Chapter 77 ~~ Juedai Shuangjiao/ Legendary Siblings / Handsome Siblings / The Proud Twins


The Legendary Siblings Chapter 77

Hua Wu Que’s Lightness Skill might be one of the most marvelous in the world, but this tiger need not use its eyes to see or its ears to hear. It only needs its nose to sniff, and no matter who it is that enters the backyard, none can escape its notice. Since that person in black has already entered the courtyard, it seems unlikely that he can avoid calamity. After Hua Wu Que’s surprise, he can’t help but feel a sense of regret.

The lights in the hall were flickering, the ferocious tiger had already stood up. Other animals really cannot compare to the ferocity of the tiger, and even Hua Wu Que was secretly alarmed.

Just at this time, a gentle voice came from the back of the yellow curtain, saying softly, “Little Kitten, sit down, don’t learn to be a guard dog and scare the guest.” The ferocious tiger actually walked over obediently and sat down, like it has suddenly turned into a kitten.

Hua Wu Que was stunned at the sight, and saw from the back of the curtain, a soft, dainty hand as clear as jade, lightly caressing the tiger’s back. The gentle, voice said with a hint of laughter, “Since you are here, why don’t you come in and take a seat.”

Hua Wu Que thought to himself, “Did that man in black experience exactly the same thing that I am experiencing now? Did he go in? What happened to him after he went in?”

He deduced that since the man in black came with thoughts of certain death, he will definitely not withdraw. This hall may be a tiger’s den, but he will still barge in! Once he thought of this, Hua Wu Que hesitated no longer, and walked in with a large step!

He smiled a little, and walked in step by step, like a polite guest who has come to visit his friend. A tinkling laughter came from behind the curtain, saying “What a handsome and suave gentleman, dare I ask for your esteemed name.”

Hua Wu Que clasped his fists together and replied, “I am Hua Wu Que, and I wonder what is Miss’s name?”

A giggle raised from behind the curtain, “I am married, how dare I call myself Miss… your humble lady is surnamed Bai.”

Hua Wu Que replied, “So it’s Madam Bai.”

Madam Bai replied, “I wouldn’t dare, Master Hua, please take a seat.”

Hua Wu Que really sat down, and said, “Thank you, Madam.”

This is a habit that Hua Wu Que cannot change. As long as others is polite to him, even if he knows that they are going to kill him, he will still be polite to them as well.”

Madam Bai laughed again, “Sir has come from afar, but your humble lady cannot come out and be a better host, I hope that Sir will forgive me.”

Hua Wu Que replied, “To be able to speak with Madam separated by a curtain, I am already feeling very honored.”

Madam Bai suddenly laughed loudly, “I am already being very polite, but I did not expect you to be even more courteous. At the rate that we’re being polite to each other, I’ll feel embarrassed about asking why you are here, and you’ll feel embarrassed to say it. Such polite talk, why don’t we dispense with it.”

Hua Wu Que replied with a slight smile, “Being courteous before using force, this is the way gentlemen fight. In my opinion, it’s better to be more polite.”

Madam Bai asked, “We have no enmity with each other, and you do not even know what I look like, how do you know I am being courteous with you before using force? I do not have the intention of ‘using force’ with you at all.”

Hua Wu Que answered, “A stranger who comes to visit in the night, even if Madam were to meet that person with arms, it is still expected.”

Madam Bai tittered, “Although I do not know the reason for your arrival, but seeing that you look gentle and suave, and scholarly and well articulated as well, you do not look like a bad person at all. If you were like that person who came in earlier, I may not make things difficult for you, but others will not let you off.”

Hua wu Que heaved a long sigh, and said solemnly, “I thank Madam for your praise, but I am here precisely because of that person who came earlier.”

Madam Bai exclaimed, “Aiyo, could you be friends with that sneaky little black devil?”

Hua Wu Que replied, “If Madam can enlighten me on his whereabouts, I will be extremely grateful.”

“Even if I tell you his whereabouts, do you have the capability to save him?”

