. He had entered many so-called dragon’s dens, but none of those places were as tranquil and peaceful as the Valley of Evil.

From the carriage Yan Nantian heard the baby crying, he took a deep breath and composed himself. He saw that one door was open ahead and a fragrant aroma came from it. Without any hesitation he walked over.

He entered an elegant room with several tables and chairs, at the two tables a few men were sitting and drinking wine, chatting softly. This place was seeminly a wineshop, but it was more refined and elegant than any wineshop in the world.

Yan Nantian took the baby in his arm and entered the wineshop, he found himself a seat and sat down. It looked like a wineshop, the customers were dressed neatly and smiled to each other. They did not look like chased outcasts or hunted thugs, Yan Nantian was suprised to see this. However the most vile people in the world do not look like evil at all. If they looked threacherous, one would immediately be on their guards. How could they even do evil, but why are men unaware of this?
From behind a fat man with a pleasant smile walked up, he looked like a rich and friendly proprietor. Yan Nantian remained calm and stayed seated.

The fat man came up and smiled:”Sorry for the incovenience, brother.”

Yan Nantian just said:”Hmm.”

The fat man laughed:”Three years ago I heard that brother had made enemies with the Tang clan I thought you would come. Little would I have known that you would arrive only today.”

Yan Nantian just said:”Hmm?”

Yan Nantian now knew he had mistaken him for the intestines gutting sword Sima Yan, he remained quiet.

The fat man waved his hand and a young girl with a sweet smile walked up, she wore a green dress and gave Yan Nantian a meaningful look. She said politely:”How are you, sir?”

Yan Nantian said:”(*Humph)…good!”

The fat man laughed:”Mr. Sima has come from afar and hasn’t got the interest to chat with you. Prepare some warm wine for Mr. Sima and also prepare some rice soup for this little friend.”

The young girl giggled:”What an adorable baby.”

She had very lively eyes and looked at Yan Nantian one more time before gently going back.

Yan Nantian carefully examined the fat man and thought: Could he be the concealed dagger within a smile, the laughing monk Ha Ha’er? Just looking at his friendly smile and his consideration for the baby, it is hard to believe that he slaughtered his teacher’s family in just one night. Just because his little martial arts sister called him a [fat pig].

Just about now the young girl returned with wine and a few dishes of food. It was very fragrant.

The fat man laughed:”My friend, you have travelled for a very long time. You must be hungry now, let us eat first and talk later.”

Yan Nantian again simply responded:”Hmm.”

Although Yan Nantian has more or less agreed to eat and drink, but he did not move his hands to pick up anything. He is here to kill and not to drink nor to eat.
The fat man laughed:”Everyone thinks we are suffering in the valley, but the opposite is true. With so many intelligent people gathered together here, how can we suffer? Not even the emperor could taste this delicious dishes and have this excellent wine. Do you know who prepared these dishes? You could never guess.”
The fat man continued:”My friend, have you heard of Tian Chixing (the heaven eating the constellation) of the Beggars Association? Within one hour he poisoned the seven great elders of the Beggars Association……”

He smacked the table and laughed loudly:”That is really a true hero, a magnificent man! He is the one who prepared the dishes.”

Yan Nantian was shocked but did not show it and casually said:”Oh.”

The fat man laughed louder now:”Brother Sima is really an expert to our liking! Before sorting things out, you would not say anything. But we have considered you one of us even before you came here.”

He picked up a pair of chopsticks and sampled every dish, he laughed:”Are you assured now, brother Sima?”

Yan Nantian thought: They think I am Sima Yan, this is a wonderful chance to find out where Jiang Qin is hiding. I will take action as soon as I have confirmed Jiang Qin’s whereabouts. If I do not eat, they may become suspicious. Furthermore they would not put poison in the food, since they think I am Sima Yan.”

He thought about it and thought that it would hurt to eat and he picked up a pair of chopsticks and said:”Good.” He started to eat and the food really tasted excellent and he finished all the dishes in no time because after he had eaten he could begin.

