Chapter 98 ~~ Juedai Shuangjiao/ Legendary Siblings / Handsome Siblings / The Proud Twins


The Legendary Siblings Chapter 98

“I did not expect Xiao Yu’er to be so great, that even after his death, the Floral Princess will feel sad for him.”

The laughter seemed to be coming from all directions, that even Princess Yao Yue cannot figure out where the person is.

But her expression immediately calmed instead, and she said with a low voice, “Who is it that dares to utter such nonsense here?”

That person still continued laughing loudly, “Can’t you recognize my voice now? Have you forgotten, when I was shitting, you were still smelling my smelly gas at the door!”

Princess Yao Yue’s body shook, and said “You are Xiao Yu’er? You’re not dead? Where are you?”

Xiao Yu’er laughed, “I’m right in front of you, can’t you see me?”

Princess Yao Yue turned her gaze and asked, “Are you in the belly of these mountains?”

Xiao Yu’er said, “I can’t come out, that’s why I can only wait here for you to rescue me. I concluded that you will certainly save me, right?”

Princess Yao Yue took two deep breaths before replying, “That’s right, I will certainly save you.”

Xiao Yu’er added, “But if you do not let Tie Ping Gu go immediately, I’d rather die here.”

Princess Yao Yue was stunned, and fumed, “How dare you?”

Xiao Yu’er replied, “Why wouldn’t I dare? If I feel like living now, I’ll live and if I feel like dying now, I’ll die. No matter how capable the Floral Princess is, there’s nothing you can do to me, right?”

Princess Yao Yue was so furious that she started shaking.

Xiao Yu’er added, “Now that the time has almost come for my appointment with Hua Wu Que, you won’t want me to die just like that, right?”

Princess Yao Yue stamped her feet and said, “All right, I’ll let her go without harming a hair of hers.”

Xiao Yu’er continued, “After I’m dead, there’s nothing I can do if you kill her then, but when I’m still alive, I can only be assured when I see her living comfortably.”

Princess Yao Yue fumed, “What do you want exactly?”

Xiao Yu’er said, “This hole may be deep, but it’s all water below. No matter who jumps down, he will never fall to his death.”

Before he could finish his words, Princess Yao Yue had already lifted Tie Ping Gu and threw her out.

With a casual throw, she actually threw Tie Ping Gu more then a hundred feet away, and right into the hole as well, and making it look easier than a kid throwing a ball.

After a moment, a ‘splash’ was heard.

Xiao Yu’er again laughed loudly, “Excellent, excellent. I did not expect the respected Floral Princess would actually be so dumb. Now that you have given her to me, I need not listen to you anymore, right?”

Princess Yao Yue was shocked and furious, so angry that she is at a loss for words.

Xiao Yu’er continued, “Hua Wu Que is not here as well, so what is the use even if I come out? You get angry once you see me, and I get uncomfortable seeing you as well, I might as well stay here and not see each other.”

Princess Yao Yue replied, “But the three month deadline is here.”

Xiao Yu’er said, “That’s right, the time is here, so you should find Hua Wu Que quickly, I’ll wait for you here.”

Princess Yao Yue asked, “You’ll wait here?”

Xiao Yu’er said, “This hole is like a large wine tank, even if you were to drop down, you can forget about escaping. So what is there for you to worry?”

He added with a loud laugh, “Besides, there’s nothing you can do even if you’re worried. Now I am the one making decisions, if I do not wish to go out, even ten Floral Princesses can’t ask me out.”

There is really nothing the Floral Princess can say to rebut, so after a moment, she said “Isn’t Hua Wu Que here as well?”

Xiao Yu’er laughed, “That’s right, he is here. It’s just that there’s a lot of rat holes in this mountain, and you may not necessarily find him so soon. If you take too long to find him, I’m afraid I would have starved to death, so you better find me some food. You should know my taste, right?”

Princess Yao Yue replied, “That’s right, I do know.”

She was so furious that even her voice has changed. Suddenly she struck out with her palm and with a crack, that enormous tree was broken in half.

The water in the belly of the mountain rose even higher, and the area of the rock that was still above water is no bigger than a large round table. Xiao Yu’er, Herbalist Hu, Su Ying and Tie Ping Gu can only squeeze together on the rock.

The tree outside had been broken by Princess Yao Yue, and the happier Xiao Yu’er smiled. Besides him, everyone else was dejected, unable to smile at all.

Tie Ping Gu stole a glance at Xiao Yu’er and stammered to Su Ying, “I… I said I treated him… treated him well, that was to antagonize the Floral Princess, actually I…”

Su Ying laughed loudly, “You need not explain, I am not a jealous pot. Besides, you’re not the only one who treats Xiao Yu’er well, it doesn’t matter even if you treat him nicely.”

Although she said it ‘doesn’t matter’, but anyone would be able to smell the jealously in her words. Xiao Yu’er blinked, and laughed as well, “You treat me well, but I wasn’t bad in treating you either. If not for you, I would be able to find out more secrets about the Floral Princess.”

