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the Culture of Cantonese morning tea

Drinking tea in the morning is a habit for many people. But Guangzhou makes drinking morning tea a very local cultural tradition.

The tea drinking culture in Guangdong is not only about drinking tea, but also including a variety of traditional Cantonese dim sum, which not only gives you enough to drink but also fills you with food.

No wonder Cantonese people say that to drink morning tea is to sigh morning tea, sigh in Cantonese is meaning enjoy. Besides drinking tea and snacks, morning tea is also a way for people to socialize. Friends get together to chat, lovers date, or business partners will choose to talk with the morning tea, while eating.

What is the Cantonese morning tea

Morning tea usually starts early and lasts for a long time. It starts from 5 or 6 o ‘clock in the morning and is counted as morning tea before 12 o ‘clock at noon.

The contents of typical Cantonese morning tea include “one cup and two pieces”, “one cup” refers to a cup of tea, and “two pieces” refers to two dim sum.

The most common teahouses are chrysanthemum tea, black tea, oolong tea, tieguanyin and puer tea.

When seated, diners serve a pot of tea first and tap the table with their index and middle fingers to show their thanks to the waiter while the tea is poured out. Please be aware of this, the first pot of tea in the teahouse is used for washing dishes, not for drinking. It starts to drink from the second pot.

Dim sum is usually a common Cantonese steamed dish, such as prawn dumplings, siu mai, char siu buns, custard buns, turnip cakes, durian cakes, etc. Among them, shrimp dumpling, dry steamed shaomai and char siu bao are the “four MUSTs” of Cantonese dim sum, which are almost indispensable at every table.

Drink morning tea has become a Cantonese culture and also a reflection of the wisdom of the Cantonese people to balance their lives. If you have been busy in the city for too long and want to have some leisure, then have a Guangdong morning tea!

Welcome to study in China, welcome to study at Guangdong, welcome to enjoy the cantonese morning tea.

(Written by Rain, edited by Bevin)

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