Chapter 52 ~~ Juedai Shuangjiao/ Legendary Siblings / Handsome Siblings / The Proud Twins


The Legendary Siblings Chapter 52

If this happened two years ago, Xiao Yu’er would either perish under the fists or die under the sword, but the Xiao Yu’er now, is no longer the ignoramus he once was.

He saw Little Fairy’s left hand move, and his right hand slid up her sword and lightly brushed it. Little Fairly only felt a blur in front of her, and the sword in her hand seems to be attracted to a huge force. The stroke that was meant to stab Xiao Yu’er, is now aiming towards Yan Renyu instead. The startled Yan Renyu hurriedly changed his stroke and with a whoosh, his sleeve was sliced.

This ordinary stroke of ‘Flower Grafting to Wood’, in Xiao Yu’er’s hands, turned into a miraculous move, and although the method differs, it seems to produce wonderfully the same results as the famed move ‘Shifting Flower and Grafting to Jade’ of the Floral Palace. This is because once martial arts reach a certain level, some parts will be quite similar to each other.

However, Nangong Liu and Qin Jian could not discern the subtle differences at that moment and asked hoarsely, “Are you a disciple from Floral Palace?”

Xiao Yu’er did not reply, and instead darted behind Black Spider with a loud laugh, “I may have consumed some meat, but the mastermind is not me, why did you come specifically for me?”

Yan Ren Yu and Little Fairy saw that he obviously had the upper hand, and yet did not take the chance to retaliate, and instead avoided them. Fury clouded their judgment and without asking for an explanation, attacked again.

This time, their strokes were even more venomous, and more careful in their attack. But the person who’s going to bear the attack is not Xiao Yu’er, but Black Spider.

Black Spider was surprised and troubled, with the situation like this, how could he explain?

In the flash of an eye, the light from the sword flickered, the shadows from the fist flying, Little Fairy and Yan Ren Yu had stuck out more than ten strokes, and Black Spider also returned three palm attacks.

Under Little Fairy’s rapid sword strokes and Yan Ren Yu’s vigorous fist attacks, how could Black Spider try to explain himself? He could not even open his mouth.

Xiao Yu’er, on the other hand, was behind him laughing, “Right, that’s right, fight it out with them, what’s there to be afraid of!”

Black Spider was grunting with fury, and wanted to shake Xiao Yu’er off his back, but Xiao Yu’er is like a shadow glued to his back, and occasionally clapping his hands and laughing, “Good! This sword stroke is good… hmm, Yan Family’s Godly Fist is not bad either, Black Spider oh Black Spider, I think you are no match for them!”

Little Fairy and Yan Ren Yu were clouded by fury earlier, and their thoughts disorganized, which was why Xiao Yu’er managed to gain the upper hand once he struck.

After ten odd strokes, their thoughts have settled, their hands stable. Although Yan Ren Yu’s fist attacks were fierce, his strokes were slightly raw. Little Fairy is more experienced in combat than anyone else since she looks for fights almost daily. Her sword stabbing and piercing left and right, her strokes fast and venomous. Not only was she on the offensive, she also makes up for the loopholes in Yan Ren Yu’s fist strokes, and Yan Ren Yu’s firm strokes, also covered up for the lack of intensity in her sword strokes. The two of them were well established in Wulin, and were able to complement each other without the need to practice in advance.

Black Spider may be well known, but it was not due to his martial arts, and now to face the two of them… one quick and one slow, one intense and one soft. Slowly, he was having difficulty fending off such seamless partnership.

Besides, there is Xiao Yu’er behind him, seemingly helping him, but actually creating more trouble.

Nangong Liu was watching the fight from the side, and commented “Ren Yu is really born to learn martial arts.”

Qin Jian added, “But Sister Qing is always slightly better than him.”

Nangong Liu replied, “Then you are wrong. Ren Yu’s attacks are a little raw now, but that’s because of his strict upbringing. He dared not create trouble, so had no chance to fight. If he were allowed to roam around in Jiang Hu, within three to five years, his reputation will definitely be far ahead of Sister Qing’s.”

Qin Jian concurred, “Second Brother really has a good eye, no wonder those in Jiang Hu who had been mentioned by Master Nangong, will immediately see a rise in their value.”

