Chapter 38 ~~ Juedai Shuangjiao/ Legendary Siblings / Handsome Siblings / The Proud Twins


The Legendary Siblings Chapter 38

“What I’d wanted, didn’t Mr Xuanyuan just finished doing it?” answered Jiang Bie He with a smile. “How come after you just paid the wager, you asked about the wager again?”

Ok-tu-kui stood puzzled, he asked to clarify, “What…what did you say?”

“We agreed that the loser would comply to the winner’s wishes, and just now I have collected my wager by asking you to drink a cup of wine with me, and you have done it. That means that you do not owe me anything anymore.” explained Jiang Bie He with a laugh.

Ok-tu-kui Xuanyuan Sanguan stood still for a while, and said, “If you had killed me, there would be numerous of people in Jianghu that would be grateful to you, if you had asked me to find something, even a rare gem, I would have done it, but now…” he sigh, and continued on, “You only asked me to drink a cup of wine.”

Suddenly Xuanyuan Sanguan raised up his wine gourd and drank big gulps and wiped his mouth with his sleeve. He tilted his head back and laughed, “Hahaha! Very well, you are well deserving the title ‘Kanglam da-xia’. In my entire life I’ve never admit defeat to anyone, but now you’ve won my respect, Jiang Bie He.”

He came to Xiao Yu’er and slapped him on the back, “Little brother, I can’t help you anymore, but with Kanglam da-xia here I don’t think you need to worry about those bunch of rats ganging up on you. I am leaving now, till we meet again!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he flew out the window and an instant he’s disappeared into the darkness of the night. Outside the wind’s blowing gently and the half moon decorated the sky.

Jiang Bie He watched Ok-tu-kui Xuanyuan Sanguan left and murmured to himself, “That man is truly a real man.”

With a respectful smile Yu-mian-shen-pan Sau Cu-jun responded, “That man is one of the Ten Evils, it is a pity that Brother Jiang didn’t take care of him for good just now.”

“A hero like him can be counted on one hand. How could I anhilate him just like that? replied Jiang Bie He in a serious tone. “Except for his habit of gambling, it seems that he doesn’t do any other evil thing.”

“Yes, yes, I was wrong to say that.” agreed Siau Cu jun, bowing his head.

“In fact even in his gambling he is a man of his word,” said Jiang Bie He with a laugh, “If he wagers his head and lost, he still would stay true to his word, just think how many people would do such a thing as him?”

Suddenly Xiao Yu’er let a deep sigh and spoke up, “Too bad that Xuanyuan Sanguan is not here to hear what you just said, if not he would feel so touched that he would shed some tears and be ultimately grateful to you.”

Jiang Bie He stared at Xiao Ju’er, with a smile he asked, “Little brother, are you a close friend of my incompetent son?”

“The term ‘close friend’ I don’t dare to accept,” said Xiao Yu’er.

“You must have helped my incompetent son out of trouble many times on the road,” said Jiang Bie Hi again.

Xiao Yu’er replied with a saucy smile, “This little ‘older-brother’ did not help the big ‘younger-brother’ at all, in fact big younger-brother has many times given a hand to make this little ‘older-brother’s life miserable. If little ‘older-brother’s fortune hasn’t been good, his head would have been separated from his body by now.

Jiang Bie He turned to Jiang Yulang and asked, “Have you been mischieveous lately?”

“How would this son dare to do such a thing,” replied Jiang Yulang and quickly looked down.

“Seeing your guilty look, I know that you did an evil thing,” said Jiang Bie He sternly. “When we get home you must lock yourself in a room and think over your wrong doing, if you dare to do wrong then you have to be able to admit your wrong and apologize. That’s the way a real man should act.”

Yulang bowed his head even lower and mumbled yes.

Xiao Yu’er said in wonder, “How Jiang Yulang could have a father like you, is beyond my comprehension. However, if he has to lock himself to think about his wrongdoing, then consequently I have to accompany him.

Jiang Bie He glanced at the “love handcuff” on the wrists of both of the young men, and said with a smile, “I’m sure that I would be able to remove something that trivial, you come with me.”

“I actually would love to go with you, however there are still some people here that want me dead. So what to do?” laughed Xiao Yu’er.

“Oh, who are they?” asked Jiang Bie He frowning.

“These well known heroes and first rate fighters of the village are all seeking for my head, a mere youth. I feel so honored,” said Xiao Yu’er.

