Cheongsam(旗袍qípáo) is one type of traditional Chinese female costumes. It is featured by stand collar, right side opening, fitting waist and slip bottom, which can fully set off the beauty of the female shape.
Derived from the garment of bannermen in the Qing Dynasty, cheongsam was the basal garment for the Manchus in Northeast China. It was modified in early 20th century to be more suitable and comfortable yet retained the craftwork of traditional ones. Cheongsam greeted its prime time in the 1930s when its irreplaceable role in female garment was established. It was extraordinarily popular with the women in Shanghai for the reason that its slimness and fitness had made it as a perfect choice(选择xuǎnzé) for the slender and exquisite-stature women in South China. Soon afterwards, it swept the whole country as the favorite garment for Chinese women. Compared with old-style cheongsam, the modified style is more capable of popping out the beautiful curves of a woman and has stood out from the obsolete pattern as a typical representative of Chinese female garment.
Cheongsam has been experiencing constant changes with the fashions(时尚shíshàng) in different ages. While inheriting the characteristics of traditional cheongsam in details, the new-style one is associated with new features and a great deal of modern design elements in color, cutting and match, which are mainly embodied in the change of the bottom (A-shape, asymmetrical type and picture puzzle type, etc.) as well as diversified materials. Other than meeting aesthetic requirements of young women in China, new-style cheongsam is of great vitality with its easy wearing.
As a special traditional garment, cheongsam is of unique aesthetic values and therefore acts as a spokesman(代言人dàiyánrén) of the art of Chinese garment.

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