Chapter 91 ~~ Juedai Shuangjiao/ Legendary Siblings / Handsome Siblings / The Proud Twins


The Legendary Siblings Chapter 91

Herbalist Hu and Tie Ping Gu were both shocked and puzzled, but Xiao Yu’er, on seeing Jiang Yu Lang, can only feel the fumes of anger bursting up, and couldn’t care less about anything else.

Jiang Yu Lang saw them as well, and said with a dry laugh, “So it is Brother Yu who has arrived, it has really been a long time.”

Xiao Yu’er burst out scolding, “Who is brother with a little beast like you. A pity the last time the shit did not drown you, or else how would Hero Yan have died in the hands of you little beast.”

He became angrier as he spoke and suddenly leapt over, his fists beating down like rain.

Jiang Yu Lang has no energy to attack at all, and can only scream in pain, “Brother Yu please have mercy, little Brother here is fatally ill, and cannot take the beating.”

Xiao Yu’er shouted furiously, “If you’re afraid of being beaten, then why didn’t you do less evil acts.”

Tie Ping Gu stood at the side, looking with tears streaming down her face but she dare not stop him. Although he did not use all his strength, Jiang Yu Lang is now bruised and his eyes swollen. Even though Tie Ping Gu turned her head away, unable to witness the scene any longer, she knows that Xiao Yu’er no longer has the intention to kill him, or else he could have killed him with just two punches, and need not waste so much energy now.

Jiang Yu Lang cried out, “Ping’er, why aren’t you pulling him, you saved his life once, he will listen to you, can you bear to see me being beaten to death?”

Tie Ping Gu secretly sighed, “It’s not that I’m not saving you, I just hope that after this lesson, you will change for the better. As long as you have the intention to change, even if I were to die for you, I’ll be willing.”

However, Jiang Yu Lang suddenly laughed madly and said loudly, “Fine, beat me to death if you have the guts, then you can forget about seeing Hua Wu Que for the rest of your life.”

Xiao Yu’er’s fist immediately paused in mid-air, only now did he remember that Bai Shan Jun and Hua Wu Que are supposed to be in the house as well.

Xiao Yu’er pulled him up from the ground and asked fiercely, “Where is Hua Wu Que? Are you telling?”

Jiang Yu Lang replied slowly, “If you want to see him, then you should beseech me respectfully.”

Xiao Yu’er’s fist sprung out again and shouted, “Little bastard, beseech my”

Jiang Yu Lang laughed icily, “Fine, hit me, but a fist cannot find answers. If it were anyone else, would he have spoken after getting a few punches? Won’t your punches be even more forceful after I’ve spoken.”

“I, hit you? When have I ever hit you?” He actually slapped the dust on Jiang Yu Lang’s body away, helped him to a seat and said with a smile, “It has been a long time Brother Jiang, how have you been recently?”

Jiang Yu Lang laughed loudly, “Fine, fine, just that I was bitten a few times by a mad dog earlier.”

Xiao Yu’er laughed loudly, “A mad dog will usually only bite another mad dog. Brother Jiang is not mad, and not a dog as well, so how can there be a mad dog biting you.”

Jiang Yu Lang laughed loudly as well, “If that is the case, little brother here might have seen wrongly.”

Xiao Yu’er replied with a laugh, “Brother Jiang must be missing little brother, that even your eyes are red from crying, that’s why your eyesight is not so clear.”

Jiang Yu Lang replied, “That’s right, little brother kept thinking, how has Brother Yu been recently, will he suddenly have epilepsy or piles? Once I think of this, little brother here gets very worried, haha, very worried.”

Xiao Yu’er smiled, “Little brother thought that a person like Brother Jiang will certainly be free from illness and pain, but who would have expected that when I see you today, Brother Jiang seemed to have epilepsy, or else why would you be shaking on the ground.”

The two of them debated, one speaking after the other, as if they’re engaged in an opera.

Herbalist Hu watched from the side, finding the scene hilarious, and at the same time can’t help but lament that the saying ‘the young surpasses the old’ is really quite true. In the past, although there were a few quick and cunning powerful characters in the martial arts realm, but when compared to these two youths, they are obviously not as good.

And he cannot imagine where Bai Shan Jun and Hua Wu Que would be? If Bai Shan Jun took Hua Wu Que away, why would he leave Jiang Yu Lang here? He heard Xiao Yu’er comment again, “The mountains are secluded, Brother Jiang is sitting alone in here, aren’t you afraid that there will be some blind, evil ghosts who will come and seek Brother Jiang to take your life?”