Nangong Liu continued, “The person we should take notice of today is not Black Spider, but that yellowed face youth. This person is crafty, and does not follow the norm. If I am not wrong, he must be some famous person in disguise.”

This Master Nangong’s martial arts, whether it’s good or bad, is yet unknown, but with his pair of sharp eyes, he is already worthy of being called the descendent of the Wulin family with more than a hundred year’s history in Jiangnan.

As they spoke, it is now obvious who has the upper hand in the fight.

With Black Spider’s strange moves, it would have been difficult for Yan Ren Yu and Little Fairy to gain the upper hand, but with Xiao Yu’er sticking to Black Spider’s back, Black Spider kept feeling as if there is a weight hanging behind him, so his moves are naturally affected. By now, he is caught in a dangerous situation.

Xiao Yu’er deliberately sighed, “No good, no good. Seems that a man like Black Spider, is going to be defeated by these two little kids today.”

Actually, Little Fairy and Yan Ren Yu are also well known in Jiang Hu, and not little kids. By saying this, Xiao Yu’er’s intent is to deliberately antagonize Black Spider.

Black Spider has a strong temper, and despite knowing his intentions, he was still provoked into shouting, “You crazy fellow, what do you actually want?”

Xiao Yu’er whispered, “You can’t win them, but don’t you know how to escape?”

Black Spider was even more incensed, “My as*! Am I such a person!”

Xiao Yu’er commented, “Black Spider is well known for your strange skills, but today you are not doing what you do best, and instead fighting head on, isn’t that stupid.”

Although Black Spider was scolding him, but he knew in his heart that what Xiao Yu’er said was reasonable. Because he was distracted by the talk, he almost got stabbed.

Xiao Yu’er said calmly, “If you are able to retreat safely today, and bring me along with you, not only will those in Jiang Hu not ridicule you when they find out, instead they will be full of admiration.”

Black Spider stamped his foot, and replied “Fine!”

He had just said ‘fine’, and Xiao Yu’er had already dashed out from behind him, ‘Breaking the Jade and Splitting the Gold’, both his palms attacking diagonally left and right.

Yan Ren Yu and Little Fairy were taken unawares, and were forced back two steps by this move.

Right at this time, a silver thread flew out from Black Spider’s sleeve, out of the door, and attached to an old cypress tree outside the ancestral hall, with Black Spider flying right behind.

Xiao Yu’er had long clung onto his clothes, and followed him out. His body light as cotton, and although he was clinging onto Black Spider, Black Spider did not feel any burden at all.

It looks as if his body is a kite pulled by a thread, floating up the cypress tree, both his feet lightly touched the tree and he flew up again, landing on a second cypress tree. That silver thread flew out again, and attached to a third cypress tree further ahead. Black Spider lightly landed on the third cypress tree, and somersaulted over to the fourth tree, and the silver thread was attached onto the fifth tree…

By the time Qin Jian and the rest rushed out, the two of them were already more than ten feet away, and in another instant, were lost in the darkness, and only a voice could be heard from afar, saying “If you are still not convinced, then no harm coming back here tomorrow night during the third watch!”

Black Spider flew on without stopping, and only rested in the dark when they reached the edge of the city.

Xiao Yu’er clapped, “What a great Black Spider, you really come and go like lightning, moving so swiftly over a thousand miles. This Lightness Skill ‘Silver Thread Flying Spider’, is really the one and only in Jiang Hu… unparalleled!”

Black Spider huffed, “Humph, it’s no use sucking up to me.”

Xiao Yu’er laughed, “I know you must be feeling very peeved right now, and I only wanted to calm you down.”

Black Spider demanded, “Let me ask you, you obviously did not do it, why put the blame on yourself, and drag me into it. And you were hiding behind, letting me be the scapegoat.”

He got more irritated as he spoke, and shouted “That I shall not mention further, but the most intolerable thing is that, you could have openly helped me, but you choose to escape, and made me lose face with you. What is this all about?”

Xiao Yu’er chuckled, “You still do not understand? This is because I want to harm you.”

Black Spider was stunned, “Harm me?”