When Jiang Bie He eyes swept around the room, automatically Yu-mian-shen-pan and others didn’t dare to look up, their faces were red with shame

Calmly Jiang Bie He spoke, I guarantee that today’s episode wouldn’t repeat itself again.

“Very rarely in my entire life do I admire other people, but today I salute you,” laughed Xiao Yu’er.

If you didn’t witness it for yourself you would not believe that the well-known “Jiangnan da-xia” would stay in such a humble house. Although the village where he stayed which was by the foothill of Ku-san (Turtle Hill) was a large village yet, many of the houses were neglected. Jiang Bie He occupied a row of the houses at the edge of the village.

He occupied about three or four dilapidated houses, although they were clean, they were very poor. Even an average government officer would live in a better house. Obviously he had no servants, only an old deaf and mute man helping him with the house chores.

It took them two days before they arrived at Jiang Bie He’s home.

During the two days, Xiao Yu’er felt more and more that “Jiangnan da-xia” was indeed a remarkable person. A true da-xia in Jianghu, so friendly and humble toward anybody. Except for Jiang Bie He, no one could behave that way.

Therefore, Xiao Yu’er was suprised to see the house of the big hero of Jiangnan province.

“A good friend of mine used to own this village, but he had moved to Soatang, so he gave this village to me,” explained Jiang Bie He. “Only it’s a pity that I wasn’t able to maintain the beauty of this village as it was before. When I think about it, I feel ashame toward my friend.”

“With your fame and status, this village should be even better than before,” laughed Xiao Yu’er.

“People that are involved in Jianghu world in general do not think about income and I am no exception. If I am after material things then I would cause shame toward my parents.”

Xiao Yu’er blinked several times and said, “But your friends, they can ….”

“It’s true that among my relatives there are some who want to help, but I felt that it’s not proper for me to accept, especially I feel content and peaceful the way I am.

“It’s hard to believe that ‘Jiangnan da-xia’ who is so famous turns out live in such a humble estate, in hundreds of year, there’s none in Jianghu who would do the same,” replied Xiao Yu’er.

“According to an ancient saying, ‘it is easy to go from thrifty to wasteful, but difficult to change from being wasteful to thrifty’. I would never forget that saying,” said Jiang Bie He in a serious tone.

“You are a true hero,” praised Xiao Yu’er.

Not long after they had their dinner which consist of three or four kinds of vegetables very simply prepared. In fact “Jiangnan da-xia” himself set the table. This humble life is not what you expect from someone as famous as Jiang da-xia.

“No wonder the people in Jianghu respect you very much,” Xiao Yu’er murmured to himself.

Jiang Bie He stared sharply at Xiao Yu’er, suddenly he said, “It is strange, the more I look at you the more you look like my late good friend.”

“Oh, who is he?” asked Xiao Yu’er.

“He’s a model what people in Jianghu would call the most polite and cultured, the most handsome man in the world.” said Jiang Bie He. “That’s why I gave the name ‘Yulang’ (handsome one) to my son, in his honor.

“Hahaha you identify me with the handsomest person?” laughed Xiao Yu’er. “If I am called polite and cultured, then no man in this world could be called uncouth or uncultured.”

“It’s possible that you are not the most polite or cultured man, but you do have this charisma that’s hard to describe,” said Jiang Bie He with a smile. “Especially when you laugh, I believe every girl in this world will swoon and find it hard to resist.”

“I would love to be the man as good as you described and hope to be the son of that brother of yours who was so gracious, only too bad my father is exactly like me. He’s wise, but not at all handsome. Moreover, he’s still well and alive. Probably he’s sitting on his rocking chair at this moment enjoying his pipe,” Xiao Yu’er laughed out loud and he got up and walked out. Jiang Bie He had no other choice but to went after him.

“Actually I would like to chat longer with you,” spoke Xiao Yu’er turning his head, “Unfortunately my eye lids are getting heavy, I wish to retire for the night. I hope that tomorrow you would be able to find a lock-smith to pick this cursed ‘love handcuff’.

“Along the way almost all the well known lock-smiths I’ve contacted, but none were able to pick the handcuff, who would have guessed that the mechanism of this handcuff was so complex,” Jiang Bie He laughed and added on, “But don’t you worry, in a short time I will be able to find a special saber or sword that could cut through steel like vegetable. Being in my residence any problem you don’ t need to worry about.

