Chapter 58 ~~ Juedai Shuangjiao/ Legendary Siblings / Handsome Siblings / The Proud Twins


The Legendary Siblings Chapter 58

Xiao Yu’er saw that Du Jiao Jiao was humming and hawing once Mr Copper was mentioned, and looked troubled, so he did not press on. He noticed that the carriage was also traveling towards the east, going the same direction as those members of Jiang Hu.

He could not help but ask, “Why are these people hurrying?”

Du Jiao Jiao replied, “To see the show. The disciple of the best martial arts sect in the word fighting against the most respected and powerful organization in Jiang Hu, don’t you think this would be an interesting show?”

Xiao Yu’er rolled his eyes and asked, “Could it be Hua Wu Que and the sons-in-laws of the Murong family?”

Du Jiao Jiao answered, “Nangong Liu and Qin Jian have gone to look for Jiang Bie He to settle scores, but Hua Wu Que pledged that Jiang Bie He is innocent. Both parties could not come to an agreement, so they can only duel.”

Xiao Yu’er laughed with gleaming eyes, “This fight is going to be really interesting. But, this thing only happened this morning, how did so many others find out about it?”

Du Jiao Jiao smiled, “I’m afraid it was Jiang Bie He who informed them. He must have thought that he has Hua Wu Que on his side backing him up, so he would definitely win. Naturally he would want more people to see the show.”

Xiao Yu’er sighed, “That’s right, the Murong Family may be powerful, but compared to Hua Wu Que, they are still a little inferior… is there really no one else in the world who can deal with Hua Wu Que?”

Du Jiao Jiao looked at him with a smirk, “Only you.”

He really did not feel like continuing on this topic, and luckily there is a topic that he wants to discuss right now. He rolled his eyes and immediately changed the subject, “You were interrupted by Black Spider earlier, what major incident happened at the Valley of Evil?”

Du Jiao Jiao sighed, “Do you remember there was a Wan Chun Liu in the valley?”

Xiao Yu’er laughed, “How can I forget. When I was young, he would soak me in his medicine everyday, until I was giddy from it all. I may not be able to beat up others very well now, but I am quite good at taking a beating, thanks to all those soaking.”

Du Jiao Jiao continued, “Do you remember in Wan Chun Liu’s house, there is a person called ‘Medicine Jar’?

Xiao Yu’er was secretly startled, but without any change in his expression, he grinned, “Of course I remember, he eats more medicine than me. Every time Wan Chun Liu finds a new kind of herb, he will always let him try first.”

Du Jiao Jiao stared at him and said each word slowly, “Ten months ago, Wan Chun Liu and this Medicine Jar, both disappeared!”

Xiao Yu’er’s heart almost jumped out from his throat, but even if you are so close that your nose is sticking to his face, you would not be able to see any twitch of his facial muscle.

He only smiled lightly and asked, “This is nothing much, why are you all so excited about it?”

Du Jiao Jiao smiled as well, “Do you know who that Medicine Jar is?”

Xiao Yu’er widened his eyes, “Who?”

“Have you ever heard that there was once a man in Jiang Hu, who could let you feel the force of his sword once he drew it even if you are standing over ten feet away. He can also shave off your beard and hair without you feeling anything.”

Xiao Yu’er smiled, “I’ve heard of this person, think he’s called Yan Nan Tian, right?”

Du Jiao Jiao sighed, “Besides Yan Nan Tian, there is no one else.”

“But isn’t he already dead?”

Du Jiao Jiao replied, “He is not dead! He is that Medicine Jar!”

Xiao Yu’er deliberately replied in shock, “Medicine Jar is Yan Nan Tian, with the most powerful swordplay in the world, this is really unimaginable. But if Yan Nan Tian’s swordplay was really so good, how did he end up half dead?”

Du Jiao Jiao sighed, “It was all because of you. We were trying to save you from his clutches, so we had no choice but to injure him.”

She sounded so believable that if Xiao Yu’er had not already heard from Wan Chun Liu about this secret, he might really have believed her right now.