Xiao Yu’er continued, “With our escape, I can just leave, but you Black Spider has a name and reputation, if word gets out in future, saying that Black Spider is a cannibal like Li Dazui, would you still be able to stay around?”

Black Spider roared angrily, “Then why do you want to harm me?”

Xiao Yu’er grinned, “Because only when I drag you into with me, you will do your best for me. But you don’t have to be too worried. I harmed you because I think you’re not too bad. I can’t even be bothered with others who begged me to harm them.”

Black Spider replied fiercely, “You’ve harmed me, I should be killing you, why would I work for you.”

Xiao Yu’er smiled, “If it was another person, and I have harmed him, he will naturally want to settle scores with me. But you, Black Spider is very different from others. Of this I am very clear.”

Black Spider glared at him, before suddenly bursting out in laughter, “Fine, you really know my temper! Once I’ve encountered weird events like this, I would not relent even though I know very well that I am being tricked.”

Xiao Yu’er smiled, “If that is not the case, Black Spider would not be Black Spider.”

Black Spider asked, “By doing this, is there no other intention other than dragging me into this matter?”

Xiao Yu’er replied, “Of course I do. That Nangong Liu and Qin Jian thinks they so are remarkable, that their eyes are growing on their forehead. If I were to invite them out on a normal day, they would not entertain me. But now I want them to come at the third watch tomorrow, they would never be a minute late.”

Black Spider asked, “Fine, now that I am embroiled in this matter, and you have caught hold of their weak spot, tell me, how shall we continue this show?”

Xiao Yu’er mused, “That Mr ‘Nonsense’ secretly killed the girl, and wants you to eat her, yet he secretly told others to capture you, what kind of ploy do you call this?”

Black Spider replied hatefully, “He is of course shifting the blame onto me.”

“Such a mischief maker who maligns others, how do you think he should be dealt with?

Black Spider gritted his teeth and said, “If I were to see him again, I would kill him.”

Xiao Yu’er asked, “Do you know that mischief makers like this, besides Mr ‘Nonsense’, there is a lot others, and what they have done, is more evil than what Mr ‘Nonsense’ has done, so how should they be treated!”

Black Spider replied, “I’ll capture and kill them one by one.”

Xiao Yu’er smiled, “It’s too good for them if you kill them, besides, it’s not easy to kill them either.”

“Who are you actually referring to?”

Xiao Yu’er emphasized each word, “Jiang Bie He!”

Black Spider almost jumped up, and asked hoarsely “How is it possible that the Hero of Jiang Nan would do something like that?”

Xiao Yu’er stared at him steadily, “You don’t believe me?”

Black Spider stared back at Xiao Yu’er, and said “You’re a secretive person… and sneaky. The ways you handle matter are odd and full of diversity, who in the world would believe you!”

He sighed, and slowly continued, “I believe you, only because although you are a scoundrel, but you’re definitely not a hypocrite.”

Xiao Yu’er sighed, “That’s right, the most detestable people are hypocrites, and that Jiang Bie He is one of the most hateful ones.”

Black Spider asked, “How do you want to deal with him?”

With shining eyes, Xiao Yu’er replied, “Give him a taste of his own medicine. They know how to shift the blame to others, then I want to shift the blame to them. This is called a tooth for a tooth.”

Black Spider queried, “Why don’t you tell me how you intend to do it.”

Xiao Yu’er stared at him and asked, “Do you know who that lady in the loft is?”

Black Spider suddenly turned his head, and said “I’ve already said so earlier, I don’t know.”

Xiao Yu’er continued slowly, “Let me tell you now, she is the Ninth Miss of the Murong Family!”

Black Spider’s eyes became alert immediately, and asked hoarsely, “She is Murong Jiu?”

“That’s right. Now that Nangong Liu, Qin Jian, Little Fairy are all anxiously looking for her, if they find out that someone has been hiding her, they will certainly get into a huge fight with that person.”

Black Spider’s eyes shone as well, “So, you want to make Jiang Bie He take the blame.”

Xiao Yu’er clapped and laughed loudly, “Precisely, I want him to have a taste of what it is like to be maligned.”

Black Spider asked, “But that Jiang Bie He is experienced and shrewd, how would he get tricked?”