“Yes, because of that as soon as my head hit the pillow, I will be able to sleep like a pig,” confirmed Xiao Yu’er.

Jiang Yulang all of a sudden became obedient, quiet and well behaved, wherever Xiao Yu’er went he would follow without any complain.

After both young men had left, slowly out of his sleeve Jiang Bie He took out a small sword out about a foot long. The sheath of the sword was black and uninteresting, but as soon as Jiang Bie He pulled it out of the sheath, it emitted a brilliant light.
The old man who was dumb and mute was standing outside the door, as he saw the light from the sword his eyes popped up with amazement as if he’s saying, “You are obviously holding a special sword that can cut throuth steel like vegetable, how come you did not cut off the cursed ‘love handcuff’?”

It seemed that Jiang Bie He was aware of the puzzled look of the old man, as if knowing what was in the heart of that old man he smiled and said, “This is not the time to take off the handcuff. That boy is obviously too clever and has many tricks up he sleeve, nobody could guess what he’s up to. Therefore I have to allow Yulang to be by his side so he can keep watch of him. That handcuff will make it hard for him to run away if he has the thought of doing so.”

It was unfortunate that the only person around was a deaf old man, so nobody heard what was spoken.

At the long porch was a small lamp with a small shades, the flickering light shone dimly the quiet yard. A black cat huddled in a corner, one could only see the eyes shining in the dark.

Xiao Yu’er and Jiang Yulang went along side of the long porch; one could hear their footsteps and the rustling of the leaves on the trees blown by the wind.

Shrugging his shoulder Xiao Yu’er said, “If one stays here for ten years, it is impossible for that person to keep his sanity.”

“You don’t need to worry about that, you don’t need to stay here for ten years,” replied Jiang Yulang.

“Haha, finally you opened your mouth to talk,” teased Xiao Yu’er. “A while ago when we were with your father I almost thought that you turned mute.”

“I think there are not too many people in this world who would dare to talk to my father the way you did.”

“Have you been to the back garden?” asked Xiao Yu’er while looking at the pitched black garden at the back.

“Yes, one time,” answered Yulang.

“You have stayed here for a while, surely you’ve been there more than once.”

“People that entered the garden once, even if you whipped them they wouldn’t want to enter for the second time.”

“Why, is there a ghost there?”

“A place like that, even a ghost wouldn’t dare to venture,” replied Yulang as he opened a door to a room and lit up a lamp. The room was not large, there were a few sabers and swords, a stack of books and naturally a bed.

“Is this your bedroom?” asked Xiao Yu’er looking around the room.

Yulang let out a long sigh and said, “I’ve been gone for over a year, seeing my bed is like seeing a dear lost friend.”

“Seeing your high class friends, even if you killed me, I still would not believe that you could sleep on that bed properly, do you honestly like it?”

Yulang laughed and replied, “In the middle of the night I often would slip out.”

“I know for a fact that most kids from high class families have the habit of slipping out the house in the middle of the night,” said Xiao Yu’er. “But your father is different from other people, how could you do that without him knowing?”

Yulang winked and replied, “Do you know why I chose to this bedroom?”

“No, I don’t,” answered Xiao Yu’er.

“It’s because this room is the furthest from my father’s bedroom, and also it has many windows. Actually this room is one of the servants quarters, but I purposely chose it for my bedroom.

“As far as I know, I think your choice is the best,” laughed Xiao Yu’er.

Being in his own bedroom Jiang Yulang apparently didn’t have to worry about anything anymore. As soon as his head touched the pillow he was fast asleep. He didn’t feel that he needed to watch Xiao Yu’er. Furthermore, he’s just too tired, physically and mentally.

Xiao Yu’er was tired too, and he fell asleep soundly.

After a long while there were footsteps approaching the door softly, the person stopped in front of the door for a while, then softly knocked on the door. When there’s no answer, the person opened the door a little and looked in. Then the door was closed and there was the sound of the footstep leaving the place, going toward the the quiet and eerie garden at the back.

Xiao Yu’er felt surprised, according to Jiang Yulang even a ghost wouldn’t dare to venture there, then why would someone in the middle of the night enter the garden?

Xiao Yu’er suddenly opened his eyes, from his hair he took a very fine piece of bronze wire, and picked at the lock of the ‘love handcuff’. Slowly he turned the wire while listening at tentatively as if a musician listening to a beautiful song.