Hua Wu Que replied, “In front of Madam, I dare not belittle myself.”

Madam Bai laughed heartily, “Good, what a good ‘dare not belittle yourself’, since that is the case, why don’t you show me some moves, let me see if you really have the ability to save him.”

Hua Wu Que smiled slightly and said, “I shall demonstrate my humble skills.”

He sat there without moving, but his whole body suddenly flew up, the heavy red sandalwood chair seemed to be glued to his body.

Madam Bai laughed loudly, “Good, with skills like yours, no wonder you said you dare not belittle yourself, but I’m afraid…”

Hua Wu Que raised his brow, “Afraid of what?”

Madam Bai continued, “We have two guests here, who did not see eye to eye with that little black devil, and who knows what happened, but they ended up fighting as they spoke! Hai, that friend of yours may look fierce, but he is not a match to that two friends of mine.”

Hua Wu Que asked hoarsely, “Could he have already perished at the hands of others?”

Madam Bai replied, “Your friend seemed to have been taken away by my friends, but I do not know where they have taken him.”

Hua Wu Que was stunned, and for a moment did not know what to do.

He also could not decide who this Madam Bai is, or decide if her words are true or false. Besides, even if he knows that she’s lying, there is nothing he can do. He can’t leave, he can’t stay, his mind is in a blank.

Who would have expected that Madam Bai would actually giggle, and said “But you need not worry, if you really want to look for him, I can bring you there.”

Hua Wu Que replied happily, “Thank you, Madam.”

But Madam Bai sighed and said, “It’s just that I have been locked up here, and cannot move, so how can I bring you there?”

Hua Wu Que looked at that delicate hand caressing that ferocious tiger who is as well trained as a house cat, and mumbled, “Madam is the owner of this house, and this tiger is kept by Madam, who could have imprisoned Madam here, I really cannot fathom.”

Madam Bai sighed again, “This is a long story, come and lift up this curtain first, then I’ll tell you.”

Hua Wu Que hesitated, “could this be a trap?”

Madam Bai replied, “And you still call yourself highly skilled, don’t you even dare to lift this curtain?”

Hua Wu Que suddenly stood up, and pulled open the curtain. Once the curtain was drawn, he was shocked speechless.

The front half of the hall was exquisitely and grandly decorated, but the back half of the hall, which was separated by the curtain, has no decorations at all. The ground was filled with hay, and there was a water trough at the corner. This is not a place fit for a human to stay, it looks more like a pig’s sty, a horse’s stable.

This scene is enough to make one shocked, but the most startling thing is, the neck of this pretty lady dressed in finery, was clasped in steel, and the other end of the steel was nailed deeply into the wall. Hua Wu Que seemed to have been nailed to the ground as well, unable to move at all.

Madam Bai looked at him and smiled sadly, “Now you understand why I cannot bring you there.”

Hua Wu Que secretly sighed, and said “This… who did this, who…”

Madam Bai lowered her head, and said each word slowly, “My husband!”

Hua Wu Que almost jumped up and cried hoarsely, “Your husband?”

Madam Bai replied sadly, “That’s right, my husband is the most easily jealous and most unreasonable man in the world, he kept thinking that once he leaves, I will flirt with other men.”

Hua Wu Que stared at her blankly, unable to talk at all.

Madam Bai continued, “You see that I am quite finely dressed, and think this is strange, right?”

She carried on with a long sigh, “If someone were to take a look at me, he will kill that person. How that you have seen me, even if you do not save me, he will still look for you to settle scores.”

Hua Wu Que smiled bitterly, “What I hate most, are people who bully women and girls. Even if I did not require Madam’s help, even if such a thing did not happen, I will still save Madam no matter what.”

Tie Xin Lan laid in the darkness, and waited for a long time. Suddenly, she heard an earth-shattering roar of a tiger, but after that roar, the surroundings reverted to quietness, with no movements at all. This quietness worries Tie Xin Lan more than no movement at all.