Xiao Yu’er laughed, “That Jiang Bie He may be wily as a fox, but with your help, I will have a way to trick him.”

He jumped up, grabbed Black Spider and said, “Time is running out, let us go settle the matter.”

The two of them flew into the city.

Along the way, Black Spider kept mumbling to himself, “Until now, I still no not understand how it would benefit that Mr ‘Nonsense’ by killing and cooking that person from Murong Family and maligning me.”

He guessed that ‘Wan’er’ must be connected to the Murong Family, most likely she is Ms Murong’s personal maid.

Xiao Yu’er grinned, “That Mr ‘Nonsense’ you are referring to, is not Li Dazui, but Bai Kaixin. He has a nickname ‘Harm others without benefit to oneself’, and he will be happy as long as others get tricked.”

Black Spider asked hoarsely, “How can there be someone like that in the world?”

Xiao Yu’er replied, “You say there isn’t, but there is. They know that the son-in-laws of the Murong Family is looking for Murong Jiu, so they kidnapped that ‘Wan’er’ and killed her, so that those son-in-laws of the Murong Family will think that Murong Jiu has also been killed and eaten, so of course they will not be able to find her. When they are sad, Bai Kaixin will be happy.”

Black Spider sighed, “There is a person like Bai Kaixin in the world, and yet there is someone like you as well. The two of you are plotting against each other, but I am the one who is unfortunate instead.”

Xiao Yu’er replied, “If it was not for me tonight, you’ll be worse off. You would have been caught red handed, and even if you have a hundred mouths, you can forget about explaining yourself.”

“But no matter what, you should not have admitted…”

Xiao Yu’er laughed, “Since when did I admit it, when did I say that I have already eaten Murong Jiu? I only said… ‘What I have done to her, need I still say?’, ‘This is no big deal, what are you afraid of?’….”

Black Spider thought for a while, and can’t help but laugh, “That’s right. Although you seemed to have admitted it earlier, but actually it’s as if you’ve said nothing at all…”

Xiao Yu’er replied, “That is where the ingenuity is.”

As they spoke, he brought Black Spider back to the loft.

Surrounding them, there were no lights, and only the lamp in the loft is still lighted. Murong Jiu was bent over the table, most likely she had dozed off unknowingly while thinking.

Xiao Yu’er commented, “This lady listens to you the most. You told her to carry a knife, and she carried a knife. You tell her to kill someone, and she will. Now, I only want you to tell her to write a note.”

Black Spider asked curiously, “At a time like this, why the sudden need to write a note?”

Xiao Yu’er continued, “Ask her to write : ‘If you want me alive, please bring eighty thousand taels of silver to the appointed place without delay, or else Sister will be sacrificed.”

Black Spider gasped, “Eighty thousand taels!”

Xiao Yu’er explained, “Eighty thousand taels may not be a small amount, but with Nangong Liu and Qin Jian’s background, it is not considered a lot as well. Others may not be able to raise the money within a day, but I presume they will have a plan.”

He continued with a smile, “Besides, this note truly has the handwriting of Murong Jiu… one point to note, you must tell them the eighty thousand taels must be in silver, not gold or jewelry.”

Black Spider asked, “I tell them?”

Xiao Yu’er grinned, “Naturally you will have to tell them, and naturally you will have to send this note… Black Spider comes and goes without a trace and covers a thousand li in an instant. To send such a letter, who else in the world can be better than you?”

Black Spider stayed silent for a while, before he replied with a sigh, “Fine… but I still do not understand, why insist on silver?”

Xiao Yu’er repled, “This of course a reason in this, you will know when the time comes. After sending the letter, you just have to wait for the show to begin.”

Black Spider asked, “Are you really going to collect the silver personally when the time comes?”

“When the time comes for the silver to be collected, it will be my scapegoat going.”

Black Spider pondered, “Then… if Qin Jian and Nangong Liu did not see you but someone else, won’t they be suspicious.”

Xiao Yu’er laughed, “Qin Jian and Nangong Liu don’t even know who I am… they saw this waxed yellow face of mine, and saw me executing ‘Flower Grafting to Wood’’ they think that I am a ‘Floral Palace’ disciple in disguise. Right now that real ‘Floral Palace’ disciple is together with Jiang Bie He.”