The fat man laughed:”How is the cooking of Tian Chixing?”


“The rice soup for this little friend is almost ready.”

“The sooner the better.”

“After the little friend has eaten master Yan can attack.”

Yan Nantian’s face changed and said with surprise:”What….what did you say?”

The fat man laughed:”Master Yan is famous throughout the corners of the world and master Yan has an unique physique. Even if Ha Ha’er is blind I would still recognize master Yan. Hahahaha, I deliberately mistook you for Sima Yan. If not how would you eat these dishes with a special sleeping potion of Tian Chixing.”

Yan Nantian roared:”You fiend!”

He kicked the table away.

Ha Ha’er dodged and stood three metres away from Yan Nantian now. He laughed:”Master Yan, I advise you not to use force. If not the potion will only work faster….hahahahahaha.”

Yan Nantian did not feel anything strange and thought that Ha Ha’er was just trying to confuse him. But secretly he took a deep breath as to generate his internal strength and noticed that he could not use his internal strength anymore.

He was angry and shocked, he leapt up and his iron palms striking out.

Ha Ha’er just stood there, not moving and just laughing. But before Yan Nantian reached him he had fallen down, he noticed that his limbs were becoming weak. All his strength left him, he could hear the loud and pleased laughter of Ha Ha’er and the crying sound of the baby…….the crying and laughing became distant…..gradually he could not hear a thing.

A light shone on Yan Nantian’s face, he felt that the lamp kept spinning in front of him. He wanted to rub his eyes but he could not move. His head was hurting and his throat felt like it was on fire. He gritted his teeth and focussed, the lamp was not spinning.

Ha Ha’er laughed:”Good! Good! Master Yan has come by. Here are some friends who would like to see the peerless celestial sword’s appearances.”

Yan Nantian could vaguely see some figures standing in front of him, but the light was hurting his eyes and he could not see clearly.

Ha Ha’er laughed:”Does master Yan recognize these friends of mine? Let me introduce you to them, this is blood hands Du Sha.”

A cold voice said:”20 years ago I met master Yan once. Unfortunately I had another matter on my hands and was unable to sample master Yan’s martial arts.”

The speaker was a tall and skinny man, he wore a long white robe and looked very pale. He practically looked like an icicle.

Yan Nantian tried to forget his headache and laughed arrogantly:”If I didn’t see you being injured by the southern heaven hero Lu Zhongda and did not want to have that unfair advantage, you would not have lived till today.”

Du Sha’s face did not change and coldly said:”I have lived till today and will continue to live. But master Yan is about to die.”

Ha Ha’er laughed:”But master Yan is able to laugh in the face of death, we do share some traits, master Yan. This is not eating the head Li Dazui. Have you heard of him before?”

A loud voice said:”I have long heard of master Yan’s firm bones and strong tendons. I think your meat will taste very much like dried beef, one has to sample it slowly in order to appreciate it.”

Ha Ha’er laughed:”Li Dazui, you always talk about your hobby. Here I am introducing you to master Yan, you should at least show some courtesy. Immediately you start with eating his flesh.”

“I just said that master Yan’s meat must taste wonderful. That is the best compliment I, Li Dazui, can give. What do you know, you all eat pork.”

“Well, pigs are disgusting and smelly. Not as clean as human meat I suppose. I, Ha Ha’er, would like to taste master Yan’s meat too. However I am afraid that his meat is a bit too tough for me.”

Li Dazui said:”You’re wrong there. Every type of meat is different and has its’ own delicious characteristic. For example the meat of a Buddhist monk is different from the meat of a Buddhist nun.

A sweet voice asked:”Have you eaten the meat of monk before?”

Li Dazui said:”Ha! Of course, and lots of it too. The most famous one was the monk Tiejian of Mount Wutai. It took me three whole days to eat him…..eating the meat of famous people tastes better.”