She waited for a while more, and became more anxious as she waited, until she could take it no longer, she finally jumped out from her hiding place. No matter what she must take a look to see what had happened.

Tie Xin lan leaped up to the top of the wall. She had just jumped up the wall when suddenly there was a flash of light. It was a specially made lantern, a ray of light flashed past her face like lightning.

Then, in the darkened main hall, someone laughed slowly, “And I thought who could it be, so it’s Miss Tie Xin Lan.”

Tie Xin Lan was stunned, and almost froze on the wall, and asked hoarsely, “Who are you?”

“Miss need only to walk in and take a look, and you will know who I am.”

Tie Xin Lan felt both surprise and suspicion, so how would she dare to walk into this darkened main hall rashly.

That person laughed and added, “Since Miss is already here, it’s better that you come in and take a look, or else, even Miss’s two friends cannot leave with their level of martial arts, with Miss capabilities, do you think you are able to leave?”

Tie Xin Lan started shaking, “Could Hua Wu Que have already fallen into other’s trap, and have met with misfortune?”

That person replied in the darkness, “Under the pillar next to the stone steps, there’s a lamp and a flint, Miss better light the lamp before coming in. Others have always said that under the light, I am a very handsome man.”

Tie Xin Lan hesitated again, “What devious plot can this be?”

But no matter what, light can usually bring some courage to people, the danger of darkness is larger. Therefore she searched for the lamp and lighted it. Tie Xin Lan held on to the lamp tightly, and walked into the main hall slowly.

There is no one in the main hall at all. The huge incense urn, the faded yellow curtain, the enormous yet legendary statues of gods… the lamp seem to have suddenly dimmed.

Tie Xin Lan can’t help but felt a cold shiver, and asked loudly, “Who are you exactly? Why are you hiding?”

No one answered, and there is no one to be seen as well. Could it be that those wooden statues are playing tricks on a mortal girl?

Tie Xin Lan dare not lift her head, but she can’t help but lift it. The enormous mountain god, was riding on a ferocious tiger, and looked as if he is smiling sinisterly at her.

Tie Xin Lan almost felt like throwing down the lamp and running away. The copper lamp turned cold, her hands have started shaking. Suddenly, mad laughter could suddenly be heard from behind the statue.

Someone laughed loudly, “Tie Xin Lan oh Tie Xin Lan, you are really quite brave.” This voice shockingly sounded like it was coming from the wooden statue.

But Tie Xin Lan instead composed herself and asked with an icy smile, “Since you invited me in, why are you hiding behind the statue and dare not see me.”

That person laughed loudly, “A woman’s bravery, is sometimes really more than a man’s. I had wanted to give you a scare, but did not expect you to see through the loophole.”

Following the laughter, a person turned out slowly from behind the statue, the flickering lamplight shone on his pale face and sharp eyes. He is indeed a very handsome man. But when Tie Xin Lan saw this man, she was even more surprised that if she had seen the devil.

She exclaimed hoarsely, “Jiang Yu Lang, it’s you!”

Jiang Yu Lang smiled, “That’s right, it’s me. I played a trick on you earlier, were you frightened?”

Tie Xin Lan retreated step by step, “You… what do you want?”

Jiang Yu Lang smiled a little, “We are old friends, why are you so afraid on seeing me?”

Even Tie Xin Lan’s toes have turned cold, but she forced a thread of smile on her face and said, “Who said that I’m afraid, I’m very happy as well.”

As she spoke, her legs were still moving backwards. She suddenly threw the lamp in her hands towards Jiang Yu Lang’s face and flew out of the main hall. She suddenly ran into someone’s arms!

Tie Xin Lan need not use her eyes to see, and she already knew who this person is. This person’s clothes is soft and smooth, so smooth that it feels like a foul poisonous snake.

This person’s hands are also soft and smooth. He actually hugged Tie Xin Lan lightly and asked gently, “Why did you escape, do you fear me?”

Tie Xin Lan’s whole body weakened, her whole body started shivering. She did not even have the energy to push him away.