“This, Brother Yu does not have to worry. Little Brother here is a little short of cash right now, if there’s any souls or ghosts who really dare to come, I will capture and sell him in exchange for a few silver taels and buy some wine. Besides, I was not sitting here alone earlier.”

He finally went to the point with the last sentence.

However Xiao Yu’er pretended not to understand, “Oh, I wonder who else was here?”

Jiang Yu Lang grinned, “One of them is surnamed ‘Hua’, would Brother Yu recognize the name?”

Xiao Yu’er asked, “Is it Hua Wu Que? Little brother is just about to look for him over some matters, but I wonder where has he gone to now?”

Jiang Yu Lang replied with a straight face, “Little brother knows that he has some issues with Brother Yu, and am afraid that he will seek trouble with Brother Yu, and had wanted to do a little something for Brother Yu and just kill him.”

Xiao Yu’er laughed, “If Brother Jiang had really killed him, that would spare little brother a lot of trouble. Killing someone is always easier than interrogating him, right?”

Jiang Yu Lang laughed as well, “Later little brother thought about it, if Brother Yu wants to kill him personally, my flattery would have gone amiss? Therefore little brother only gave him some drugs.”

Herbalist Hu can’t help but ask, “Bai… Bai Shan Jun was drugged by you as well?”

Jiang Yu Lang replied with a grin, “It’s not too seriously drugged, after about three to five days, they will wake up. A person who has been drugged for three to five days, even if he wakes up, I’m afraid he will only become a retard or handicapped person.”

Xiao Yu’er rolled his eyes, and suddenly laughed loudly. Jiang Yu Lang immediately laughed loudly along with him as well, and the two of them laughed so hard that they were almost tearing.

Tie Ping Gu and Herbalist Hu looked at them in shock, not knowing what the two of them were laughing about.

Xiao Yu’er clasped his stomach and laughed, “Interesting, interesting, my stomach is about to burst from laughter.”

Jiang Yu Lang asked, “What is Brother Yu laughing about?”

Xiao Yu’er suddenly stopped laughing and stared at Jiang Yu Lang, “It seems that although Brother Jiang has not died from your illness, but you’re not too far from it, yet you can carry two large men weighing seventy to eighty kilos and hide them. Isn’t this the most ridiculous joke?”

Jiang Yu Lang laughed loudly, “Brother Yu’s imagination is really good, a pity that Master Hua…”

Xiao Yu’er finally felt some anxiety and can’t help but ask, “What’s wrong with Master Hua?”

Herbalist Hu sighed, “Not only has Master Hua’s acupoint been sealed, but he seemed to have suffered a great shock, and his mind is already in a stupor, I’m afraid… afraid he is unable to walk.”

Xiao Yu’er cocked his head, tapping the side of his forehead with his finger, and tapped for about 17, 18 times before the corners of his mouth revealed a slight smile, and muttered, “After they collapsed, you carried them out?”

Jiang Yu Lang replied, “This sickness of mine, will relapse at will. When it relapses the pain is so agonizing that even being carried will be torturous, much less carrying others, but when it does not relapse, there’s no problem carrying a person.”

Xiao Yu’er’s eyes flitted towards Herbalist Hu, and Herbalist Hu nodded his head.

Jiang Yu Lang smiled, “Little brother here is not lying, right?”

Xiao Yu’er grinned, “Not lying, not lying… but after you carried them out, why did you come back? Or could it be that your body itches, so you came back to wait for a beating?”

Jiang Yu Lang’s expression did not change, neither was he angry, but instead replied with a smile, “Ping’er is still in their hands, even if little brother here knows that Brother Yu is coming and wants to cut me into a thousand pieces, I still have to wait here and see Ping’er one more time.”

Xiao Yu’er’s mouth curled, and he smiled, “Since when has Jiang Yu Lang become such an affectionate person. Interesting, interesting, really interesting…”

Tie Ping Gu could not take it any longer and collapsed beneath Jiang Yu Lang’s feet, bawling her heart out.

Xiao Yu’er sighed and mumbled, “Silly lass, if this lad says that his fart is fragrant, would you believe him as well?”

But Tie Ping Gu only asked with tears flowing, “Are your injuries serious? Is it painful?”

Jiang Yu Lang gently caressed her hair and said softly, “Even if I am in pain, as long as I see you, I won’t feel the pain.”