He secretly sighed, and thought “Yan Nan Tian may be my benefactor, may be a hero, but there are no feelings between us. You people may be evil, but after all these years, we have developed some feelings for one another, so how could I bear to seek revenge on all of you for him, why do you still need to lie to me!”

Strictly speaking, although Xiao Yu’er is not a very good person, but he is a hot blooded, sentimental, and soft hearted person, although he may appear otherwise.

Xiao Yu’er was sighing in his heart, but put on a smile on his face and said, “For me? How is he related to me?”

Du Jiao Jiao replied, “This is a long story, we’ll talk about it slowly in future. You only have to remember, we offended Yan Nan Tian because of you. With the departure of Yan Nan Tian, we don’t even dare to stay on at the Valley of Evil anymore.”


Du Jiao Jiao explained, “The Valley of Evil may be viewed by others in Jiang Hu as a restricted place, but if Yan Nan Tian was to charge in, who in the world can stop him. He was tricked once, and this time he would be even more cautious.”

Her cunning and changeable eyes revealed a look of fear, and she continued with a long sigh, “This time when he comes, I’m afraid we the Evil people would turn into evil ghosts instead.”

Xiao Yu’er’s eyes glimmered, and asked, “You think… that he has regained his martial arts?”

Du Jiao Jiao replied with hatred, “Even if he has not recovered his martial arts now, but that Wan Chun Liu must have concocted some herbs that can treat his injuries, if not how would he have escaped with him out of the valley!”

Xiao Yu’er replied slowly, “But he could have recovered by now, right?”

Du Jiao Jiao involuntarily shivered, and stared at Xiao Yu’er, “You wish that he has recovered by now!”

Without any change in his expression, Xiao Yu’er replied calmly, “Although I do not wish it to be so, but no matter what, we have to make plans for the worst case scenario.”

Du Jiao Jiao was silent for a long moment, before she sighed again, “That’s right, he could have long recovered his martial arts, he could be looking for us right now…” Her eyes looked out the carriage window, no longer in the mood for conversation.

The carriage was moving faster and faster, and sounds from the whip of the carriage driver were continuous, as if he is also in a hurry to watch the exciting battle.

At the bottom of three hills, there is a little valley, and by now there were already a few hundred people standing on the hills, even the tree branches were seated with people.

The carriage stopped outside the valley and Xiao Yu’er was unable to catch any glimpse of what is happening in the valley.

Voices could be heard discussing, “That mild looking scholar, could he be the disciple of the ‘Floral Palace’? I really can’t see how he can be highly skilled.”

“It seems that there is no one in Jiang Hu right now whose martial arts is better than his. Even Hero Jiang is in awe of him, I wonder how true that is.”

Someone sighed, “He looks so young, and yet is the best martial artist in the world. With such pretty looks, no one else in the world can be compared to him.”

The discussions were all focused on praising and envying him. Xiao Yu’er was peeved upon hearing them and Du Jiao Jiao looked and him and smiled, “You are not feeling good after hearing all these?”

Xiao Yu’er stared, “Who said that I don’t feel good. I am perfectly comfortable.”

Du Jiao Jiao chuckled, “He may be the son of heaven, but our Xiao Yu’er is in no way worse than him. I’m afraid Jiang Hu would belong to the two of you in future.”

Xiao Yu’er suddenly pushed the door open and said, “I’m going out to join in the fun, what about you?”

Du Jiao Jiao replied, “You go ahead, I will wait here, but… you must do something for me.”

“What thing?”

Du Jiao Jiao continued, “Try to get that Ouyang… Luo brothers up into this carriage, you may be able to do that.”

Xiao Yu’er grinned, “As long as this carriage of yours is large enough, even if I were to make everyone in this valley get in, it would be a simple task.” He jumped down the carriage and walked away with big steps. Suddenly he turned around and stared at the carriage driver, who was just scratching the beard under his chin, looking at him grinning.

Xiao Yu’er squeezed into the crowd and climbed up the hill with ease.