The sweet voice asked:”How many people have you actually eaten?”

“Can’t remember, too many to count.”

“Whose meat was most delicous?”

“When we’re talking about the most tender meat…..that would be my late wife. Just thinking about her white, delicate flesh makes my mouth water.”

Ha Ha’er laughed:”Enough of this, look at master Yan. He is furious.”

“We cannot let master Yan get angry. When a man gets angry his meat becomes sour. This is something I’ve learnt from eating people all these years.”

Ha Ha’er continued:”This is neither male nor female Du Qiaoqiao.”

The sweet voice said:”I just served master Yan food and drinks earlier, he already knows me. No need for any further introduction.”

Yan Nantian was shocked and thought: That young girl was neither male nor female? This monster has been infamous for the last two decades. It is amazing that she can disguise herself as a young girl of 16, 17 years old.”

The hands of Du Sha and the cannibalism of Li Dazui were not enough to impress Yan Nantian, but the art of disguise of Du Qiaoqiao made Yan Nantian’s face changed.

Suddenly another voice said:”Ha Ha’er enough talking already. Do you want him to get acquainted with everyone in the valley? Ask him what you want to know and send him to the netherworld to accompany me.”

The voice sounded distant and yet close, the speaker (deliberately) crackled his voice. Sometimes one could hear him on the left but by the end of the sentence he was on the right. He sounded like someone who is very ill and is speaking weakly, his voice gave one the shivers.

Even Yan Nantian had goosebumps when he heard him speak and thought: This Yin Jiuyou is really something! Even when talking he sounds like a ghost.

Ha Ha’er laughed:”Old Yin is afraid to be alone, can’t you wait a bit longer. Master Yan is about to join you.”

Yin Jiuyou said:”I cannot wait anymore.”

When he finished he put his hand on the back of Yan Nantian, his hand was as cold as ice and Yan Nantian shivered when he just gently touched him.

Li Dazui shouted:”Remove your hand old Yin! How can I eat his meat when it is touched by you!”

Yin Jiuyou laughed coldly:”You can kill him too, but just hurry up!”

Du Sha said:”Stop! I have something to ask him.”

Du Qiaoqiao said:”Ask away, nobody is stopping you.”

Du Sha asked:”Yan Nantian, are you here because of me?”

Yan Nantian said:”You’re not worthy of my attention.”

Du Sha was not angered and said coldly:”If I am not worthy who is?”

“Jiang Qin!”

“Jiang Qin? Who has heard of that name before?”

Ha Ha’er laughed:”Hahaha! The Valley of Evil doesn’t have a worm with that name.”

Yan Nantian gritted his teeth and said:”He may not be famous, but he is more evil than all of you combined. Hand him over and I will spare your lives!”

Ha Ha’er laughed loudly:”Excellent! Did you just hear master Yan? Master Yan has said that he will spare our lives, let us thank him for that now.”

Before he finished there was all kinds of different laughters, each was more horrible than the other.

Yan Nantian said earnestly:”All of you are amused is it?”

Du Qiaoqiao giggled:”We used 13 thick ropes to tie you down and brother Du Sha has sealed four of your main acupoints. You’re supposed to beg for mercy and now you tell us that you will spare us our lives? I think it is hilarious!”

Yan Nantian grunted.

Du Qiaoqiao said:”Well, I might as well tell you that there is no Jiang Qin in this valley. You must have been deceived and that person wanted you to seek death here.”

Ha Ha’er laughed:”The funny part is that you actually believed that person! Never thought that Yan Nantian is as naive as a child.”

At this moment Yan Nantian roared:”The fiend!”

This roar sounded like a thunderbolt and everyone’s ears were numb.

Du Qiaoqiao said with fear:”This fellow sounded awfully vital again! Has he managed to channel his sealed acupoints open again?”

Yan Nantian laughed arrogantly:”You’re correct!”

While he was talking he stood up and put up his muscles and broke the ropes.