Black Spider pondered for a while, and sighed “So every move you make has a reason. A person like you, if there are a few more in the world, then it would be a difficult life for others.”

Xiao Yu’er laughed out loud, “Don’t you worry, there never will be a second person like me in the world.”

At dawn, the bewildered store keeper of ‘Qing Yu Hall’ was dragged out of bed by Xiao Yu’er to send a letter to Third Missy’s place.

By morning, Xiao Yu’er has already returned to his look of the medical hall staff, lying on his bed at Qingyu Hall and had a good sleep.

Then, Third Missy arrived.

This time, she is no longer calling from the window, but came straight in, and dragged Xiao Yu’er from the bed, full of happiness and grouse, and stamping her foot, saying, “Where have you been these two days, don’t you know how anxious I was.”

Xiao Yu’er rubbed his eyes and smiled, “If you’re really anxious for me, then you should help me.”

Third Missy replied gently, “Since when have I rejected what you have asked.”

Xiao Yu’er continued, “But this matter, you must not reveal a single word to a third person.”

Third Missy lowered her head and asked, “Don’t you trust me?”

Xiao Yu’er grinned, “Fine, let me first ask you, have you seen that Jiang Yu Lang these two days?”


Xiao Yu’er stared at her and ask, “Think again, could it be possible that one of the people around Jiang Bie He could be Jiang Yu Lang in disguise.”

Third Missy really paid it some thought, and answered firmly “No, it’s impossible, Jiang Yu Lang was definitely not here these past two days.”

Xiao Yu’er heaved a sigh of relief, “That’s right, a girl’s intuition may be baffling, but sometimes they are right. Since you are so sure, I guess Jiang Yu Lang is not here then.”

Third Missy asked quietly, “You called for me, just to ask about him?”

Xiao Yu’er smiled, “That is because you and he have a big association.”

Third Missy huffed, “Don’t you sprout nonsense, what association do I have with him?”

Xiao Yu’er lowered his voice, “Do you know that your family’s money was stolen by him.”

Third Missy gasped, “Really?”

Xiao Yu’er explained, “He left suddenly within these two days, firstly is to avoid me, secondly is to find another place to hide the money, because he thinks that I know more secrets than I actually do.”

Third Missy blinked, and asked, “Who are you really? Why is he so afraid of you?”

Xiao Yu’er smiled, “Strictly speaking, until now, he does not know who I am.”

Third Missy was silent for a while, before she replied quietly, “I don’t care who you are, I will…”

Xiao Yu’er hurriedly interrupted her, “As long as my guess is correct, as long as he is not here, my plan will succeed… you must take note for me, if he comes back, you must tell me immediately.”

Third Missy asked, “What plan do you actually have? Why is it that your plan can only succeed if he is not here?”

Holding her hand, Xiao Yu’er said gently, “You will find out in future, but now, please do not ask me.”

If there is anything in the world that can make a girl shut up, it would be her beloved speaking to her gently. Third Missy really shut up, no longer asking.

She only bowed her head, and asked “You… don’t have anything else to say to me?”

“Tonight, at the beginning of the watch, wait for me outside the door in the back courtyard of your house…”

Third Missy’s eyes immediately brightened in joy, and fluttered, “Tonight… the door in the back courtyard?”

Xiao Yu’er replied, “That’s right, don’t you forget, you must be there on time.”

Third Missy smiled tenderly, “I will definitely not forget, even if the sky was to fall, I will be there on time.”

She turned around with a tender smile, imagining a beautiful and romantic scene.

Xiao Yu’er roamed around on the streets, and walked past many restaurants but he did not go in. Instead, he found an old and run down noodle shop outside the eastern gate of the city.

This little noodle shop actually has a very beautiful name, called “Nostalgia Stall”.

Xiao Yu’er went in and ate a large bowl of hot, soupy noodles, four fried eggs, and asked the shopkeeper, who looked as if he had not bathed for three years, to help him buy brush, ink and seventy, eighty pieces of paper.