Jiang Yu Lang lightly caressed her shoulder and asked slowly, “Tell me, what are you actually afraid of?”

Tie Xin Lan tried her best to calm her racing heart. She stamped her feet and cried, “I’m going to ignore you, you scared me half to death just now, why should I be bothered with you?”

She knows that she is definitely not Jiang Yu Lang’s match. She knows that at this point in time, a girl’s wiles is her only weapon.

Jiang Yu Lang really smiled, and laughed loudly “You’re really an adorable woman, no wonder both Xiao Yu’er and Hua Wu Que are smitten over you.”

Tie Xin Lan interrupted, “You think that you cannot be compared to them?”

Jiang Yu Lang squinted his eyes and asked, “How do you think I fare compared to them?”

Tie Xin Lan replied, “They are still kids, but you… you’re already a man.”

Jiang Yu Lang laughed heartily “You really have good taste, a pity why you did not let me know earlier!”

He hugged Tie Xin Lan even tighter, Tie Xin Lan almost felt like vomiting.

However, she said with a coquettish smile, “Are you stupid, do you need to wait for me to tell you.”

In this cooling night breeze, in this quiet darkness, with such a gentle and beautiful woman in his arms… no matter how formidable Jiang Yu Lang is, his heart should have softened as well.

Tie Xin Lan’s voice became even more gently, and said slowly, “Now, I don’t mind telling you, actually I have already…”

She has been ready for some time, right now energy has gathered in her arm and with all the strength in her body, she hit towards Jiang Yu Lang’s waist.

But her hand had only just moved, and Jiang Yu Lang has already pressed down the acupoint on both her shoulders. She can’t even exert an ounce of strength now. Jiang Yu Lang, this devil, had already seen through her intentions.

She only felt Jiang Yu Lang’s hands slide down her back, and along the way pressing another seven to eight acupoints and immediately she cannot move even her fingers.

But Jiang Yu Lang’s hands continued moving along her body, and he chuckled, “I know you have already taken a liking to me, I will not let you down tonight.”

His cold and gentle hands, have already slipped into her clothes. The skin on Tie Xin Lan’s body started trembling under his fingers. This is her virginal territory, and now it has been invaded by this evil man. She felt as if her soul had left her body, her heart had left her chest. She felt like dying! The warm air coming out from Jiang Yu Lang’s mouth covered her ears.

Jiang Yu Lang laughed quietly, “You need not be afraid, I’ll be very gentle towards you, extremely, extremely gentle… you will immediately realize, that comparing Xiao Yu’er and Hua Wu Que to me, they are really just kids.”

Tie Xin Lan bit on her lips and did not scream at all. She knows that at this point in time, not only is screaming and struggling useless, it will instead excite Jiang Yu Lang’s beastly impulses further. She is already prepared to accept this disastrous fate. She shut her eyes, her tears flowing like a river.

Who would have expect that right at this time, Jiang Yu Lang’s hands suddenly stopped moving. Before Tie Xin Lan could realize what was happening, Jiang Yu Lang had already pushed her away. She fell helplessly, and landed on the floor. She immediately saw a woman.

This woman was dressed in snowy white clothes, on her pale face, her eyes looked at Jiang Yu Lang without moving. In her icy eyes, there was neither anger nor sadness.

Jiang Yu Lang clapped his hands and said with a forced smile, “This lass here is treating me like a fool, she actually wanted to trick me, so how can I not teach her a lesson.”

That girl still looked at him icily, not speaking at all.

“Are you jealous?” He caressed her face with a grin, and continued, “You don’t have to be angry, and all the more you don’t have to be jealous, you know that you are the only person I truly like in my heart.” The girl just stood there unmoving like a piece of wood, letting him touch her.

That girl finally spoke. She stared at Jiang Yu Lang and said each word clearly, “I don’t care if you’re lying or not, from now on, if I see you touch even a finger of another woman, I will kill you immediately and then commit suicide in front of you.”

End of Chapter 77

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