Yin Jiuyou yelled:”The corpse has been revived!”

Just after he finished he was already ten metres away, he has proclaimed himself to be unmatched in the field of lightness martial arts. Therefore he fleeing ability was quite superior, however the others were less fortunate.

Bang, Ha Ha’er had knocked down the table and he rolled over the floor and was gone in a flash. He had escaped through a trapdoor.

Du Qiaoqiao screamed:”Ladies should not fight with men! I am taking off my clothes!”

She really took off her clothes and threw them at Yan Nantian, Yan Nantian used his palm to deflect the clothes and Du Qiaoqiao was gone too.

Li Dazui was the slowest of them all and he stood up and said with a laugh:”Good! Yan Nantian, let me test your martial arts!”

As soon as he was finished he quickly hid behind Du Sha and said:”But brother Du Sha’s martial arts are better than mines. I would not dare to go first.”

Although Yan Nantian stood up, but he had not fully accumulated his internal energy yet. If the five of them would work together and stand up against Yan Nantian, Yan Nantian would surely be killed. But he figured that this people would never work together to face danger, they were too selfish and cowardly. It was easy to share fortunes with these people, but it was impossible to ask them to face difficulties together.

All of them had fled away except Du Sha. Now Yan Nantian had fully recovered but he did not attack yet and just looked at Du Sha with his sharp eyes. After awhile he asked sternly:”Why didn’t you flee?”

“I have never fled from battles in my life.”

“You dare to stand up against me?”


As soon as he said that he leapt up and dashed forward towards Yan Nantian, his red hands attacking non-stop.

Soul searching Blood hands!

No matter how the other stances were, it seemed most impressive now.

Yan Nantian laughed arrogantly:”Good!”

He raised his fists and aimed for the palms of Du Sha. Du Sha was pleased when he saw this, he had become famous for his lethal blood hands. He was wearing gloves that were dyed with poisonous blood, furthermore there were spikes on the gloves. When his opponent was even remotely injured by his gloves, the poison will take his enemy’s life within just an hour.

Yan Nantian had aimed his fists directly at his palms, he was seeking his own death.

There was a load roar and a cry of surprise, followed by a sound of cracckkk.

Yan Nantian had aimed his fists towards the palms of Du Sha, but suddenly he changed his stances during a normally impossible situation. Du Sha dashed forward only to see that his opponent had shifted position, suddenly he felt extreme pain coming from his wrists. Yan Nantian had grabbed his wrists and the cracking sound was when Yan Nantian had broken off his right hand.

Yan Nantiand did not allow him to fall down and grabbed him by his robe and shouted:”Is there a Jiang Qin in this valley or not!”

Du Sha was in excruxiating pain but shouted back:”No, there is not!”

“Where is the child!”

“I don’t know! Kill me!”

“I admire your courage, I’ll spare you.”

After saying that he tossed Du Sha aside.

Du Sha was really a martial arts expert, he made a somersault in the air and landed firmly on the ground with both his feet. His white robe was drenched with his own blood and he was holding his broken hand in his left hand.

He yelled at Yan Nantian:”Although you spared me, but I won’t show any mercy later on!”

Yan Nantian laughed:”Yan Nantian doesn’t need mercy from others!”

Du Sha said hatefully:”Good!” And he turned around and walked away.

Yan Nantian now roared loudly:”Return the child to me, or else I will destroy this valley!”

His roar travelled loud and far, reaching the sky even. But there was no response. Yan Nantian was furious and kicked the table into pieces and hit a hole into the wall.

As he walked he hit everything in his path, tables, chairs, walls, doors and windows……everything was smashed into bits by his fists and kicks. What once was a refined and elegant room was now a wreck. But still no one had showed himself, it was like everyone was dead in the Valley of Evil.

Yan Nantian roared:”Let’s see how long you can hide yourselves!”