Using a piece of paper as big as a rice bowl, he wrote ,”Happy friend, at the ‘Xu’ hour tonight, there will be a person surnamed Li waiting for you at ‘Nostalgia Stall’ outside the eastern gate of the city, you have no choice but to come.”

The same words, he wrote continuously on seventy… eighty pieces of paper, and hired two beggars, asking them to paste it on the visible areas in the streets and alleys in the city.

The shopkeeper looked on curiously, and could not help but ask, “What is this all about? I really do not understand.”

Xiao Yu’er smiled, “Those who should know would naturally know, those who should not know would naturally not know.”

The villager scratched his head and asked, “Who should know?”

But Xiao Yu’er had left, chuckling away. He went to a boutique and bought a black suit, went to the provision shop and bought some ink… plaster, glue.

Later, he went to an average sized inn, and had a good sleep! When he woke up, the sky is almost dark.

Xiao Yu’er looked into the mirror, and like a young girl putting on make up, took quite some time applying things on his face. After he put on that suit, and stood in front of the mirror… how could that be Xiao Yu’er, isn’t that Li Dazui himself standing there.

Xiao Yu’er was very satisfied with the outcome and chortled “Although it’s not exactly the same, but I think that Bai Kaixin has not seen Li Dazui for twenty, thirty years, in the darkness of the night, I should be able to pull this off.”

He is not short all along, and after two years of roaming, his body is has become firmer. When he stands with his chest out, not only does he look 90% like Li Dazui, even his build is similar to the tall and stout Li Dazui, that even those who sees Li Dazui everyday may not be able to tell the difference if they do not pay attention.

He rolled up his old clothes and stuffed it under his blanket, so that when seen from outside, it seems that there is someone sleeping on the bed.

Then, he used the pen on the table and wrote a letter, this letter is actually for Jiang Bie He. Using his left hand, he wrote crookedly “Jiang Bie He, your son and the money is now in my hands. If you want to talk terms, come to the abandoned ancestral hall outside the city at the third watch tonight.”

He sealed the letter tightly, and wrote on the envelop, “To be opened by Jiang Bie He personally, not to be seen by others.”

Xiao Yu’er kept the letter close to him, and chuckled “Jiang Yulang is not in the city, most likely he has gone to hide the money. As long as he don’t come back tonight, even if Jiang Bie He is a fox, he will still be tricked when he sees this letter. Even if he does not believe it totally, he will still be unable to bear the suspense and will go take a look during the third watch.”

With a self satisfied smile, he slipped out the window.

By the time he reached ‘Nostalgia Stall’, it is already late into the ‘Xu’ hour.

Although it is dinnertime, there wasn’t a lot of people in ‘Nostalgia Stall’, and even that shopkeeper was no where in sight. Only one customer was sitting there drinking.

This person was wearing a new satin suit, and there is even a pearl in his hat. He was dressed to look like a wealthy gentleman, but his mannerism is that is a scoundrel, not sitting properly, but instead squatting on the stool drinking. His shifty eyes kept looking around, as if he is a thief on the lookout for his captors.

Xiao Yu’er walked in with a big step and laughed loudly, “Good man, you’re really here. We’ve not met for so many years, yet you rascal have not forgotten you have a friend surnamed Li, you’re quite punctual.”

He grew up with Li Dazui, so naturally it is easy for him to imitate Li Dazui’s accent and mannerisms accurately, and he looks as if they came from the same mould.

However, that person kept a straight face and stared at him, saying “Who are you, I don’t know you.”

Xiao Yu’er grinned, “You want to hide from me, but although you are dressed like a human, that shifty monkey head and brain of yours cannot be changed.”

That person actually laugh loudly, “You scoundrel who eats people without spitting out bones, we’ve not met for so many years, can’t you be more polite when talking to me?”

Xiao Yu’er sat down opposite him, on the table were two sets of cups and chopsticks, but only a bowl of roasted meat. Xiao Yu’er furrowed his brow and said, “You penniless thief is really getting poorer and poorer. Quick call that shopkeeper out, so that old brother here can have a hearty meal with you.”

Bai Kaixin replied, “He won’t come.”

“Why? Where is he?”

Bai Kaixin pointed at the bowl with a grin, “Right in this bowl.”