Xiao Yu’er suddenly shouted, “Enough, enough, I’m having goosebumps, have the love sage finished his act?”

Jiang Yu Lang asked, “What instructions does Brother Yu have?”

Xiao Yu’er sighed and said with a bitter smile, “Now that the goods are in your hand, you are the boss, so just tell me your price.”

Jiang Yu lang said very slowly with a smile, “This illness of mine, is all thanks to Miss Su… and Brother Yu is on good terms with this Miss Su?”

Xiao Yu’er sighed, “If I do not know her, I would not have so much trouble.”

Jiang Yu Lang smiled, “This is not considered much trouble, as long as Brother Yu asks Miss Su here and cure this illness of mine, little brother will invite Master Hua out immediately as well and cure his illness.”

Xiao Yu’er sighed, “Fine, let’s go.”

Jiang Yu Lang said, “Little brother here will accompany you as well.”

Xiao Yu’er grinned, “I can’t bear to leave you all alone here as well.”

Herbalist Hu suddenly said, “It doesn’t matter if this trip is not made, because that Miss Su will be here shortly.”

Jiang Yu Lang was surprised and asked with furrowed brows, “How do you know she’ll be coming here?”

Herbalist Hu smiled, “Just like this Miss Tie and you… Miss Su is also attracted to Xiao… Master Xiao Yu. Once Master Xiao Yu leaves, she will follow.”

Jiang Yu Lang clasped his hands and laughed loudly, “But even if Miss Su has left to look for Brother Yu, she might not be able to find her way here.”

Herbalist Hu said with a slight smile, “This you do not have to worry, she will certainly find it.”

Jiang Yu Lang thought for a while and smiled, “That’s right, you had wanted to use Brother Yu to threaten her, naturally you would have left clues along the way for her to find her way here.”

Xiao Yu’er sighed and said, “Since that is the case, we will just wait here for her then.”

Madam Bai moved inch by inch on the rock, and finally found the correct position, using the force of the waterfall to unseal the acupoint on her sole.

She finally got up halfway with much difficulty, and was just wondering what to do, when she suddenly realized that among the grass on the shore, a pair of eyes were staring at her.

This person’s face is full of dirt, and it seems like the face has not been washed for a very long time, but the pair of eyes is large and bright, as if finding the scene interesting.

Madam Bai rolled her eyes, and instead puffed her chest a little higher, and said with a coquettish smile, “Little lad, have you never seen a woman bath before?”

That person seemed to be stoned, and shook the head numbly. That person suddenly smiled and said, “You need not be afraid of me, I… I am also a female.”

As she spoke, she had already stood up from among the grass. Although her clothes were dirty and tattered, it showed off even more of her alluring silhouette.

Madam Bai was stunned, and her expression even seemed a little disappointed. Not only is this young lady not ugly, she is actually quite a rare beauty.

Madam Bai kept staring at her, and suddenly smiled and tried to question her, “Looking at Miss’s appearance, have you traveled a long way?”

The young lady lowered her head and agreed.

Madam Bai continued, “The mountains here are not green, nor the stream sparkling, so why have Miss rushed all the way here?”

A tinge of worry suddenly appeared between that young lady’s brows, and she was in a daze for a long moment before replying dejectedly, “I… I came to look for a person.”

Madam Bai suddenly thought of something and said, “You will certainly not recognize him, and he might not be here either.”

No matter what, that a lonely young lady would actually dare to come into the deep mountains to look for a person, it is certainly not an ordinary matter, so there must be something to it. However, that young lady seemed to be leaving.

Madam Bai hurriedly smiled and asked, “Miss, what is your name? Can you tell me?”

The young lady blushed and replied with a smile, “My name is Tie Xin Lan.”

Tie Xin Lan finally sat down next to the stream.

She felt that although this lady would actually be so bold as to bath naked in the stream, but she is so beautiful, so affable as well.

She has spent the past few days in sadness, confusion and pain. She came here, naturally to look for Xiao Yu’er, to look for Hua Wu Que.

So what if she really found them? She does not know either.

For the first time, Tie Xin Lan felt more relaxed, and can’t help but take off her shoes, whose soles have been worn through, and extended her slender legs into the stream.

Her legs were aching and swollen from the walk, and now that it’s soaking in the cool water, that wonderful feeling is enough to make her feel as if she’s floating among the clouds. She can’t help but let out a small sigh and closed her eyes.

Madam Bai paid attention to her expression, and said with a gentle smile, “Why don’t you learn from he and have a satisfying bath?”