Tie Ping Gu blushed so hard that she dare not even lift up her head.

Su Ying can’t help but interrupt, “What secrets does the Floral Princess has?”

Xiao Yu’er replied, “I want to know what enmity she has exactly with my family, since she hates anyone surnamed Jiang to the core, but why won’t she strike herself, and why did she dress up as the ghastly ‘Mr Copper’ and force Hua Wu Que to kill me. Not only did she lie to me, but she’s behaving suspiciously towards her own disciple as well. At this point in time, I’m afraid Hua Wu Que is still unaware that Mr Copper is actually his Teacher.”

Su Ying thought for a while and said with a bitter smile, “This thing is indeed strange, there’s absolutely no logic to it as well.”

Xiao Yu’er sighed again, “The logic behind all these, may only be known to the two sisters themselves, but as long as I am alive, they will never reveal it.”

Su Ying smiled, “Maybe you wanted the Floral Princess to think that you have died, that’s why you might as well let Jiang Yu Lang push you down. Maybe you already know there’s water in this hole and you won’t fall to your death.”

Xiao Yu’er replied, “How would I know that there’s water in this hole?”

Xiao Ying smiled, “The sun had not set then, maybe a ray of sunlight happened to shine in and was reflected on the water surface below.”

Xiao Yu’er laughed, “Even if that was the case, but even I should know that with such a deep hole, I won’t be able to come out once I fall in.”

“Naturally you will have a plan, and you will have more than one plan.” Su Ying pursed her mouth and smiled, and added “Since any conversation outside would be heard clearly in this hold, you will certainly know who is walking past outside. And you’re not a mute, why can’t you ask others to save you.”

Herbalist Hu was surprised and said, “But… but at that time he did not know that sound can travel in this hole.”

Su Ying explained, “Maybe you do not know, but he grew up in a mountain valley, so naturally he is very certain on such matters.”

Herbalist Hu sighed, “If that is the case, then I am really very ignorant.”

Su Ying continued, “But there’s a loophole in this plan. The mountain here is secluded, if no one were to ever walk past, he would have been trapped to his death here. If the person who walk past is not his friend but his enemy, he would not dare to call for help.”

Herbalist Hu rubbed his head and said, “That’s right, what if no one walked past, what if the person who walk past is his enemy, what can be done then?”

Su Ying replied, “That’s why he has another plan.”

Su Ying added, “Don’t you forget, this mountain is situated at the mouth of a river, and the water in the belly of the mountain is river water. River water will rise and fall with the tide and when the tide rises, the water in here will rise as well. When the tide falls, the water in here will recede as well.”

Herbalist Hu stared blankly for a moment before saying with a bitter laugh, “That’s right, I should be able to think of this logic as well.”

Su Ying said, “Since the river water can flow in here, then there must be an exit here that leads straight to the river. Once the tide recedes, we’ll be able to find this exit…”

She smiled slightly, and turned her head towards Xiao Yu’er, asking, “Is what I have said correct?”

Xiao Yu’er replied icily, “Do you think you’re very smart? All really smart women should know, no matter which man she is talking to, she should always know a little lesser than that man. Your problem is that you know too much. This kind of woman, most men would not want.”

Su Ying replied, “But you’re not most men. A person like you, there’s only one in the whole world… besides, you should know such logic as well, so I still know a little lesser than you.”

Xiao Yu’er can’t help but laugh loudly, and after a moment, he sighed again and mumbled, “It seems that sooner or later I will one day be mesmerized by this lass.”

Right at this time, something suddenly dropped down from the top. Herbalist Hu and Tie Ping Gu were both shocked, but Xiao Yu’er smiled instead and said, “The Floral Princess is indeed obedient, she’s sent us our dinner.”

There’s really quite a lot of things Princess Yao Yue sent, a large bag thoroughly filled. As Xiao Yu’er ate, he noticed that the water has started to fall.

Before the water has finished receding, Herbalist Hu had already jumped down, trying to look for a way out. However Xiao Yu’er lied down on the rock and started sleeping instead.

Su Ying gently caressed his jet black hair and said worriedly, “He’s really tired. He has really suffered a lot these few days.”

She turned her head around and smiled at Tie Ping Gu, “If it was someone else who suffered as much as him, who has as many setbacks as him, even if that person is not depressed, he will certainly blame heaven or others. But look at him, he did not seem to take it to heart at all. A man like this, how can you blame me for liking him.”

Tie Ping Gu smiled, but her tears is almost flowing out. Su Ying can be proud of the man she loves, but what about her? What her man brought her, is only shame and misfortune.

After a moment, Su Ying suddenly asked, “Do you know Tie Xin Lan?”

Tie Ping Gu replied, “I know she treats Xiao Yu’er very well, but…”

Su Ying interrupted, “But besides Xiao Yu’er, she can still like someone else. But for me, other than Xiao Yu’er, I will never love anyone else. So I must never let her snatch Xiao Yu’er away, no matter what plans I must use, I must…”

Right at this time, Herbalist Hu suddenly exclaimed, “It’s here, it’s right here, I found it!”