All of a sudden a soft click was heard, and the ‘love handcuff’ which couldn’t be picked by many well known lock-smiths, could be unlocked by Yu’er using a mere fine bronze wire.

Xiao Yu’er gave a satisfied smile; he stretch out his arm that was stiff from being confined so long. Afterward he hit Jiang Yulang ‘sleep’ pressure point so that the young man would sleep even more soundly.

While looking at Jiang Yulang, Xiao Yu’er said with a proud smile, “You think that you’re smart, actually you are not, you really think that I couldn’t unlock that cursed handcuff. Hmm, you forgot where I was raised.

It’s true that if Valley of Evil harbored the worst criminals, then naturally there would be the best pickpockets and thieves there, and to them there’s no lock on earth that they couldn’t open.

Since the age of eight Xiao Yu’er learned to pick many different kind of locks and padlocks. To pick and to dismantle locks and to put them back together again became an everyday game when he was small.

But why did he prefer to be handcuffed to Jiang Yulang and received such hardship and shame? What was really his intention? Did he suspect all along that Jiang Yulang’s father was a mysterious person and full of secrets? Or maybe from the beginning he knew that this place was full of mysterious and shocking things?

Wasn’t it possible that the reason why he allowed staying handcuffed with Jiang Yulang because he wanted to come to this place, and thus avoiding people being suspicious of him? People would think that since he could not get away from Jiang Yulang, if every inch and every second he had to be by Yulang’s side, then there’s no reason to worry about him.

But now Xiao Yu’er is free, he’s free to roam around. He had Jiang Yulang to thank for choosing this back room as his bedroom, as it was isolated away from the main area in the front.

Xiao Yu’er quickly flew to the garden at the back, the place where even ghosts were afraid to enter, according to Jiang Yulang.

In the mean time, the footsteps of the person entering the back garden earlier had long been gone. When Xiao Yu’er entered the gate, there was for a moment a flickering light far away. One second it was there, then darkness engulfed the night. The light had been snuffed off.

In the darkness, the sound of the wind rustling the leaves in the trees, sounded like a ghost waiting to pounce on its victim. Even though there were stars twinkling up in the sky, but the twinkling stars added to the eeriness and the mystique of the garden.

The wind was cold, but both palms of Xiao Yu’er were sweating. If it were someone else, that person would have long gone retreated. However, Xiao Yu’er was not “someone else”, Xiao Yu’er was still Xiao Yu’er, the only Xiao Yu’er in this world. If he had been scared and retreated, he would not be Xiao Yu’er. When he decided to continue on, there was nothing in this world that would be able to hold him back.

At the moment he’s scouting the place where the flickering light came from. He flew quickly toward that direction.

The wind was blowing from the front, and there in the middle of the garden was a pungent smell. The garden smelled like a coffin, and inside a coffin there’s only air of death! At that moment Xiao Yu’er was as if walking into a coffin, he held his breath, his footsteps were light and made no sound, because he realized that anytime he acted a little careless he could end up as a corpse.

Inside the garden there were only trees that were wilting, rock boulders from the mountain and old and worn cement statues. That tiny flickering light had disappeared; nobody knew where the source was.

After moving forward for sometimes, suddenly Xiao Yu’er lost his sense of direction. He felt all of a sudden the wind blowing strongly, and without realizing it Xiao Yu’er was trembling with cold. He didn’t know where else to go, and what to look for.

At that moment suddenly a black silhouette jumped out from the darkness. Xiao Yu’er nearly jumped out of his skin, luckily it jumped and went away, when he looked carefully, it turned out to be a black cat. How strange, why would the black cat come into the garden and suddenly ran out again.

Xiao Yu’er thought of something, and quickly he dropped down low to the ground, right in front of him was a pile of small stones around a wilted and dried up plant.

Just as he dropped down to the ground, a few yards away behind a window a lamp was being lit and following that someone stepped out of the building.

That person had the lamp in his hand. The light of the lamp shone clearly on his face, and obviously that the person was Jiang Bie He.

He called out after the cat, and the black cat bounded up into Jiang Bie He’s arms. He closed the door and walked away with the black cat in his arms.

Xiao Yu’er stayed low to the ground, not daring to breath. Slowly the light went further away, the garden again became pitch black and the air seemed to become thicker and colder.

After waiting for a long while and not hearing any more sound, slowly Xiao Yu’er got up, tippy toeing he approached the building, as he reached the building he realized that it was a green house.