On the hill, there were hundreds of big trees, and one could view the whole area sitting on it. Unfortunately, the trees were full of people sitting on it. Xiao Yu’er rolled his eyes, suddenly shook his head and sighed, “So strange that there were be so many people who do not fear death in this world, sitting right on top of the poisonous snake’s lair. If the poisonous snake were to take a bite on the butt…”

He had not finished his words and those people on the tree were already jumping down in fear. After the chaotic situation, they realized that the person who sighed and spoke earlier, is now seated comfortably on the tree.

These people can’t help but ask, “Hey, Friend, you said this tree is a snake’s lair, why is it that you dare to sit on it yourself.”

Xiao Yu’er grinned, “Oh? Did I say those words earlier?”

The crowd was surprised and furious, and heard Xiao Yu’er mumble, “With the Hero of Jiang Nan and the Murong ladies settling their problems here, if one were to think of causing a quarrel here, that person must really be sick of living.”

The crowd looked at one another, and had no choice but to swallow their fury. Some climbed up the tree again, and for those who could not squeeze themselves up, they could only consider it their bad luck.

On the empty spot in the valley was a horse carriage, and that Hua Wu Que was leaning on the carriage door casually, as if he is talking to the person in the carriage.

Jiang Bie He was sitting on a piece of stone next to him, and was smiling and acknowledging those people around him that he knew, without putting on any airs that befits a ‘hero’.

Xiao Yu’er also saw those ‘Luo Jiu’ brothers. With the two of them so tall and fat, they were a head taller than everyone else in the crowd.

However, none from the Murong Family was there, and some of the members of Jiang Hu were starting to feel displeased, thinking that they were trying to put on airs.

Hua Wu Que does not look anxious at all, and was happily smiling. Every time his eyes turned to look into the carriage, that pair of piercing eyes will become especially gentle.

Xiao Yu’er unconsciously gripped his fists, feeling unspeakably awkward and wondered, “Who is the person in the carriage? Could it be that Hua Wu Que and Tie Xin Lan are never far from each other, and he brought her here as well?”

Suddenly, there was a commotion in the crowd, twelve burly men dressed in black with colored belts carrying three large sedans hurried in.

Behind each large sedan there was a small sedan following behind, and on them sat three bright eyed, charming young maids. Once the sedan stopped, the three maids came down from the small sedans, and opened the door of the large sedans. From within the large sedans, three dazzling beauties walked out.

These three were Murong Shuang, Murong Shanshan and ‘Little Fairy’ Zhang Qing. The three of them were elaborately dressed today, and had taken pains to dress up, looking exactly like well bred ladies out to receive guests, and not like valiant heroines or martial arts exponents coming out for a fight.

Most of the people sitting on the hills had only heard of the reputation of Murong Jiu and her sisters, but only a handful has really seen them before. Now, everyone’s eyes brightened, and nine out of ten of them were stunned by the sight. Even Xiao Yu’er almost could not recognize the last lady walking quietly behind is the same fierce Little Fairy who was galloping in the plains and spoiling for fights.

Hua Wu Que’s gaze of course shifted from the carriage to their faces. Instead of saying that his eyes were full of admiration, it would be more accurate to say it was full of surprised curiosity.

Murong Shanshan, with small, light steps, was walking in front. With a curtsy, she smiled and said “We are late, and had to trouble Sir to wait for us. Please forgive us.”

She spoke so gently and politely, so how could Hua Wu Que be ill-mannered in front of these ladies. He immediately bowed and smiled, “It’s not Madams that came late, it is I who came too early.”

Murong Shanshan smiled. “It is such a fine day today, and with the breeze and the sun as elegant as Sir, we should have come out earlier for a walk. Unfortunately, we were delayed by mundane matters, and could not arrive earlier.”

The laughing banter between the two, sounds is if they were a lady and a gentleman who has arranged to meet to enjoy the scenery, and not a thread of fury could be detected.

Hua Wu Que asked, “Master Nangong and Master Qin should be arriving soon?”