He left this house and advanced forward to the next house and kicked down the door. Two men were inside and when they saw his fierce look they wanted to run.
Yan Nantian had caught up with them with only one step and he picked up one man by his back. This person had quite good martial arts too, but somehow he could not even move in the hands of Yan Nantian. Yan Nantian roared and tossed him to the wall, the man hit his head on the wall and blood and brains splattered against the white wall.

The other man was too shocked to move and sat down in a daze, Yan Nantian lifted him up too.

Suddenly the man said loudly:”Wait, I have something to say!”

Yan Nantian thought he would tell him where the baby was.

But the man asked:”There are no grudges between us, why do you want to kill me?”

“Everyone in the Valley of Evil are wicked and vile fiends and deserve to die!”

“True! I, Wan Chunliu, was a bad man years ago. But I have turned over a new leaf, what right do you have to kill me!”

Yan Nantian was stunned by his words and said softly:”Why do I have to kill innocent people? Why can’t I give people a chance to start over? It is true that everyone in here has blood on his hands, but there are bound to be a few who have turned over a new leaf.”

He released Wan Chunliu and said loudly:”Go!”

The man crawled up and staggered out of the house.

Yan Nantian sighed:”Why kill the innocent! Yan Nantian, Yan Nantian! Your sworn brother only has one son, you have to compose yourself and think of a plan to save him. You cannot allow your temper to get hold of you, even if you killed everyone here…..”

When he thought about this, he had controlled his temper and discovered something rather strange.

The house he was in was very big and it was filled with all types and kinds of herbal weeds, there were several big furnaces and big bronze pots were on it. A strong herbal fragrance came out of those bronze pots.

Yan Nantian had roamed the realm for a very long time and has learnt some medicine too. In his free time he would collect herbal weeds too and compose new medicine.

But Yan Nantian only recognized only one third of the herbs here.

He was shocked and thought: That Wan Chunliu’s knowledge in medicine is amazing! It is good that I did not kill him, if he didn’t change why would he only collect medicinal herbs and compose herbal medicine.

The smoke emitted from the pots fogged up the house, suddenly a man walked towards the house. He was tall and wore a black robe, he moved more agile than a cat. His movements were lighten than a cat, his eyes were more sneaky and vile than a cat.

Yan Nantian stayed calm and awaited him. When he entered he came up to Yan Nantian with a small sneaky smile.

He raised his hands and greeted:”My respects, master Yan.”

Yan Nantian just grunted.

The man said:”I am Sima Yan, the intestines gutting sword.”

“You? So you’re already here.”

“I was here even before master Yan arrived. Even I have heard what master Yan did, so I take it you will know what my intentions are?”

Yan Nantian carefully observed for some time and sternly said:”Aren’t you afraid that I will kill you? What guarantee do you have?”

“When two countries are at war, one does not kill the emissary.”

Yan Nantian frowned:”Whose emissary are you?”

“I came here with the order to ask you one question, master Yan.”

Yan Nantian said immediately:”Is it about the baby?”


Yan Nantian instantly grabbed him and shouted:”Where is he?”

Sima Yan did not answer and just smiled at Yan Nantian’s hands, Yan Nantian gritted his teeth and let go of him.

Sima Yan smiled now:”Master Yan, we would like to ask you, if we would return you the child what will you do?”

Yan Nantian was stunned and said:”This….”

“Will master Yan leave at once and never come back?”

“Allright for the sake of the baby, I agree.”

“Your word?”

“Yan Nantian never goes back on his words!”

“Splendid! Master Yan, please follow me.”

Sima Yan lead the way, both of them walked through the peaceful and tranquil Valley of Evil. Sima Yan lead Yan Nantian to a small house, the door was not closed and there was a light burning inside.

Sima Yan said:”The child is inside, we just hope master Yan will leave with the baby. Your carriage has been repaired and placed outside the valley.”

Without hearing him out Yan Nantian had instantly entered the house.

The baby was lying on the table and Yan Nantian went over to pick him up and said sadly:”My poor child!”