That greenhouse must have boasted many different species of rare flowers in the past. As soon as he got there he smelled some sweet aroma.

However, that smell to Xiao Yu’er was like a forboding rotten stench. Although in the building there were flower plants, but most likely those would be flowers of death.

The door was locked, but not a problem for Xiao Yu’er. Again he showed his skill in picking the lock.

Slowly he pushed the door, he lit a match that he took from the table in Jiang Yulang’s room. The greenhouse was full of spider webs, at the corner was a pile of broken flowerpots mixed with dry leaves and rotten wood, other than that there was nothing else. It’s so strange, why would Jiang Bie He come to this rundown green house in the middle of the night?

The rafter on the windows rattled by the wind, from the hole in the paper window the cold wind blew through like a ghost claw toward the nape of Xiao Yu’er’s neck.

Actually Xiao Yu’er felt like running back to the room and hid his head under the blanket. This place was truly as Jiang Yulang described, “no ghosts dared to venture”.

But a place where ghosts feared to venture, was exactly the best place to hide a secret, wasn’t it?

Xiao Yu’er’s eyes darted here and there, for a long time he scrutinized the room but didn’t find anything unusual. Layer of dust covered everywhere; obviously nobody ever entered the room for a long time.

However, it was obvious that Jiang Bie He just recently stepped out of this building, then how in the world there were no footprints on the layer of dust on the floor?

Xiao Yu’er squatted down and felt the surface of the floor, apparently the dust was so old that it stuck to the floor, and except by scraping, it, you couldn’t removed the dust.

Xiao Yu’er almost jumped with joy; he knew that in this hall there must be an underground passage. He scrutinized the place again, inch by inch, every corner he checked, and still he didn’t find any secret panel that he hoped to find.

Almost giving up hope he tilted his head back and sighed. He saw a spider web fluttering by the wind, part of the web was broken and a spider was busy mending the web.

However, cobwebs usually weren’t broken by the wind, regardless how hard the wind blew and it wouldn’t make the web fluttered.

Such evidence usually would go unnoticed by most people. But there’s nothing under the sky that could deceive Xiao Yu’er. He quickly jumped up, and found out that the spider web was different from other spider web. This spider web was made of thin gold thread.

He quickly jumped up again and pulled hard on the cobweb. Soon a low rumbling sound was heard followed by a squeaking noise, the pile of dried wood under the spider web suddenly moved to the side and there appeared a secret passage.

Xiao Yu’er had seen many great secret panels, but none could match the obscurity and mechanism of the one in this room.

Most unexpectedly there was a den underground. Except for not having a window, that den was the most ideal, beautiful and complete with writing equipment.

On the left wall was bookcase full with different kind of books. In the middle there was a writing desk. It was very elegant and made of marble, on top of the desk was a complete set of writing equipment. Besides that, there was a small bronze lamp.

Xiao Yu’er lit the bronze lamp, and then sat on the chair like a big boss. He thought calmly, “If I were Jiang Bie He, where would I hide my secrets?”

Naturally in that underground den there were many places that could be used to hide things. But if the secret were a piece of paper, where would the best place be? It would be inside a book, in fact a book that nobody was interested in.

Immediately he walked to the bookcase and carefully examine the books one by one. There were many old valuable books and rare to find, indeed it was a fine collection of books. Almost all the books were covered with dust, indicating that they weren’t touched for a long time.

The reason Jiang Bie He came to the den was definitely not to read, that’s why the books were dusty. Strangely enough there was one book, only one book that had no dust and was very clean.

The book wasn’t a thin one; Xiao Yu’er pulled it out of the shelf, and saw the title on the cover “Herbal Plants” (Bok-cau). Apparently it’s a book about herbal medicine. Naturally no one would be interested in reading it unless he’s into herbal medicine.
Xiao Yu’er smiled; he knew that it was the book that he was looking for. He turned the pages, and in the middle of the book the pages were carved out into a space of a box and the pages were glued together.

Inside the space there were several thin masks, finely made, beside that there were two or three small bottles of make up.

However Xiao Yu’er wasn’t interested in those items, he kept on searching and finally found another identical boxed space. Inside it were several small bottles with rare and potent poison.