Murong Shanshan smiled, “Something happened at their homes, so they have already rushed back.”

Murong Shuang added, “Outsiders are not allowed to interfere in matters involving the Murong Family.”

Hua Wu Que was stunned, and asked “But… but aren’t Madams…”

Murong Shuang smiled in reply, “We may be their wives, but matters pertaining to the wives do not involve the husbands as well. Would we Murong sisters marry a husband who likes to poke his nose in his wife’s affair?”

Murong Shanshan continued with a laugh, “Sir would not wish to marry a controlling wife either, right?”

The words of these sisters actually stumped Hua Wu Que into silence, but Xiao Yu’er was secretly snickering, “Whoever marries the ladies of the Murong Family, is truly lucky. It’s obvious that Nangong Liu and Qin Jian themselves do not dare to duel with Hua Wu Que, but the way the ladies explained it off, not only was their reputation not affected, others would praise that they are considerate husbands instead.”

But, since they are willing to let their beloved wives attend, they must believe that their wives are confident of winning. Xiao Yu’er secretly thought about it!

Jiang Bie He could really control his temper well, and only now did he speak up with a smile, “If Master Nangong and Master Qin is not coming, how can this matter be settled?”

Murong Shuang shifted her gaze towards him, and the smile on her face disappeared immediately. She replied with a stare, “Who said that it cannot be settled?”

Hua Wu Que coughed and asked with a bitter smile, “How could I duel with Madams?”

Murong Shanshan smiled, “If Sir does not wish to duel with us, then we ask that Sir do not interfere in the matter between us and Jiang Bie He. He is not a child, can’t he handle his own affairs?”

Her smile may be gentle, but her words were sharper than knives. Everyone who heard her stopped smiling in shock, and felt that no matter what, Jiang Bie He would not be able to take these words lying down.

Who would have expected that not only did Jiang Bie He not react, but he smiled “Friends in Jiang Hu would know that I would never wish to hurt others, so how could I hurt Madams? And over such a minor misunderstanding as well.”

Murong Shuang shouted, “Jiang Bie He, listen, firstly, this is definitely not a misunderstanding! Secondly, you may not be able to injure us, so just strike!”

Jiang Bie He replied with a slight smile, “This misunderstanding cannot be cleared for now, but the truth will come to light in time, so how can I fight with Madam now. Even if Madam were to kill me, I cannot retaliate.”

These words were beautifully spoken, and some people in the crowd could not help but cheer. Even Xiao Yu’er can’t help but secretly admire him, “I’m afraid there’s no one else in the world who can be compared to Jiang Bie He with regards to handling others. Especially in such situations, his ability really shows.”

Murong Shuang roared, “You obviously know that Master Hua would not let us kill you, so you deliberately said those nice words.”

Suddenly someone shouted, “At least Hero Jiang would not slip home on his own, and let his wife come out and quarrel with others.”

Xiao Yu’er could see clearly that the person who shouted was Ouyang Ding, also known as Luo Jiu. However, the Murong sisters could not see him, and does not know who the one who spoke was.

They pretended not to hear, but they knew in their hearts that they cannot continue arguing with Jiang Bie He. Since both parties are using similar tactics, it’s better that they tolerate each other a little.

Little Fairy suddenly shouted, “All these talk will not settle the problem, let’s just start the fight. How about me taking on Master Hua first?”

Hua Wu Que looked her up and down, and smiled “Do you think I can fight with you?”

Murong Shanshan smiled, “I guess that Master Hua will not duel with women.”

Hua Wu Que smiled, “It would be a sin if I were to accidentally smudge Madam’s make up, so how could I even fight with you.”

Murong Shuang raised her voice, “This matter has to be settled. If Sir has no other ways, I do have an idea.”

“Please advice.”

Murong Shuang replied, “I will say three things, if Sir can accomplish them, then we will never look for this Jiang Bie He. However, if Sir is unable to accomplish them, then we ask that you stop interfering in Jiang Bie He’s affairs!”

