Chapter 79 ~~ Juedai Shuangjiao/ Legendary Siblings / Handsome Siblings / The Proud Twins


The Legendary Siblings Chapter 79

Hua Wu Que looked at Bai Shan Jun walking out the door. He could have followed behind him, but he can only stand there dismally, unable to move at all.

He knows that Bai Shan Jun’s words were not meant to deceive him. Although he can walk out, he does not wish to gamble with his life, to gamble if he can take more than seventy steps. Right at this time, he suddenly heard a roar.

The windows in the room were originally tightly closed, but after the roar, a gust of wind suddenly blew up, and the lamp started wavering. All the chairs and tables also seemed to collapse from the wind! Hua Wu Que’s face colored, the tiger has already entered the hall.

The tiger has already regained its authority as the king of the jungle. Although it’s steps were slow, but every step seemed to carry the weight of a thousand kilos!

A pity that he can’t even gather his strength now, and is defenseless against even a chicken, much less a tiger. Since the tiger has come straight in, he can only retreat step by step.

The ferocious tiger is now in front of him, it’s tail erect like a flag pole, followed by a leap, a heave and a cut, and this is something that the Hua Wu Que now cannot block.

Cold beads of sweat starting flowing down Hua Wu Que’s forehead! If he does not call out to Bai Shan Jun for help now, it is unavoidable that he will be torn to pieces by tiger claws and made into a meal for the tiger.

Although he does not wish to die, and look upon life as something extremely precious, but for someone like him, how can he willingly cry for help?

There was another roar, a few vases shattered into pieces with a ‘clang’!

Jiang Yu Lang has walked out, laughing madly. Listening to his gloating laughter, Tie Xin Lan’s limbs felt cold.

She knows that although Jiang Yu Lang is evil, but he’s a coward. If he is not confident that he can defeat Hua Wu Que, he would not be gloating so much now, or be so assured!

Tears, have already started flowing out from her eyes.

Suddenly Black Spider laughed coldly, “A woman after all. Death, what’s the big deal about it, is there a need to cry so miserably?”

Tie Xin Lan chewed her lips and said, “You… you think that I am feeling sad for myself?”

Black Spider suddenly stared at her, “Could it be because of that Hua person?”

Tie Xin Lan lowered her head, and Black Spider asked loudly, “If it was Xiao Yu’er who died, would you be this sad as well?”

Tie Xin Lan suddenly lifted her head and looked at him for a moment before smiling sadly, “If he dies, do you think I can still live?”

“Since that is the case, then why are you feeling sad for others… a woman can only be sad for a man. The lives and deaths of other men, she should not take it to heart.”

Tie Xin Lan heaved a long sigh and said dejectedly, “The affairs of my heart, you will not understand, you will never understand, no one else would understand.”

Tie Xin Lan turned her gaze towards Murong Jiu. Murong Jiu was still standing there dazedly, and have not moved even her finger at all, as if she will never move again.

Tie Xin Lan smiled sadly, “Aren’t you here because you want to save others as well?”

Black Spider shouted, “That’s right, I came to save her! But I am willing to die for her. Other than her, even if other women were to die in front of me, I might not even lift a hand.”

Tie Xin Lan looked at him and said sorrowfully, “But no matter how good you treat her, or how true, she will not know.”

Black Spider stared at her angrily and said each word slowly, “Let me tell you, how good I treat her, I do not need her to know, nor is there a need for her to treat me well. I love her means I love her, there are no other conditions!”

Tie Xin Lan quivered, “Even if she will not love you in future, or even ignore you, you will still love her?”

Black Spider replied loudly, “That’s right, I love her, not because I want her to marry me. As long as she can live well, it doesn’t matter even if I die.”

Tie Xin Lan was silent for a moment, and tears dropped again. She said melancholically, “If a woman in her whole life, can have this kind of love, it won’t matter even if she dies, she is already satisfied…”

She lifted her head, suddenly realizing that Murong Jiu’s face is full of tears now.

Tie Xin Lan was shocked and ecstatic, and said loudly, “Can you understand our conversation? Can you understand his feelings now?”

Although tears kept flowing from Murong Jiu’s eyes, but her gaze was still dull. A flicker of excitement and joy had shone on Black Spider’s face, but now the shine had dimmed again.

Tie Xin Lan said gently, “You don’t have to feel bad, although she has lost her senses now, but your true feelings have obviously touched her. As long as your heart remains unchanged, the day will come when she will be able to feel it all.”

Suddenly a person was heard giggling, “The day will come…. Heh heh, I’m afraid that day will never come.”

Jiang Yu Lang sauntered in again. Tie Xin lan asked in surprise, “Why did you come back for?”

Jiang Yu Lang grinned, “Naturally I came to see you.” He strolled over to Tie Xin Lan and extended his hand to touch her face.