Xiao Yu’er let out a long sigh; he searched again and found a folded silver draft, a form of paper money in the olden time in China (Gin-bio) with a large sum of money that was shocking. Who would have guessed that “Jiangnan Da Xia” Jiang Bie He who lived a simple life kept such a shocking amount of money in form of silver draft?

He then found a long list of names, Xiao Yu’er was too lazy to read the names listed, but it was plain that each name had a word in bracket behind it, such as “Shaolin”, “Wudang”, etc. Almost all the words in bracket were name of the mainstream martial arts clans. It’s possible that the names listed were names of spies that Jiang Bie He sent to infiltrate those well-known martial arts clans.

However, Xiao Yu’er didn’t feel like checking it further, even though it would be a shocking revelation, Xiao Yu’er was looking for something else, and so far he still had not found it. He felt disappointed and sat again on the chair.

All of a sudden he saw a small table next to the desk, full with paper all sizes and color. He stared at those paper, and quickly he grapped the stack of papers. The papers were blank without any writing on them, but that was exactly the thing he was looking for.

The papers were thin and light, yet made of special material that was durable. Xiao Yu’er had once seen that kind of paper before, in fact he knew how it taste like.

The reason was because Xiao Yu’er had swallowed that kind of paper whole before.

Carefully he picked up a clump of dust and smeared it unto the surface of the paper, and sure enough line strokes appeared showing the map of the treasure.

So that it would look authentic, the map was drawn with a hard charcoal pencil, and when the map was drawn on the paper, the paper underneath would have the imprint.

Now that Xiao Yu’er smeared some dust on the paper, the imprint of the map appeared clearly. Apparently when Jiang Bie He drew the last map, he never used the rest of the paper afterward.

Xiao Yu’er let out a long sigh, and spoke softly, “Apparently he’s the person that made the fake maps. He purposely caused the confusion among the pugilist heroes and caused them to kill each other ruthlessly. He is the true culprit.”

He then scoffed, “Hm, how amazing is this benevolent ‘Jiang Nan Dai Xia’ who has such a big heart! Hm, even before all this I already had suspected that you harbored some evil ambition, if not why pretend to be such a true hero? You not only intent to fool all the Wulin heroes, but you wanted to wiped all those that wouldn’t kow tow to you, with your ruthless treachery. You wanted to rule over world.

Carefully he put all the things back to the original place, and then said to himself, “If you didn’t bother me, in actuality I would be too lazy to meddle into your business. But since you fooled me once, if I don’t give the payback you deserve, I would do myself injustice.”

He blew out the light, and retreated from the secret room. He returned the secret mechanism back to the original place. He knew that if he exposed the Jiang Bie He’s deceits at this moment, no one would have believed him. It’s because Jiang Bie He was very good in pretending. So right now he had to wait, he’s sure that Jiang Bie He would not be able to escape though.

Xiao Yu’er quickly went back to Jiang Yulang’s room. He saw Yulang still fast asleep, in fact he hadn’t moved from his position before, the head half submerged in the pillow and the ‘love handcuff’ still around his wrist.

Quietly Xiao Yu’er layed down and put his wrist back into the hadcuff, “click” and it was locked.

He didn’t want to think about anything. He wanted to have a good sleep so he would have full energy to face possible problems for tomorrow.

But before he could shut his eyes, suddenly someone lit a lamp inside the room.

Xiao Yu’er was shocked, he opened his eyes wide, and saw someone standing in front of the bed smiling. Under the flickering light of the lamp he saw that pale face, clearly it was Jiang Yulang.

But he definitely saw Jiang Yulang sleeping beside him, how on earth could he be standing in front of the bed?

Swiftly Xiao Yu’er jumped up and looked at the person next to him. To his surprise, the person next to him was looking at him, laughing, it was the deaf and mute old man.

For a while Xiao Yu’er froze, suddenly he laughed and said, “Yes, I knew for sure that Jiang Bie He is one brilliant man yet how come I still think lowly of him?”

“What is so funny?” sneered Jiang Yulang. “In my opinion now is crying time for you.”

“Because I want to cry, yet I can’t cry, therefore I can only laugh,” answered Xiao Yu’er.

At that moment Jiang Bie He came in slowly into the room, he said smiling in a gentle voice, “You have found out a mighty important secret, you should have run away quickly, but you weren’t willing to run away, instead you came back as if nothing happen, indeed your bravery is amazing.”