Right at this time, Xiao Yu’er suddenly realized, that the reason Qin Jian and Nangong Liu deliberately refuse to come, and the Murong sisters dressed so elaborately, was to stop Hua Wu Que from really fighting, so that they could use the three terms to tie Hua Wu Que up. Once Hua Wu Que takes the bait, it would be considered a battle won!

But Hua Wu Que is not stupid either. He was silent for a while before continuing with a smile, “What if the three tasks that Madam sets up is impossible to be completed?”

Little Fairy shouted, “If you are unable to complete the three tasks after we say them, then you shall see us complete it. This should be considered very fair.”

Murong Shanshan continued, “Of course these three tasks can be done by anyone, regardless if they are men or women. We only wanted to witness Sir’s martial arts and wits.”

Hua Wu Que smiled, “If that is the case, then I will retire from Jiang Hu in future.”

Xiao Yu’er has already guessed that the three tasks set by the Murong sisters must be something bizarre and extremely cunning, and could not help but secretly laugh, “Hua Wu Que oh Hua Wu Que, once you agreed, you will be tricked! The tasks they spent so much effort thinking of, I’m afraid even I would not be able to accomplish it, much less you!”

It must be known that although Hua Wu Que said those words lightly, but the four words ‘retire from Jiang Hu’ is too severe. His reputation now is rising day by day, and his life in Jiang Hu in the years ahead will definitely be exciting and glorious. However, if he were to lose today, he will spend the rest of his life in monotony. He may have confidence in himself, but the onlookers can’t help but feel nervous for him. The Murong sisters quietly held a discussion among themselves.

Murong Shuang finally smiled and said, “The first task for Sir, we ask that Sir stand using the ‘Golden Chicken Standing on One Leg’ position, and let someone push you. If Sir does not fall, then you have won.”

Hua Wu Que smiled, “But I wonder how many people would Madam want to push?”

Murong Shuang rolled her eyes and said, “Any number will do! For example, two hundred!”

Hua Wu Que took a deep breath, and replied with a smile, “Fine, so it shall be.” Once this sentence was uttered, everyone was surprised. How enormous the pressure of two hundred men would be. Even if those men are of average built, the combined strength will be more that what Hua Wu Que alone can stand against, much less now that he is going to stand on only one leg.

“What’s so exceptional about this, just have to use his brains and anyone would be able to accomplish it. You just have to stand against the face of the hill, forget about two hundred people; even twenty thousand people would not be able to ‘push’ you down.”

Xiao Yu’er assumed that Hua Wu Que also thought of this point, but who knows that he did not walk towards the hill, but just stood on one leg on the plain field and said with a smile, “Once I count to three, Madam can ask the men to push.”

The Murong sisters exchanged looks among themselves, unconsciously revealing the ecstatic look in their eyes, and chorused, “Yes Sir.”

The few hundred people in the Valley, including Xiao Yu’er, all thought that Hua Wu Que would surely be defeated, and some had already started sighing.

Judging by Hua Wu Que’s martial arts, even a hundred men would not be his match, but this task required a test of strength, and no skill is required. He can’t borrow another’s strength to bolster his own, nor can he dodge or hide. If others pushed with a force of a hundred kilos, you must also oppose the force with a hundred kilos

Hua Wu Que was heard counting, “One, Two, Three…”. At the count of ‘three’, his one leg on the ground suddenly sunk into the ground half an inch, that solid rock under his feet was like soft mud. Murong Shanshan was secretly alarmed on seeing this, and with a wave, said “Master Hua is ready, what are you waiting for?”

The eighteen burly carriage bearers dressed in tiger robes immediately ran forward. Obviously they have practiced for this, and as they stood in line, the second person is already placing his hand on the first person’s shoulder, the third person putting his on the second person… the steps of the eighteen people getting faster and faster, rushing towards Hua Wu Que and pushing him.

This push not only garnered the strength of these eighteen people, but also the strength picked up from the run. It’s not difficult to imagine how large the force would be.

End of Chapter 58

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