There really is an exit leading straight to the river in this mountain. Although it looks like a narrow and winding passageway, but someone who is not too fat can still crawl through it.

Su Ying shook Xiao Yu’er awake and said with a smile, “If you want to sleep, then have a good rest after you’ve gone out. We can leave now.”

Xiao Yu’er replied, “Why should I leave. Didn’t you hear that I am going to wait here for Hua Wu Que?”

Su Ying asked hoarsely, “You… you’re really waiting for him?”

Xiao Yu’er stared at her, “Of course it’s real, this meeting has been arranged three months ago.”

Su Ying replied, “But… but after he arrives, the Floral Princess will certainly force him to fight with you.”

Xiao Yu’er laughed, “The word fight is used inappropriately. With such highly skilled martial arts exponents like us, the word used should be dueling.”

Su Ying anxiously replied, “But you are not dueling, you are fighting for your lives.”

Su Ying turned his body around again, and stamping her feet, said, “But you… you are not his match now, because I know the wonders of that ‘Shifting Flower Grafting Jade’, is really the world’s greatest.”

Xiao Yu’er suddenly laughed and said calmly, “But do you know, in the whole world, I am the only one who knows how to break the martial arts moves of Floral Palace.”

Su Ying was stunned, and asked hoarsely, “You really know… how did you know?”

Xiao Yu’er grinned, “Naturally someone taught me. The secret to Floral Palace’s martial arts, there is no one else in the world who would know it better than her.”

“Why would the Floral Princess teach you the moves that will break her own martial arts move? Is she crazy?”

Su Ying was startled for a moment before adding, “Even if you can break the martial arts of the Floral Palace, you will never kill Hua Wu Que, right?”

Xiao Yu’er asked, “Whether I kill him or not, how is it related to you?”

Su Ying replied, “Of course it’s related. If you don’t kill him, he’ll kill you. If you stay here, it’s…”

Xiao Yu’er suddenly jumped up and roared, “Whoever wants to leave can leave, anyway I am certainly going to wait here!”

Herbalist Hu was initially happily standing next to the exit, just waiting to leave this cave and he’ll be able to get the antidote. Once he heard Xiao Yu’er’s words, he only felt his legs go weak, unable to stand at all. His hands leaning on the side of the cave, he stared dumbly at Xiao Yu’er and kept panting, and suddenly asked breathlessly, “I… I feel that something’s not… not right, I’m afraid the poison… poison has taken effect.”

Su Ying asked, “Is he the one who poisoned you?” Herbalist Hu nodded his head vigorously.

Su Ying rolled her eyes and asked, “How did that poison taste like?”

Herbalist Hu said with a piteous look, “Salty, wet, and a little… a little smelly.”

Su Ying suddenly laughed, “He’s just deliberately scaring you, that is most certainly not poison. You thought the poison had taken effect earlier because it’s all your own imagination playing tricks on you.”

Herbalist Hu was stunned, “If it’s not poison, what is it?”

Su Ying laughed, “I don’t know what it is either, for all you know it’s a dirt ball he rubbed from his feet.”

Herbalist Hu’s face changed between being red and pale. He suddenly turned around and like a wild dog who has just been kicked, dashed out and ran away like the wind.

His only wish is that he will never see Xiao Yu’er again in his lifetime. He’d rather meet a hundred big headed ghosts than to meet Xiao Yu’er again.

Su Ying’s gaze turned towards Tie Ping Gu and asked, “You do not wish to leave as well?”

Tie Ping Gu lowered her head, not knowing what to say.

But if she were to leave, she really does not know where she should go. The world may be large but there doesn’t seem to have anywhere that she can go.

Su Ying asked, “Don’t you want to see Jiang Yu Lang again.”

Tie Ping Gu replied, “I…”

She thought that she will surely be able to say with conviction, ‘I will never see him again!’, but without knowing why, the words were at her mouth, but she just could not say it out.

Su Ying seemed to have seen through her thoughts and with a smile, said “I know you must want to see him, because even if you no longer like him, don’t you want revenge?”

Tie Ping Gu sighed, “But I don’t know how to take revenge.” She did not want to say these words initially, but without knowing why, she said them.

Su Ying continued, “Do you know why you feel so terrible now. Because you feel that he has let you down, he abandoned you, you feel that he has never taken you to heart, that’s why your heart is breaking, right?”

Tie Ping Gu was silent, because Su Ying’s words, is really what she was thinking.

Su Ying added, “If you want to take revenge, then you must make him suffer, make him think you’re the one who abandoned him, make him think that you did not take him to heart at all, by that time, he’ll come begging you like a dog.”

Tie Ping Gu lowered her head and thought for a long time, a gleam slowly filling her eyes.

Su Ying asked, “Now do you understand what I mean?”

End of Chapter 98

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