Before he finished he threw the baby on the floor and yelled:”The fiends!”

It was not the baby but a wooden doll. When he found out it was too late, from all different sides secret, lethal projectiles were fired at him.

The house was filled with whoosing sounds, the peole who fired were all experts and hundreds of secretive weapons flew towards Yan Nantian. With the soul purpose of killing him.

They figured that there was no escape possible for Yan Nantian.

But Yan Nantian whistled loudly and his body shot up, there was a clattering sounds and he had dashed through the roof.

From all corners out of the house there were no sounds of confusion and panick. About ten people fled in different directions, again Yan Nantian whistled loudly and descended down like a startled and angered dragon.

Series of shrieking cries could be heard, one man was flung across the house and landed on the back, another was thrown on the street, a third one was chucked through the roof.

All three of them had their skulls smashed, brains blood splattered around. The rest still managed to get away from Yan Nantian’s fury.

Yan Nantian stood in the middle of the street and shouted angrilly:”A mere ambush like that cannot take my life! If you want my life come out and claim it!”

His voice travelled far but there was no response only his echo.

Yan Nantian walked manly through the valley cursing but nobody came out to face him. Singlehandedly Yan Nantian walked through the Valley of Evil, and all the fiends who lived here hid themselves. The heroic spirit and sentiments of Yan Nantian was awesome. But he was not feeling proud, in fact he was feeling worried, angry and sad. With every step his spirit darkened.

All the lights in the valley were out now, only the stars and the moon provided for some light.

Suddenly from nowhere a flash of light was to be seen, a sabre hacked at Yan Nantian.

Judging from that slash the attacker was an expert, he calculated that he would be able to split Yan Nantian’s head into two.

This attack was fierce and accurate, he thought Yan Nantian could not escape from this hack. But all of a sudden Yan Nantian was gone but he could not retract his attack and he hacked at the ground causing sparks.

Yan Nantian who was now standing next to him grabbed his wrist and sternly shouted:”Come out!”

But the man chopped off his own right arm and immediately turned around to run away. He was most tough and did not even grunt.

Yan Nantian was surprised, angry and anxious.

He threw away the arm and picked up the sabre and hacked open a door. He was furious, mad…..but there was nobody in that house. He was mad, but there was nothing else he could do.

His eyes were red and shouted:”Good! I would like to see how long you’re going to hide.”

He placed a chair in the middle of the street and sat there, the moon shone on his face. His face and body was covered in blood.

If the valley really consisted of evil demons, then Yan Nantian was the fierce slayer of demons.

A voice laughed:”What is so special about this baby! Here take it!”

Yan Nantian immediately leapt towards the sound, the speaker throw something towards Yan Nantian. It looked like the infant and he immediately caught it.
As soon as he touched “it,” he threw it back and shouted:”You can have it back, you foul thugs!”

As he said it he used his internal power to push the package away and when it hit the wall, it exploded. It was a bomb. If Yan Nantian did not have fast reflexes, he would have been blasted into pieces. He was not concerned about his own life, he was worried about the baby? He broke out in a cold sweat.

Vicious attacks, evil ambushes…..the entire valley was filled with it. Even a great hero will find death if he is just a bit careless.

Yan Nantian had escaped several ambushes now, but how many trials can he withstand. His strength is bound to end up once. Can he really keep resisting them without sleeping, eating?

Suddenly he thought: They are using the darkness to try and attack me. Why not use the darkness to my advantage and try to find them?

When he thought of this, Yan Nantian refound his spirit and in a flash he disappeared into the night. Fight fire with fire, although he could not find the baby right away. But those ruffians could not ambush him either.

Nobody could see Yan Nantian now, not even animals with exceptional senses could detect him. With a foe like Yan Nantian, it is not strange that all these rogues have gone into hiding here.

Every house Yan Nantian searched was empty.

And there were many houses in the valley, the entire valley seemed to be abandoned.