Without any change in his expression, Xiao Yu’er guffawed, “You sure know how to bootlick me, and have not forgotten what I like to eat. But that shopkeeper looked as if he had not bathed for many years, I’m afraid even the meat would have spoiled.”

Bai Kaixin beamed, “I’ve long washed him clean from head to toe before cooking him.” He raised his cup to toast with Xiao Yu’er, and poured another cup of wine.”

Xiao Yu’er smiled, “You’re quite a filial son.”

He picked up a piece of meat, and only chewed it for a while before he spit it out again, and asked with a stare, “What kind of poultry is this, passing off as human meat?”

Bai Kaixin clapped his hands with a hearty laugh and said, “Surname Li, you are really something. This bird mouth of yours can really tell that it is not human meat once you tasted it. Think for yourself, would I kill for you?”

Naturally he had wanted to use this method to test if this person who came is really Li Dazui. Xiao Yu’er was secretly smirking, but he did not blow his cover. He stared at him and said, “Who else can you be filial to if not to me? That shopkeeper maybe a bit dirty, but the meat is still quite firm. I already have the intention of roasting him, but where have you hidden him?”

Bai Kaixin replied, “He went home long ago, I have already bought over this shop of his… ha ha, he was actually very happy when he received my fake silver taels, and thought that I was the one who got hoodwinked.”

Xiao Yu’er sighed, “You have no use for this run down noodle shop, but you tricked him badly, and made me unable to enjoy good meat. Your that nasty habit of ‘Harming others without benefit to oneself’, will never be changed.”

Bai Kaixin grinned, “I can’t change my habit, but can you change yours? A dog will never change from eating poop… you’ve been hiding in your dog’s den for so many years, why are you suddenly coming out? ”

Xiao Yu’er stared at him and raised his voice, “Let me ask you first, you used my name to send a couplet to Tie Wushuang, and used my name again to kill someone’s maid and cooked her, what are you thinking?”

Stunned, Bai Kaixin asked, “You know everything?”

Xiao Yu’er laughed loudly, “Think about it, what else can be hidden from me.”

Bai Kaixin grinned, “Those people had nothing to do, and I don’t like it, so I found some things for them to do. Cooked some meat and invited them for a meal, and yet told on them, so that the two sides with fight it out, only then will I be happy… tell me honestly, do you think my plan is brilliant?”

Xiao Yu’er laughed coldly, “What a regret that that Qin and Nangong kids, having lived for so long, actually believed anyone who came to talk to them. If it was me, and you came to tell tales, I will detain you and ask you how you would know that others are eating human meat.”

Bai Kaixin replied, “Can’t I write a letter? Why must I go personally?”

“An anonymous letter and they believed it?”

Bai Kaixin explained, “Even if they do not believe, they will still go take a look.”

Xiao Yu’er smacked the table and laughed, “That is precisely the reason! That is just what I wanted you to say out.”

Bai Kaixin rolled his eyes and asked, “What devious idea are you thinking of now, that you want me to be tricked?”

Xiao Yu’er smiled, “You used my name, but I will not punish you for now, provided you write another letter to that Qin and Nangong kids. Since they have already proven that your first letter is not false, they will definitely believe your second letter.”

“What letter?” Bai Kaixin asked.

Xiao Yu’er replied, “Naturally it is a letter to trick others, if it is not a letter to harm others, I don’t think you would want to write it.”

Bai Kaixin beamed, “If it is to harm others, I can still agree, but who will be the one being harmed?”

Xiao Yu’er told him, “You just have to tell them, at the third watch tonight, go to the guest room in Duan He Fei’s back courtyard to take a look, and they will naturally see something that they will find interesting… but it must be on the dot at the third watch, not a moment earlier or later. As to who we are harming, you will know sooner or later.”

“What if I refuse to write?”

Xiao Yu’er replied icily, “I know you will write. How can you still sleep when you refuse to do something that will harm others? Besides, if you do not agree to write this letter, I have ways to make you…” Suddenly he took out the letter for Jiang Bie He, held it in his hand, and with a palm stroke smashed the oil lamp on the table.

Bai Kaixin’s expression changed and he asked, “What are you doing?”

End of Chapter 52

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