Tie Xin Lan immedialty shrieked, “You… don’t you forget, that lady in white said…”

Jiang Yu Lang laughed loudly, “Naturally I would not forget her, so I’ve already given her some calming medicine. Now she is sleeping soundly, so even if you were to scream yourself hoarse, she will not hear.”

Tie Xin Lan started trembling involuntarily and screamed, “If you touch even a finger of mine, I will…. I will tell her.”

Jiang Yu Lang chuckled, “No, you won’t tell her. I guarantee that when she wakes up, you will not be able to talk at all.”

His hand have slipped slowly from her shoulder to her chest.

Even Tie Xin Lan’s blood have run cold, and she stammered, “Ple… please, don’t do that, please kill me.”

Jiang Yu Lang laughed, “Kill you? Why would I want to kill you now? The lover of Jiang Xiao Yu and Hua Wu Que, if I don’t enjoy myself, won’t I be letting them down?”

With a loud laugh he carried Tie Xin Lan and said with a wicked grin, “To tell you the truth, I want to have you irregardless of everything, not really because I have really taken a liking to you, but because Hua Wu Que and Jiang Xiao Yu…”

Tie Xin Lan can no longer hear his words, she had passed out.

Although Black Spider was gritting his teeth so tightly that it was chattering, but he can only watch as Jiang Yu Lang carried her out the door, watch as she is about to be violated.

The ferocious tiger got ready to pounce, Hua Wu Que can almost see himself dying at the claws of the tiger.

Right at this time, he suddenly noticed a painting that was hanging by his side was stuck firmly to the wall and the frame at the bottom was also stuck tightly to the wall.

Without a thought, Hua Wu Que reached out and with a pull of the frame, the whole painting suddenly sank in and a door appeared. He immediately dashed in.

There was another earth shattering roar, but Hua Wu Que had already shut the secret door.

Although Hua Wu Que would like to take a look at the situation within the door, but he really did not dare to carelessly take another step. With every step that he took, the next step could be a fatal step!

But right then there was a trembling voice that drifted out, “Please, don’t do that, please kill me!”

Shockingly, this is Tie Xin Lan’s screams.

A hot rush of blood flooded to Hua Wu Que’s head, and without any care, he walked over with large steps!

Jiang Yu Lang was gloating and was just about to carry Tie Xin Lan out the door when he suddenly realized someone was standing at the door, blocking his path.

The light shone on this person’s pale, furious but handsome face, and it’s actually Hua Wu Que, but there were no trace of Bai Shan Jun and Madam Bai.

Jiang Yu Lang felt as though he had been whipped and immediately staggered a few steps back.

Hua Wu Que stared at him furiously. If at this moment he can gather even an ounce of energy, Hua Wu Que will not let this vicious and despicable scum continue to live on this earth.

Luckily Jiang Yu Lang does not know that he does not have the power to hurt, so even if Jiang Yu Lang had borrowed another gut, he would never dare to strike against him.

Hua Wu Que only sighed in the darkness and said slowly, “Aren’t you going to put her down?”

Jiang Yu Lang’s face was full of smiles when he respectfully placed Tie Xin Lan on the chair.

Hua Wu Que said, “I do not wish to hurt you either, you… better leave quickly.”

Jiang Yu Lang looked as if he has been given a big pardon and escaped in a flash, all the while smiling awkwardly, “Little brother will obey… little brother will obey!”

Black Spider can’t help but roared, “Hua, what do you mean by that? This kind of person, why don’t you kill him?”

Hua Wu Que replied with a bitter smile, “It will dirty my hands if I kill him, just let him go.”

He was afraid that Jiang Yu Lang might be eavesdropping, so naturally he dare not reveal the real reason.

Black Spider retorted angrily, “You’re afraid of dirtying your precious hands, but I’m not afraid. Release my acupoint quickly, I’ll go and settle scores with him.”

Hua Wu Que was stunned, where can he find the strength to unseal other’s acupoints? He can only pretend not to have heard.

Black Spider was furious, “Aren’t you willing to help me as well? Will I dirty your hands as well?”

Hua Wu Que can only lower his head, and walked towards Tie Xin Lan. It took him more than ten steps before he reached her, and he felt that the walk was so long that it’s frightening.

Black Spider laughed frostily, “Good, very good, so you’re that kind of a person. We have really seen wrongly. A person like you, if your finger even touches me, I’ll feel nauseous instead.”

Hua Wu Que sighed secretly, he has nothing he can say.

He has never been insulted thus in his whole life, but now he can only endure it, because if he were to reveal the truth now, and if Jiang Yu Lang heard it, all of them can forget about living. The only person Jiang Yu Lang fears now is him, and isn’t he on his guard against Jiang Yu Lang as well. By now Tie Xin Lan has slowly regained consciousness.