After a long time, Yan Nantian heard something talking sounds, Yan Nantian decided to go in that direction. And without a sound he advanced towards the talking.

A voice said:”Little Du, you really keep amazing me. You managed to get that little child to sleep.”

Although the speaker was not laughing but it was evident it was Ha Ha’er.

Another person said:”Fortunately we have this child as hostage, if not….”

Suddenly Du Qiaoqiao shouted:”Li Dazui, what are you doing?”

Li Dazui laughes softly:”The flesh of the dead woman here reminds me of my late wife.”

Du Qiaoqiao said:”Judging by the bodies, they have been dead for some time now.”

Li Dazui said:”If they’re well preserved, they’re still edible.”

“Allright, go ahead. She was the sister-in-law of Yan Nantian. After you’ve eaten her, you have more or less avenged brother Du Sha.”

Yan Nantian was fuming when he heard this and could not control his temper anymore. With one load roar he kicked down the door and stormed in.

There were sounds of shrieking and everyone fled. Li Dazui yelled:”Here you can eat them!” And he threw the coffins at him, the bodies fell on the floor.

In the dark he could hear Ha Ha’er:”Good! Yan Nantian, you managed to find us! But don’t forget the infant is in our hands! If you give chase, (*humph, humph). Hahahahaha”

Yan Nantian wanted to storm towards the sound but when he heard what he said, he stopped.

Because he could not control his temper again, he foiled everything again.

The moon lit up the house and the mother of the baby was lying on the ground. Her face was white and swollen, her hair chaotic. She looked very eerie and tragic.

Yan Nantian said sadly:”Brother……..I have failed you. I……I could not protect your son and even your bodies….I…..I….”

His voice changed and he could not continue. He picked up the coffin and carefully picked up the bodies and wanted to place them in the coffins again.

He had tears in his eyes, he could not bare to see his sister-in-law like this and he closed his eyes.

He just said softly:”I hope you can rest in peace…..”

It was night, cold boundless darkness and a body of once a beautiful woman.

At this point the corpse moved in Yan Nantian’s arms.

Tak, tak, tak, tak, four times the body hit Yan Nantian’s body. The arms and feet of the corpse hit the acupoints on Yan Nantian’s body.

Even a great hero like Yan Nantian with unsurpassed martial arts and matchless intelligence was not prepared for this.

Before he could speak, his main acupoint on his shoulder was sealed, then his acupoints in his armpit, chest and stomache were all sealed.
He had fallen, the great hero had finally fallen.

The corpse stood up and said:”Yan Nantian, know you how powerful I am.”

While she was laughing she rubbed her face a few times. The moon illuminated her face, it was Du Qiaoqiao.

The lights were lit again and Sima Yan, Ha Ha’er, Li Dazui and Yin Jiuyou came in. Their faces resembled that of goblins and demons now in the light.

Ha Ha’er laughed loudly:”Yan Nantian, did you really think you found us? We deliberately lured you over into our trap! Hahahaha, you fell right into it.”

Li Dazui laughed strangely:”Yan Nantian, did you really think we were afraid of you? Hahaha, we knew you would not make it out of here alive, that is why we didn’t bother fighting you.”

They all spoke through each other and laughed through each other.

Yan Nantian sighed and closed his eyes, he knew he would not survive this.

Yin Jiuyou said:”What are we waiting for? Do you want him to have another chance to escape?”

Du Qiaoqiao said loudly:”Wait! I did the most work, I should be the one to kill him.”

Yin Jiuyou said coldly:”If you listened to me in the first place, he would have been dead for a long time. There wouldn’t be so much effort in capturing him.”

Li Dazui said:”Stop, you don’t know how to kill someone properly. If you kill someone wrong, his meat will go sour. Then it won’t be edible anymore. Let me do it.”

All of them were arguing who could have the honour of killing the peerless celestial sword, the number one swordsman of the world. The honour would be magnificent.

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