Tie Xin Lan’s face blushed again and asked, “Bath here?”

Madam Bai said, “I bath here everyday, and besides you, I’ve never seen anyone else.”

Tie Xin Lan chewed on her lips and asked, “Is there really…. Really very few people who will come here?” Obviously she was a little tempted.

Madam Bai laughed, “If there are people who frequent this place, would I dare to bath here?”

Tie Xin Lan was even more tempted. She took a look at Madam Bai, and lowered her head with a blush again, “I… I think I’ll just wash my feet.” Tie Xin lan is still in doubt.

Madam Bai had already closed her eyes and smiled, “Hurry, what’s there to be afraid of… after you’ve bathed, you’ll know how comfortable it is.”

Tie Xin Lan took a look at her, and took a look at the clear green water… She is really so filthy that she itches, and this water is really a temptation that no one can resist,

She hid among the grass and removed her clothes swiftly. Although there was no one peeping, but the sunlight has already secretly crawled up her generous bosom.

Her whole body was blushing red, and her heart almost jumped out. She hurriedly jumped into the little stream and hid in the water. The cooling water, with a hint of warmth immediately surrounded her body.

Only now did she heave a sigh of relief and smiled, “Ready.”

Madam Bai opened her eyes and looked at her, smiling, “Comfortable?”

Tie Xin Lan nodded her head.

Madam Bai said, “All right, I’m coming down now, you can help me.” Only now did she really heave a sigh of relief as well, and slowly slid into the water.

The current was indeed very strong, and with her weakened legs, if no one were to help her, she really would not have the strength to swim to shore. Even if she is not drowned, the current would have swept her away.

Tie Xin Lan hurriedly helped her and asked anxiously, “You… you are leaving?”

Madam Bai laughed, “I’m only going to the shore to keep a look out for you, just rest assured and bath.”

Tie Xin Lan was relieved and smiled, “But you must not go too far.”

Madam Bai giggled, “With a little beauty like you showering here, can I bear to go too far?”

Tie Xin Lan blushed all the way to her ears, and dare not even lift her arms out of the water. She realized that a woman’s eyes, can sometimes be as scary as a man’s.

With her help, Madam Bai finally reached the shore and she smiled, “All right, I’m going to wear my clothes now, and you’re not allowed to peep either.”

Actually Tie Xin Lan had already closed her eyes, not daring to look at all. Once she sees her body which was as white as snow, Tie Xin Lan’s heart seemed to keep pounding… she again realized that a woman’s naked body is not only temptation to a man, sometimes it’s the same to a woman as well.

Although the clothes were dirty and torn, it’s better than nothing at all. Even if Madam Bai’s hide was thicker than a wall, she still dare not run around naked.

Tie Xin Lan closed her eyes for a long while, and only heard Madam Bai comment, “The material of this dress is not too bad, a pity that it’s really too dirty.”

Tie Xin Lan can’t help but open her eyes for her look and she was so shocked that she paled, and exclaimed hoarsely, “How can you wear my clothes?”

Madam Bai grinned, “If I don’t wear your clothes, whose shall I wear then?”

Tie Xin Lan cried out, “If you wear my clothes, than what about me?”

Madam Bai laughed, “Then you can bath here a little longer, anyway there’s quite a lot of people who will pass by here, although they’re all men, but not all men are lechers. Maybe there’ll be one or two kind hearted ones who will take their pants off for you to wear…”

It would have been better if she did not say anything, for once she said that, Tie Xin Lan became so anxious that she was about to cry. However Madam Bai was laughing so hard that she was bending over, and continued with a coquettish laugh, “Have you ever worn a man’s pants? Although it’s a little big, but it’s loose and airy, and it’s more comfortable than those split-seat pants that you wore when you were a kid.”

Tie Xin Lan blushed and cried hoarsely, “You crazy woman, wicked woman, give me back my clothes.” She almost can’t help but dash out of the water, but Madam Bai was already ignoring her, walking away with a laugh.

Tie Xin Lan was so furious that she was yelling, “You’re not human, you’re a beast, a b*itch…”

Without even turning her head back, Madam Bai laughed, “Go on scolding, after a few more curses, the men nearby will all be attracted here by you.” Tie Xin Lan was so shocked that she dare not utter another word.

Her body bent over in the water, her tears already flowing. She did not believe that an adult can be so anxious that he will cry like a child, but now she realizes that anything can happen in this world. Once she thought of that, she wished that she could just drop down dead.

End of Chapter 91

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