“It’s obvious that you knew that I found out your secret, yet you waited for me to come back as if nothing happen and put back the handcuff on my wrist. Ah, you are indeed a very crafty man,” replied Xiao Yu’er.

“You are still so young, yet you could fool me and able to find out my secret. I never could imagine that. You have my admiration,” said Jiang Bie He.

“You were able to make everyone believe in you as a Da Xia (Great Knight), a true benevolent hero with a big heart. Everyone respect you, it’s no shame that you’re one noted figure of the era,” replied Xiao Yu’er.

That’s how the conversation went back and forth, both were as witty and both side extol each other. If anyone witnessed their conversation, nobody would have guessed what was in their mind.

“Actually I really like your intelligence and wittiness,” spoke Jiang Bie He with regret. “But, why are you against me? Because you found out my secret, even though I like you yet regrettably you still need to be sacrificed.”

“Actually I too like your intelligence and wit, but why did you on purpose make those cursed treasure map, that I got fooled by you?”

Suddenly Jiang Bie He’s face changed, he raised his voice, “How do you know that I had something to do with that treasure map?”

“If not because of the treasure map, why would I bother to come here, and with difficulty finding out your secret? If you had not cause me any trouble, I wouldn’t have meddled into your secrets.”

Jiang Bie He glanced at Yulang then asked Xiao Yu’er, “How long have you suspected this?”

When I saw your dearest son with that piece of treasure map I asked him where he got it,” explained Xiao Yu’er. According to him he stole the map from your room. Then it got me thinking how in the world that such an important map would be laying around carelessly, so I became suspicious.”

“Your suspicion had some grounds,” agreed Jiang Bie He.

“Then I heard from others that the father of this beloved son was a true Da Xia of this era, accordingly a dragon would have a dragon for a son, and tiger a tiger for a child, but how could a big hero have a son so low and shameless?”

“Ehm, your insult has some basis in it,” smiled Jiang Bie He.

“Then I met you and followed you here,” continued Xiao Yu’er. “I saw that such an important hero was willing to stay in a place like this, in fact he had to do most of the chores, only being helped by an old man who’s deaf and mute. I came to the conclusion, that person was either a prophet or someone who was very evil and knifing. Because only those two type of people could lead such a life.”

“Obviously I don’t look like a prophet,” said Jiang Bie He laughing.

“Therefore I decided to get to the bottom of your secret,” continued Xiao Yu’er.

“You are indeed very clever, unfortunately that’s also the reason of your tragedy,” said Jiang Bie He with regret.

“When someone was born to be clever, he or she couldn’t escape from karma,” spoke Xiao Yu’er.

“You are so right, regarding this matter you and I have the same view,” Jiang Bie He nodded in agreement.

“If I’m a little older, maybe I could learn to be a little dumb.”

“Too bad, that you wouldn’t have the chance to learn,” replied Jiang Bie He.

Xiao Yu’er blinked his eyes several times and replied, “I guess you are going to kill me now.”

Jiang Bie He smiled and answered, “I never had the heart to kill people.”

“Oh, what violent method are you going to use then?” asked Xiao Yu’er.

After thinking for a while Jiang Bie He replied with a laugh, “Do you know that last night you are not the only one that wanted to do me harm?”

“Oh, who else was trying to harm you?” asked Xiao Yu’er.

“Last night someone visited my room, but before coming in the person lit a sleeping incense. It was obvious that the intent was to kill me. Only too bad that I was in the room.”

“That’s right, last night we were on the road, in the hotel,” agreed Xiao Yu’er. “But how did you know that someone came by?”

“When we got here, there was still the smell of the sleeping incense, and under the window there were footprints,” explained Jiang Bie He with a laugh. “Therefore, I came to the conclusion that the person who tried to kill me was not a professional.”

“If he’s a professional, then tonight he wouldn’t come back again,” said Xiao Yu’er.

“That’s right, but because the person is not, then it’s possible that he would come again.” Replied Jiang Bie He.

“So you would want me to sleep in your bedroom in your stead to be killed by this person, that way I would be killed and you could use the opportunity to catch the person, and if you were to kill that person, you would have the excuse that you were avenging my death. If people knew about this incidence, you would be praised as a true benevolent Da Xia and loyal to friends.”

“Hahaha, talking to a clever kid like you is such an enjoyment. I don’t need to tell you, yet you know my heart inside out.”

“I rather not know at all,” replied Xiao Yu’er with a sigh.

End of Chapter 38

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