Once she saw Hua Wu Que, her teary eyes immediately brightened, and gasped with happiness, “You’re here! You’re really here, I just know that no one can hurt you, I’ve known long ago that you will surely come and save us.”

Black Spider laughed coldly, “If I need someone like that to save me, I’d rather die.”

Tie Xin Lan asked curiously, “You… why do you speak to him like that?”

Suddenly a person was heard commenting, “Master Hua cannot even save himself now, where can he find the energy to save you, can’t the two of you tell? Why must you force him so?”

Amidst the mad laughter, Jiang Yu Lang had sauntered in again. Hua Wu Que can only look at him walk in, unable to say anything at all.

Tie Xin Lan was shocked stunned, and asked hoarsely, “This… is this true?”

Hua Wu Que heaved a long sigh and said slowly, “Jiang Yu Lang, I did not wish to kill you, but do you really want to come and seek your own death?”

Jiang Yu Lang laughed loudly, “That’s right, I have come to seek my death. Now I am going to carry Miss Tie away, and die on top of her.”

His words may be bold, but no matter what he was still a little apprehensive towards Hua Wu Que, so he walked around him before he dared to go near Tie Xin Lan and carried her up.

Tie Xin Lan screamed, “You… you dare…”

Jiang Yu Lang saw that Hua Wu Que still had not struck, so he became even bolder, and laughed loudly, “Why won’t I dare? Or can our Master Hua do anything to me at all?”

He carried Tie Xin Lan and retreated backwards step by step towards the exit, his eyes still staring at Hua Wu Que.

Hua Wu Que’s perspiration rained down his body. He has already walked fifty, sixty steps, the next step could mean his death!

Jiang Yu Lang laughed wildly, “Hua Wu Que oh Hua Wu Que, why don’t you come over? Where has the martial arts which you thought best in the world gone to? Do you really want to watch me carry your lover up the bed?”

He has already retreated to the door, but deliberately stopped.

Hua Wu Que’s body was shaking. Death, may be frightening, but the more frightening thing is, he knows that if he dies, Tie Xin Lan’s ill-fated outcome still cannot be changed.

Jiang Yu Lang’s hands, invaded Tie Xin Lan’s chest again, and laughed sinisterly, “Look, what a soft chest this is, what smooth skin, the body of a virgin, should have belonged to you totally, but now, it belongs to me. I can enjoy it however I like it!”

Hua Wu Que suddenly walked over step by step!

He knows that even if it means death, even if he knows that he cannot save Tie Xin Lan, but he cannot watch Tie Xin Lan being molested in such a way!

Jiang Yu Lang’s laughter suddenly stopped.

He looked at Hua Wu Que’s frighteningly pale face, and asked in shock, “You… you dare to walk over?”

Hua Wu Que took a deep breath and said, “Put her down.”

Jiang Yu Lang’s gaze flickered, and suddenly realized that although Hua Wu Que’s expression looked serious, but his steps were light, the way a person who does not know any martial arts at all would walk.

Jiang Yu Lang immediately laughed loudly again, “Hua Wu Que, you cannot scare me! I have already seen through, that you have been injured by Bai Shan Jun and his wife, and you can’t even exert an ounce of your martial arts, right?”

Hua Wu Que gritted his teeth and did not speak, still walking forward step by step.

He naturally knows that Jiang Yu Lang spoke the truth, and knows that he is walking towards death, but death is the only way for him now, there are no other choices!

Jiang Yu Lang shouted fiercely, “Good lad, you really have guts! But if you dare to take another step nearer, I will kill you!”

Hua Wu Que sighed secretly, and took another step forward. He suddenly realize that death is not as frightening as he imagined.

Tie Xin Lan can’t help but screamed, “Hua Wu Que, please, don’t come over. I… I’m all right, and I am no good for you, so why place me in your heart?”

Jiang Yu Lang smiled sinisterly, “Don’t you forget, each person only has one life.”

Hua Wu Que replied slowly, “That’s right, life is indeed precious, there is nothing that can exchange for it…”

He smiled slightly, and continued, “So, if I were to die for someone, there’s no need for any exchange of terms with you. Whether she is good to me, or whether she loves me, it doesn’t really matter.”

Tie Xin Lan has gone hoarse from crying, unable to say anything more.

Black Spider finally can’t help by shouted, “A good man! I, Black Spider has never bowed down to anyone in my life, but towards you… I was wrong about you earlier, now I solemnly apologize to you, you… you can go in peace.”

Hua Wu Que smiled, “Thank you.”

He took another step forward again!

Jiang Yu Lang seemed to have been frightened by this relentless courage, he never expect that Hua Wu Que would be like Xiao Yu’er, who will really stake their lives when it is really needed! Life, to others is naturally precious, but in their eyes, they seem to treat it very lightly.

End of Chapter 79

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